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Conversationes/Exercitio 05

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01. interlingua. Felix is a thin old cat.

02. interlingua. He lives behind your house in the forest.

03. interlingua. He often walks in my large garden.

04. interlingua. He often sleeps on my lawn.

05. interlingua. Today Felix is chasing a fat brown mouse.

06. interlingua. Today Felix hasn't got any food.

07. interlingua. He is very sad.

08. interlingua. So I put a fish for him on a plate in the garden.

09. interlingua. Now Felix is very happy.

10. interlingua. Maria sees Felix.

11. interlingua. She doesn't like Felix and chases him out of my garden.

12. interlingua. Felix is on the street.

13. interlingua. Rex is a fierce dog.

14. interlingua. He also sees Felix.

15. interlingua. Rex chases him.