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Abbreviations Used in the Dictionary

As far as possible the devices used in the Dictionary are conventional or self-explanatory. Abbreviations have only been employed for grammatical and lexical labels of very frequent occurrence. Those which occur mostly attached to international entries are abbreviations of international, not of English, words. A complete list, with explanations in English, follows:

[A] English
[Acad.] Academy, academic
acc. accusative
[Acous.] Acoustics
adj adjective
[admin.] Administration
adv adverb
[Aeronaut.] Aeronautics
[Agr.] Agriculture
[Alchem.] Alchemy
[Alg.] Algebra
[Amh.] Amharic
[Anat.] Anatomy
[Anc.] Ancient
[Anthropol.] Anthropology
[Antiq.] Antiquity
[Ar.] Arabic
[Arch.] Architecture
[Archaeol.] Archaeology
[Arith.] Arithmetic
art article
[Artil.] Artillery
[Astrol] Astrology
[Astron.] Astronomy
attrib attributive
[Bacteriol.] Bacteriology
[Bank.] Banking
[Bib.] Biblical
[Bibliog.] Bibliography
[Biochem.] Biochemistry
[Biol.] Biology
[Bot.] Botany
[Carp.] Carpentry
[Ch.] Church
[Chem.] Chemistry, chemical
[Chronol.] Chronology
Civ Civil
Class Classical
[Com.] Commerce, commercial
cond conditional
conj conjunction
[Constr.] Construction
[Cryst.] Crystallography
[Cz.] Czech
def definite
dem demonstrative
[Dent.] Dentistry
[Dipl.] Diplomacy
[Eccl.] Ecclesiastic
[Econ.] Economics
Egypt Egyptian
[Egyptol.] Egyptology
[Elec] Electricity, electrical
[Embryol] Embryology
[Engin.] Engineering
Engl English
[Entom.] Entomology
[Equit.] Equitation
[Esp.] Esperanto
esp especially
etc. etcetera; as a contional symbol in lists of derived formations: “and other compounds of the same pattern.”
Eur European
[Ethnol.] Ethnology
[F] French
fem feminine
[Fin.] Finance
[Flem.] Flemish
[Fortif.] Fortification
[F] French
fut future
[G] German
[Geog.] Geography
[Geol.] Geology
[Geom.] Geometry
Germ German
[Gov.] Government
[Gr.] Greek
[Gram.] Grammar
[Gr.Orth.Ch.] Greek Orthodox Church
[Gun.] Gunnery
[H] Spanish
[Heb.] Hebrew
[Her.] Heraldry
[Hind.] Hindustani
[Hist.] History, historical
[Hort.] Horticulture
[Hu.] Hungarian
[Hypnot.] Hypnotism
[I] Italian
[Icel.] Icelandic
[Ichthyol.] Ichthyology
impers impersonal
[I.N.] Idiom Neutral
indef indefinite
inf infinitive
[Ins.] Insurance
interj interjection
[Interling.] Interlingua, interlinguistic
Internat International
interr interrogative
[Ir.] Irish
Ital Italian
[J] Japanese
[Journ.] Journalism
[L] Latin
[Lit.] Literature
[LsF] Latino sine Flexione
[Mach.] Machinery
[Magnet.] Magnetism
[Mal.] Malay
[Man.] Manège
Manuf Manufacture
masc masculine
[Math.] Mathematics
[Meas.] Measures
[Mech.] Mechanics
[Med.] Medicine
[Metal.] Metallurgy
[Metaph.] Metaphysics
[Meteorol.] Meteorology
[Mil.] Military
[Mineral.] Mineralogy
[Moham.] Mohammedan
[Monet.] Monetary
[Mus.] Music
[Mythol.] Mythology
n noun, substantive
Nat Nature, natural
[Naut.] Nautical
[Nav.] Navigation
nf feminine noun
[NL] Neo-Latin
nm masculine noun
[Nor.] Norwegian
[Nov.] Novial
npl plural noun
npr proper noun
nprf feminine proper name
nprm masculine proper name
nprpl plural proper name
[Numis.] Numismatics
[Opt.] Optics, optical
[Ordn.] Ordnance
[Ornith.] Ornithology
[P] Portuguese
[Paint.] Painting
[Paleog.] Paleography
[Paleontol.] Paleontology
[Parl.] Parliament, parliamentary
part particle
pass past
[Pathol.] Pathology
pers person, personal
[Pharm.] Pharmacy, Pharmacology
[Philol.] Philology
[Philos.] Philosophy
[Phonet.] Phonetics
[Photog.] Photography
[Phys.] Physics
[Physiol.] Physiology
pl plural
[Poet.] Poetry, poetic
[Pol.] Politics
poss possessive
pp past participle
ppr present participle
pr present
prep preposition
[Print] Printing
pron pronoun
[Pros.] Prosody
Prot Protestant
[Psychol.] Psychology
[Psychopathol.] Psychopathology
[R] Russian
[R.C.Ch.] Roman Catholic Church
refl reflexive
[Relig.] Religion
rel relative
[Rhet.] Rhetoric
Rom Roman
[R.R.] Railroads
[Sci.] Science
[Sculp.] Sculpture
[Skr.] Sanskrit
[Sociol.] Sociology
specif specifically
subj subjunctive
[Surg.] Surgery
[Surv.] Surveying
[Tail.] Tailoring
[Technol.] Technology
[Teleg.] Telegraphy
[Teleph.] Telephony
[Theat.] Theater, theatrical
[Theol.] Theology
[Topog.] Topography
[Trig.] Trigonometry
[Tu.] Turkish
[Typog.] Typography
[Univ.] University, Universities
[U.S.S.R.] Union of Socialist Soviet Republics
v verb
[Veter.] Veterinary
[Vol.] Volapuk
[Zool.] Zoology
& and; as a conventional symbol in lists of derived formations: “and further derivatives listed as an independent group under the keyword cited.”
1me first
... as a conventional symbol in lists of derived formations: “and further derivatives intentionally omitted from this Dictionary.”
[ ] as a conventional symbol enclosing entry words: “not incompatible with the vocabulary of this Dictionary but taken from another auxiliary-language system.”