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b (letter -) n • littera b (be)

B (the note) [Mus] n • si

baa n • balato

baa v • balar

babble (chatter) vi • balbutiar

babble (chatter) vi • garrular

babble n • balbutiamento

babble (of stream) v • murmurar

babble, prattle, chatter v • garrular

babble vt • balbutiar

babbling adj • balbutiante garrulante

babe n • infante

babe n • bebe

Babel n • Babel

baboon n • babuino

baby, infant n • infante

baby (infant) n • baby

baby (infant) n • bebe

baby (infant) n • infante

baby n • baby

baby n • baby [A]

baby (newborn) n • neonato

baby-bottle [F] n • biberon

babyhood n • infantia

Babylon [Geog] n • Babylonnia

Babylon [Geog] n • Babel

Babylon [Geog] n • Babilon

Babylon n • Babylon

Babylonia n • Babylonia

Babylonian adj • babylonian

baby-sit v • guardar le infante

baby-sitter n • baby-sitter

baccalaureate n • baccalaureato

bacchanal (1. Bacchic; 2. bacchanalian) adj • bacchanal

bacchanal, orgy n • bacchanal

bacchante n • bacchante

Bacchic adj • bacchic

bacchic, riotous adj • bacchic

Bacchus [Gr. Mythol] n • Baccho

bachelor [Acad] n • baccalaureo

bachelor n • celibatario

bachelor (unmarried man) n • celibatario

bacillary adj • bacillari

bacillus n • bacillo

back (1. back of a person or animal; 2. as in the back of the hand; 3. back of a chair or couch) n • dorso

back (1. backwards; 2. ago; 3. as in to give back) adv • retro

back (a vehicle) v • guidar a retro

back (a vehicle) v • recular

back (a vehicle) v • regreder

back adj • posterior

back adv • retro

back [Anat] n • dorso

back (be -) v • esser de retorno

back (bet on) v • deponer un summa super

back, endorse (a bill of exchange) [Commer] v • avalisar

back (move or draw back) v • recular

back, notum [Zool] n • noto

back (of vehicle) v • ir a retro

back (rear) n • fundo

back (support) v • appoiar

back (support) v • sustener

back swimmer, Notonecta [Zool] n • notonecta

back up (a horse, cart, etc. against a wall, etc.) v • accular

back-ache n • dolor de lumbos

back-bone n • spina (dorsal)

back-bone n • columna vertebral

back-bone n • spina

back-breaking adj • multo fatigante

back-date v • retrodatar

back-door n • porta posterior

backer, endorser (of a bill of exchange) [Commer] n • avalista

backer n • adjutator

backer (promoter) n • promotor

back-fire n • accendimento prematur

back-fire n • retorno de flamma

back-fire v • accender prematurmente

back-fire v • dar retornos de flamma

back-ground n • fundo

background n • fundo

back-hand n • de reverso

backing, endorsement (of a bill of exchange) [Commer] n • aval

back-lash n • reaction disfavorabile

back-log n • arretrato

back-out (beg off) v • retirar se

back-pay n • soldo arretrate

back-street n • vico secundari

back-to-front adv • reverse

back-up [Comp] n • retrocopia

back-up [Comp] v • retrocopiar

back-up n • acculate

back-up v • accular

backup-disk n • retrocopia in disc

backward (late) adv • in retardo

backward (late) adv • tardive

backward (shy) adj • timide

backwards adv • retro

backwards adv • a retro

backwards and forwards phr • a retro e avante

backwards and forwards phr • a retro e in avante

back-water n • ramo stagnante

bacon n • lardo

bacteria n • bacterios

bacterial adj • bacterial

bacteriological adj • bacteriologic

bacteriologist n • bacteriologo

bacteriologist n • bacteriologo (-òlogo)

bacteriology n • bacteriologia

bacteriology n • bacteriologia (-ìa)

bacteriotherapy n • bacteriotherapia (-ìa)

bacteriotherapy n • bacteriotherapia

bacterium n • bacterio

bad adv • mal

bad, evil adj • mal

bad (from - to worse) prep. phr • de mal in pejo

bad fortune, misfortune n • infelicitate

bad spelling, cacography n • cacographia

bad spelling, cacography n • cacographia (-ìa)

badge n • insignia

badge n • placa

badger n • taxon

badger v • molestar

badger v • importunar

badger hole n • taxoniera

badly mal adv • mal

badness (of poor quality) adj • de mal qualitate

badness (wickedness) n • malitia

badness (wickedness) n • perversitate

bad-tempered adj • de mal humor

baffle v • disconcertar

baffle v • confunder

baffling adj • disconcertante

bag n • sacco

bag n • tasca

bag, sack n • sacco

bag, sack (put in a bag or sack) v • insaccar

bag v • insaccar

bagatelle, trifle n • bagatella

bagful, sackful n • saccata

baggage, luggage n • bagage (-aje)

baggage, luggage n • bagage

baggage n • bagage

baggy adj • troppo ample

baggy adj • sacchesc

bagpipe (s) n • cornamusa

bagpipes n • cornamusa

Bahamas n • Bahamas

Bahamas Islands [Geog] n • le Insulas Bahamas

bail (a boat) v • vacuar le aqua

bail [Jur] v • prestar caution pro

bail n • caution

bail, security n • caution

bait (1. to furnish with bait; 2. to lure, entice) v • escar

bait (furnish with bait) v • escar

bait n • esca

bait (torment) v • tormentar

bake (bake pottery) v • cocer [coc-/coct ]

bake (bake pottery) v • cocer

bake v • cocer

bake v • cocer (in le furno)

baker n • furnero

baker n • panetero

bakery n • paneteria (-ìa)

bakery n • paneteria

Balaam n • Balaam (bà-)

Balaam n • Balaam

balalaika n • balalaika

balalaika n • balalaika [R]

balance (1. pair of scales; 2. equilibrium; 3. [Com]) n • balancia

balance (1. to weigh the pros and cons of; 2. to bring to equilibrium; 3. to waver, hesitate) v • balanciar

balance, balance-sheet [Commer] n • balancio

balance, balance-wheel [Watchmaking] n • balanciero

balance [Commer] n • saldo

balance (equilibrate) v • equilibrar

balance, equilibrium n • equilibrio

balance (equilibrium) n • balancia

balance (equilibrium) n • equilibrio

balance (lose one's -) v • perder le equilibrio

balance (remainder) n • resto

balance (scales) n • balancia

balance, settle [Commer] v • saldar

balance, settlement (cash) [Commer] n • saldo [I]

balance, settlement (cash) [Commer] n • saldo

balance vi • equilibrar se

balance vt • balanciar

balanced, in equilibrium adj • equilibre

balance-sheet n • balancio

balancing (action of) n • balanciamento

balcony (1. [Arch]; 2. [Theat]) n • balcon

balcony n • balcon

bald adj • calve

baldness n • calvitia

bale (make into bales) v • imballar

bale n • ballo

bale n • balla

bale n • fardo

Balearic Islands [Geog] n • le Insulas Balearic

baleen, whalebone n • balena

bale-out v • bail-out

Bali [Geog] n • Bali

Balkanic adj • balkanic

Balkanize v • balkanisar

ball (1. globular object; 2. cannon ball, bullet, etc.; 3. [Print]) n • balla

ball (dance) n • ballo

ball (formal dance) n • ballo

ball, globe n • bolla

ball (large, air-filled) n • ballon

ball (large ball) n • ballon

ball (of eye) n • globo

ball (of thread) n • glomere

ball (of thread, yarn, etc) n • glomere

ball (sport) n • bolla

ball (sport) n • balla

ballad n • ballada

ballad (poem founded on folk legend) n • ballada

ballade n • ballada

ballast n • ballast

ball-bearing n • cossinet o de ballas

ballerina, ballet dancer n • ballerina

ballet [F] [Theat] n • ballet

ballet n • ballet

ballet dancer, ballerina n • ballerina

ballet-dancer [Fem] n • ballerina

ballet-dancer [Masc] n • ballerino

ballist, ballista [Hist] n • ballista

ballista, ballist [Hist] n • ballista

ballistic adj • ballistic

ballistics n • ballistica

balloon (1. [Chem]; 2. aerostat) n • ballon

balloon n • ballon

ballot (ball, ticket, paper /used in secret voting) n • ballotta

ballot n • scrutinio

ballot, poll n • scrutinio

ballot v • ballottar

ballot box n • urna

ballotade [Man] n • ballottada

ballot-box n • urna

ballot-paper n • ballotta

ball-point pen n • penna a bolla

ballroom n • sala de ballo

balls (courage) n • corage

balls (courage) n • braveria

balls (testicles) n • coliones

ballsy (brave) adj • brave

ballsy (brave) adj • accolionate

balm, balsam (1. balsamic resin; 2. ointment) n • balsamo (bàl-)

balm, balsam (1. balsamic resin; 2. ointment) n • balsamo

balm n • balsamo

balm-of-gilead n • balsamo de galaad

balmy adj • balsamic

balneotherapy n • balneotherapia

balneotherapy n • balneotherapia (-ìa)

balsa n • balsa

balsam, balm (1. balsamic resin; 2. ointment) n • balsamo

balsam, balm (1. balsamic resin; 2. ointment) n • balsamo (bàl-)

balsam n • balsamo

balsamic adj • balsamic

balsamic n • balsamic

balsamiferous adj • balsamifere

balsaminaceous [Bot] adj • balsaminacee

balsamine, garden balsam [Bot] n • balsamina

Balt (1. member of ethnic group including Lithuanians and Letts; 2. member of German land-owning class in the Baltic States) n • balto

Baltic adj • baltic

baltic adj • baltic

baltic n • mar baltic

baltic n • baltico

Baltic (Sea) n • Baltico

Balto-Slav n • balto-slavo

Balto-Slavic adj • balto-slavic

baluster, banister n • balustro

balustrade n • balustrada

balustrade v • balustrar

bamboo [Bot] n • bambu

bamboo [Bot] n • bambu (-ù)

bamboo n • bambu

ban n • prohibition

ban v • prohibir

banal adj • banal

banal, trite adj • banal

banality, triteness n • banalitate

banana n • banana

band (1. group of people; 2. [Mus]) n • banda

band (1. narrow strip of material; 2. bandage) n • banda

band (binding tape) n • banda

band (musicians) n • banda

band (theat troupe) n • truppa

band (theat troupe) n • banda

band or troup of guerrillas n • guerrilla

band or troup of guerrillas n • guerrilla [H]

bandage, dressing n • bandage (-aje)

bandage, dressing n • bandage

bandage n • bandage

bandage n • banda

bandage v • bandar

banderole, streamer n • bandierola

bandit, brigand n • brigante

bandit n • bandito

banditism, banditry n • banditismo

banditry, banditism n • banditismo

bandore, mandola, mandora, pandora, pandore (musical instrument similar to a mandolin, but larger) n • mandola

bandore, mandola, mandora, pandora, pandore (musical instrument similar to a mandolin, but larger) n • mandola [I]

bandstand n • kiosque de musica

band-together v • reunir se

band-together v • associar se

bandy adj • con gambas distorte

baneful, disastrous, fatal n • funeste

bang (blow) n • colpo

bang (report) n • explosion

bang vi • crepar

bang vi • detonar

bang vt • percuter

Bangladesh [Geog] n • Banglades

bangle n • bracialetto

bangs (bobbed hair in the forehead) n • frangia

bangs (bobbed hair in the forehead) n • frangia (franja)

banish (exile) v • exiliar

banish (exile) v • bannir

banish (get rid of) v • eliminar

banish v • bannir

banishment (1. act of exiling; 2. exile) n • bannimento

banishment n • banno

banishment n • exilio

banishment n • bannimento

banister, baluster n • balustro

banisters n • balustrada

banjo n • banjo

bank adj • bancari

bank [Fin] n • banca

bank [Fin] v • bancar

bank [Gambling] n • banca

bank (land bordering a river, lake, etc.) n • ripa

bank (of river or lake) n • ripa

bank, shoal n • banco

bank v • bancar

bank v • incassar

bank messenger n • incassator

bankable adj • bancabile

bank-account n • conto bancari

bankbook n • libretto de conto

bankbook n • libretto de banca

banker n • banchero

bank-holiday n • die feriate (legal)

bank-holiday n • die feriate

banknote n • billet de banca

bank-on v • contar super

bank-rate n • rata bancari

bankrupt adj • fallite

bankrupt (go -) v • facer bancarupta

bankrupt n • fallito

bankrupt n • bancaruptero

bankrupt v • ruinar

bankruptcy n • fallimento

bankruptcy n • bancarupta

banner, flag n • bandiera

banner n • bandiera

banner n • standardo

banner n • insignia

banner, standard n • standardo

banquet, feast n • regalo

banquet n • banchetto

banquet v • banchettar

banqueter, feaster n • banchettator

baptism n • baptismo

baptismal adj • baptismal

Baptist, Anabaptist [Theol] adj • baptista

Baptist, Anabaptist [Theol] n • baptista

baptist n/adj • baptisator

baptist n/adj • baptista

baptistery (1. part of a church reserved for baptism; 2 . receptacle containing water for the baptismal rite) n • baptisterio

baptize v • baptisar

baptizer n • baptisator

baptizer n • baptista

bar (1. as in bar of iron, bar of wood, etc.; 2. [Her]; 3. ridge of horse's palate; 4. sand bar; 5. [Law] place where prisoner stands; 6. [Mus] bar, bar line) n • barra

bar (a door) v • barrar

bar (chocolate -) n • tabletta de chocolate

bar (close to entrance) v • barrar

bar (exclude) v • prohibir

bar (exclude) v • excluder

bar (for drink) n • bar

bar n • barra musical

bar, obstacle, barrier n • barrage

bar, obstacle, barrier n • barrage (-aje)

bar (obstacle) n • barriera

bar (obstacle) n • barrage

bar (obstruct) v • obstruer

bar (place where liquor is served) n • bar

bar (place where liquor is served) n • bar [A]

bar prep • excepte

bar (sand -) n • barra de arena

bar (soap -) n • tabletta de sapon

bar (wood) n • barra

barb, hook n • unco

Barbados Islands [Geog] n • le Insulas Barbados

barbarian n • barbaro (bà-)

barbarian n • barbaro

barbaric adj • barbaric

barbarism (1. barbarism in language; 2. barbarous social or intellectual condition) n • barbarismo

barbarity, barbarousness n • barbaritate

barbarity n • barbaritate

barbarize v • barbarisar

barbarous adj • barbare

barbarousness, barbarity n • barbaritate

barbecue n • festa de barbacoa

barbed wire n • filo spinose

barber n • barbero

barber, wigmaker, hairdresser, coiffeur n • perrucchero

barbershop n • barberia (-ìa)

barbershop n • barberia

barbican [Fortif] n • antemural

barcarole, barcarolle [Mus] n • barcarola [I]

barcarole, barcarolle [Mus] n • barcarola

bare, denude v • denudar

bare (denuded) adj • denudate

bare (mere) adj • simple

bare, naked, nude adj • nude

bare (naked) adj • nude

bare (uncovered) adj • discoperte

bare v • denudar discoperir

barefoot adj • discalceate

barefooted adj • discalceate (pp of discalcear)

barefooted adj • discalceate

bareheaded adj • a capite discoperte

barely adv • a pena

barely, hardly, scarcely adv • vix

bareness n • nuditate

bargain (agreement) n • contracto

bargain (good buy) n • acquisition a bon mercato

bargain v • negotiar

barge n • barca (de canal)

barge n • barca

barge-into v • irrumper in

barge-into v • choccar contra

baritone (1. baritone voice; 2. musical instrument) n • barytono (-ìtono)

baritone (1. baritone voice; 2. musical instrument) n • barytono

baritone adj • barytone

baritone n • barytono

baritone [Phonet] adj • barytone

barium n • barium (bà-)

barium n • barium

bark, barking (of a dog, etc.) n • latrato

bark, bay v • latrar

bark, boat n • barca

bark [Bot] n • cortice

bark [Bot] n • cortice (còr-)

bark (dog's) vi • latrar

bark, graze, excoriate v • excoriar

bark (graze) vt • excoriar

bark (of dog) n • latrato

bark (of tree) n • cortice

bark (strip bark) v • decorticar

barking, bark (of a dog, etc.) n • latrato

barking, decortication n • decortication

barley n • hordeo

barley-sugar n • sucro de hordeo

barmaid n • servitrice

barman n • servitor

barn (for cattle) n • stabulo

barn (granary) n • granario

barn owl n • ulula (ùlula)

barn owl n • ulula

baro- (as in barometer) [occurring in compounds] n • baro-

barogram [Meteorol] n • barogramma

barograph, barometrograph [Meteorol] n • barometrographo

barograph, barometrograph [Meteorol] n • barometrographo (-ògrapho)

barograph [Meteorol] n • barographo

barograph [Meteorol] n • barographo (-ò-)

barology n • barologia (-ìa)

barology n • barologia

barometer n • barometro

barometer n • barometro (-ò-)

barometric adj • barometric

barometrograph, barograph [Meteorol] n • barometrographo

barometrograph, barograph [Meteorol] n • barometrographo (-ògrapho)

barometrography [Meteorol] n • barometrographia

barometrography [Meteorol] n • barometrographia (-ìa)

baron n • baron

baron (nobleman) n • baron

baronage (1. whole body of barons; 2. dignity or rank of a baron) n • baronage

baronage (1. whole body of barons; 2. dignity or rank of a baron) n • baronage (-aje)

baroness n • baronessa

baronet n • baronetto

barony n • baronia

barony n • baronia (-ìa)

baroque adj • baroc

baroque (period style, etc.) n • baroco

barothermohygrograph n • barothermohygrographo

barothermohygrograph n • barothermohygrographo (-ògrapho)

barrack (plain and large building) n • barraca

barrack warden n • casernero

barrack-room (as in barrack-room language) adj • soldatesc

barracks [Mil] n • caserna

barracks n • caserna

barracoon n • barracon

barrage (1. dam; 2. [Mil]) n • barrage (-aje)

barrage (1. dam; 2. [Mil]) n • barrage

barrage n • barrage

barrel (1. cask; 2. [Meas]) n • barril

barrel, cask, butt n • botte

barrel (cask) n • barril

barrel (cask) n • botte

barrel (metal tube of a rifle, gun, etc.) n • cannon

barrel (of gun) n • cannon

barrel, tun v • intonnar

barrel v • imbarrilar

barren adj • sterile

barren (of land) adj • aride

barren (of land) adj • desolate

barren (of woman) adj • sterile

barren, sterile adj • sterile

barrenness, sterility n • sterilitate

barricade n • barricada

barricade v • barricadar

barrico, keg n • barrica

barrico, keg n • barrica (-ìca)

barrier, bar, obstacle n • barrage

barrier, bar, obstacle n • barrage (-aje)

barrier n • barriera

barrier, obstacle n • barriera

barrister n • advocato

barrow n • carretta de mano

barrow, tumulus n • tumulo

barter n • troco

barter v • trocar

barterer n • trocator

bary- (heavy) [occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj • bary-

baryta [Mineral] n • baryta

basal (1. basic; 2. [Physiol]) adj • basal

basalt [Mineral] n • basalto

basaltic adj • basaltic

basculation [Surg] n • basculation

bascule (as in bascule bridge) adj • basculari

bascule (as in bascule escapement) [Technol] n • bascula

base (1. bottom, substructure; 2. [Mil]; 3. [Chem]) n • base

base adj • basse

base adj • ignobile

base adj • vil

base, found v • basar

base, foundation n • fundamento

base n • base

base n • fundamento

base, theme, stem [Gram] n • thema [-ma/-mat-]

base, theme, stem [Gram] n • thema

base v • basar

base, vile adj • vil

baseball n • baseball

baseball [Sports] n • baseball

baseball [Sports] n • baseball [A]

baseborn adj • illegitime

baseborn adj • humile

Basel, Basle n • Basel [G]

Basel, Basle n • Basel

baseless adj • sin fundamento

basement, footing (of a column or wall) [Arch] n • basamento

basement (lower part of anything) n • basamento

basement n • basamento

basement n • subterraneo

basement, underground passage, underground room n • subterraneo

baseness n • bassessa

baseness, vileness n • vilitate

bash n • colpo

bash v • colpar

bash v • ferir

bashful adj • pudente

bashful adj • vergoniose

bashful, modest adj • pudente

bashful, modest adj • pudibunde

bashful, modest adj • vergoniose

basic adj • basal

basic adj • basic

basic adj • fundamental

basicity [Chem] n • basicitate

basilica (1. [Rom. Hist]; 2. basilican type of church building) n • basilica

basin (1. wide, shallow bowl; 2. dock; 3. river basin) n • bassino

basin n • bassino

basinet [Armory] n • bassinetto

basis, foundation n • base

basis n • base

bask v • prender le sol

basket (basketful) n • corbata

basket n • corbe

basket n • paniero

basketball n • basketball

basketmaker n • corbero

basketry n • corberia (-ìa)

basketry n • corberia

bas-relief n • basse-relievo

bass (1. lowest part of a musical score; 2. instrument for the lowest part of a musical score; 3. lowest male voice) [Mus] n • basso

bass (fish) n • perca

bass [Mus] n • basso

bass saxhorn, saxtuba [Mus] n • saxtuba

bass viol n • violon

bassoon, fagotto n • fagotto

bassoon [Mus] n • basson

bassoon n • fagotto

bassoonist, fagottist n • fagottista

bast, liber [Bot] n • libro

bastard (1. born out of wedlock; 2. spurious; 3. [Print] as in bastard type) adj • bastarde

bastard adj • bastarde

bastard (illegitimate child) n • bastardo

bastard n • bastardo

bastardy (quality of being a bastard) n • bastardia (-ìa)

bastardy (quality of being a bastard) n • bastardia

baste v • asperger de grassia

bastille [Fortif] n • bastille F]

bastille [Fortif] n • bastille

bastinade, bastinado n • bastonada

bastinado, bastinade n • bastonada

bastion [Fortif] n • bastion

bat (off one's own -) adv • sin adjuta

bat (off one's own -) adv • sponaneemente

bat (sport) n • bat

bat v • batter

bat [Zool] n • vespertilion

batata, sweet potato n • batata

batch (of bread) n • furnata

batch (portion) n • lot

batch-processing [Comp] phr • processo per lot

bath (1. act of giving or taking a bath; 2. bath water) n • banio

bath (1. act of giving or taking a bath; 2. bath water) n • balneo

bath (outside) v • baniar

bath (outside) v • baniar (se)

bath (pertaining to baths) adj • balnear

bath (swimming -) n • natatorio

bath (swimming -) n • piscina

bath (take a -) v • baniar se

bath (tub) n • cupa de banio

bath (wash) n • banio

bath for the hands, maniluvium [Med] n • maniluvio

bathe (a wound) v • lavar

bathe (give a bath to) v • baniar

bathe (have a bath) v • baniar se

bather n • baniator

bathing (baths) n • banios

bathing (of wound) n • lavamento

bathing-suit (- costume) n • costume de banio

bathing-trunks n • calceones de banio

bathroom n • camera de banio

batik [Malay] n • batik

batik v • batikar

batiste n • batista

batman n • ordinantia

baton n • baston

Batrachomyomachy, batrachomyomachia (Battle of the Frogs and the Mice) n • batrachomyomachia

Batrachomyomachy, batrachomyomachia (Battle of the Frogs and the Mice) n • batrachomyomachia (-ìa)

batsman n • battitor

battalion n • battalion

batter (baseball) v • batter

batter n • pasta

batter n • pasta de farina con ovos e lacte

battering ram n • ariete

battery [Elect] n • accumulator

battery [Mil] n • batteria

battery [Mil] n • batteria (-ìa)

battery (small, for torch) n • pila

battle n • battalia

battle v • battaliar

battle-axe (two-edged) [Hist] n • bipenne

battle-field n • campo de battalia

battler n • battaliator

battle-ship n • cuirassato

battleship n • cuirassato

Bavaria n • Bavaria

Bavarian adj • bavare

Bavarian adj • bavarese

Bavarian n • bavaro

Bavarian n • bavaro (bà-)

bawl v • vociferar

bawl, vociferate v • vociferar

bay, bark v • latrar

bay [Geog] n • baia

bay [Geog] n • baia (bàya)

bay [Geog] n • golfo

bay, gulf n • golfo

bay (tree) n • lauro

bay v • latrar

bay-laurel, laurel, bay-tree n • lauro

bayonet n • bayonetta

Bayonne n • Bayona

Bayonne n • Bayonne

bay-tree, bay-laurel, laurel n • lauro

bay-window n • fenestra saliente

bazaar (Oriental market place) n • bazar

be (1. to exist; 2. [grammatical functions]: copula) v • esser

be (commands) v • sia!

be (commands) v • esse!

be (esser) v • ser

be v • esser

be a substitute or replacement v • suppler

be able to (can) v • poter

be abundant, abound v • exuberar

be aching, hurt v • doler

be acquainted with, know v • cognoscer

be acquainted with, know v • cognoscer [-gnosc-/-gnit-]

be afraid, fear (of) v • timer

be allowed to (may) v • poter

be at leisure, be idle v • otiar

be at variance, be discrepant v • discrepar

be beneficent, do good v • benefacer

be beneficent, do good v • benefacer [-fac-/-fact-]

be boiling, boil v • bullir

be bold v • hardir

be born v • nascer

be born v • nascer [nasc-/nat-]

be born again, reborn v • renascer

be brusque or rude to v • bruscar

be coherent, cohere v • coherer

be coherent, cohere v • coherer [-her-/-hes-]

be consonant, harmonize v • consonar

be contiguous to, border upon v • confinar

be courageous v • valer

be covetous, covet v • concupiscer

be delirious v • delirar

be discrepant, be at variance v • discrepar

be dissonant [Mus] v • dissonar

be distant v • distar

be distrustful v • diffider

be engaged in colloquy, converse v • colloquer

be engaged in colloquy, converse v • colloquer [-loqu-/-locut-]

be enough, suffice v • bastar

be enraged n • inrabiamento

be enraged v • inragiar

be enraged v • inragiar (-ja-)

be equal in value, be equivalent (to) v • equivaler

be equivalent, be equal in value (to) v • equivaler

be established, be an stablished (fact) v • constar

be excessive or exorbitant v • exorbitar

be exuberant, exuberate v • exuberar

be feverish, have a fever v • febricitar

be first, hold the first place v • primar

be fond of v • affectionar

be found, findable adj • trovabile

be furious v • furer

be guilty of malversation or corruption in office v • malversar

be hidden, lie hidden v • later

be hoped (for) adj • sperabile

be idle, be at leisure v • otiar

be ignorant of, not to know v • ignorar

be immanent, stay within v • immaner

be important, matter v • importar

be in a rage, rage v • ragiar

be in a rage, rage v • ragiar (-jar)

be in a rage, rage v • rabiar

be in a state of agitation, heat, fervor v • ferver

be in contact with, touch v • continger [-ting-/-tact-]

be in contact with, touch v • continger

be in disagreement, disagree v • disconvenir

be in doubt, doubt v • dubitar

be in excess, superabound v • redundar

be in need of, need v • indiger

be in recess v • vacar

be indicative of, indicate v • indicar

be indulgent v • indulger

be indulgent v • indulger [-dulg-/-dult-]

be inherent, inhere v • inherer

be insistent or pressing, urge v • urger

be lacking (be deficient or missing) v • mancar

be lacking in, lack v • carer

be lightening, lighten v • fulgurar

be lukewarm v • teper

be malignant v • malignar

be moist or wet v • humer

be moldy v • mucer

be moved by, waves, move in v • fluctuar

be numb, be torpid, be sluggish v • torper

be obedient, obey v • obtemperar

be obsolescent, become obsolescent, obsolesce v • obsolescer [-solesc-/-solet-]

be obsolescent, become obsolescent, obsolesce v • obsolescer

be offensive to, offend, insult v • offender

be offensive to, offend, insult v • offender [-fend-/-fens-]

be on strike, strike v • exoperar

be on the lookout, watch v • vigilar

be on the lookout, watch v • veliar

be on the point of death v • agonisar

be on vacation, keep holiday v • feriar

be or render partial v • partialisar

be out of one's mind v • furer

be patient, have patience v • patientar

be permanent, endure, last v • permaner

be possible (may, can) v • poter

be preponderant, preponderate v • preponderar

be prodigal of, to lavish v • prodigar

be rampant v • rampar

be redolent, smell (of) v • redoler

be related to, have reference to v • referer

be related to, have reference to v • referer [-fer-/-lat-]

be resplendent, shine v • resplender

be resplendent, shine v • splender

be salient v • salir

be salient v • salir [sal-/salt-]

be silent, keep quiet (refrain from speaking) v • tacer

be slow or delayed v • retardar

be soaked, soak v • imbiber

be somewhere, have one's location v • ubicar

be sorry for, regret v • regrettar

be stagnant, stagnate v • stagnar

be stunned, amazed v • stuper

be sufficient, suffice v • sufficer

be supposed to, have to (must, shall, ought) v • deber

be swollen, swell v • turger

be swollen or tumid v • tumer

be the antecedent, antecede v • anteceder

be the antecedent, antecede v • anteceder [-ced-/-cess-]

be the consequence of v • consequer [-sequ-/-secut-]

be the consequence of v • consequer

be torpid, be sluggish, be numb v • torper

be translucent (be partly transparent) v • translucer

be unsteady or shaky v • vacillar

be unwilling, resist v • reluctar

be vacant, unoccupied v • vacar

be vigorous v • viger

be warm or hot v • caler

be with child or young v • gestar

be wont to (do) v • soler

be worth (be equal to, in value or in price) v • valer

be zealous (about) v • zelar

beach n • plagia

beach n • plagia (-aja)

beacon n • fanal

bead n • perla

bead n • perla (de vitro)

beak, bill n • becco

beak, bill n • rostro

beak n • rostro

beak n • becco

beaked, billed adj • rostrate

beaker n • cuppa

beaker n • bicario

beaker, tumbler, goblet n • bicario

beakful, billful n • beccata

beam n • trabe

beam n • trave

beam (of light) n • radio

beam (of light) n • fasce

beam (of wood, metal) n • trabe

beam (of wood, metal) n • trave

beam (shine) v • brillar

beam (smile) v • surrider

beaming, radiant, brilliant adj • radiante

beaming, radiant, brilliant adj • radiante (ppr of radiar)

bean (french) n • phaseolo

bean (full of -s) n • plen de energia

bean n • faba

bear, adopt, give birth to (a child, a litter, etc) v • filiar

bear, allow, brook, comport v • comportar

bear, carry v • portar

bear (carry) v • portar

bear (endure) v • tolerar

bear (endure) v • suffrer

bear, give birth to v • parer [par-/part-]

bear, give birth to v • parer

bear (give birth to) v • filiar

bear (give birth to) v • parturir

bear (give birth to) v • parer

bear (he-bear) n • urso

bear (hold up) v • sustener

bear n • urso

bear (polar -) n • urso polar

bear (polar -) n • urso blanc

bear (she-bear) n • ursa

bear fruit, fructify v • fructificar

bear fruit v • fructar

bear witness, testify v • testificar

bear witness, testify, witness v • testimoniar

bearable, supportable adj • supportabile

bearable, tolerable, sufferable adj • suffribile

beard (grow a -) v • barbar

beard n • barba

bearded adj • barbate

beardless adj • disbarbate

bearer, carrier n • portator

bearer n • portator

bear-fruit v • fructar

bearing (1. carrying; 2. deportment, carriage;) n • porto

bearing, giving birth n • filiation

bearing [Mech] n • cossinetto

bearing acorns, glandiferous adj • glandifere

bearing down (tending to press or force down) adj • depressive

bearing ears, spiciferous (of grain) [Bot] adj • spicifere

bear-in-mind v • tener in mente

bear-out v • confirmar

bear-right v • diriger se a dextra

bear's ear, auricula [Bot] n • auricula

bear-up interj • corage!

bear-with v • esser patiente con

beast n • bestia

beastliness, bestiality n • bestialitate

beastly adj/adv • bestial, bestialmente

beastly, bestial adj • bestial

beat (1. to strike, pound; 2. to flap; 3. to defeat) v • batter

beat, cudgel, thrash v • fustigar

beat, cudgel, thump v • massar

beat (defeat) v • batter

beat (defeat) v • vincer

beat [Mus] n • rhythmo

beat (of heart) n • battimento

beat (of policeman) n • ronda

beat (strike) vt • colpar

beat (strike) vt • batter

beat vi • batter

beat vi • pulsar

beat, whip, flog v • verberar

beat (with stick) v • bastonar

beat (with whip) v • verberar

beat again v • rebatter

beat back, repel v • rebatter

beat-back v • repulsar

beat-down v • abatter

beater, fulling stock n • fullatorio

beatific adj • beatific

beatification n • beatification

beatify v • beatificar

beat-in v • penetrar

beat-in v • fracassar

beating (action of striking, throbbing, fluttering, etc.) n • battimento

beating (action of whipping, flogging) n • verberation

beating (defeat) n • defaite

beating (defeat) n • vincimento

beating (striking) n • battimento

beating, thrashing (act of) n • fustigation

beating (throbbing, pulsative) adj • pulsative

beatitude n • beatitude

beat-off v • repulsar

beautiful adj • belle

beauty (1. loveliness or charm to the sense of sight) n • beltate

beauty (2. beautiful woman) n • beltate

beauty spot (patch) n • musca

beaver (- hat) n • castor

beaver [Zool n • castor

because conj/prep • proque

because, why, that conj • quod

because of, on account of, by reason of prep • propter (pròp-)

because of, on account of, by reason of prep • propter

because of prep • a causa de

beccafico [Ornith] n • beccafico

beckon v • facer signo

be-cold (of people) v • haber frigido

be-cold (of the weather) v • facer frigido

become (come to be) v • devenir

become (suit) v • convenir a

become (suit) v • ir a

become angry v • irascer

become cold, cool off v • frigidar

become cold, cool off v • refrigidar

become decadent, decline, decay v • decader

become green v • verdear

become invalid, lapse, expire v • perimer [-im-/-empt-]

become invalid, lapse, expire v • perimer

become lean or thin, reduce v • magrir

become less swollen v • disinflar

become liquid, liquesce v • liquescer

become milky, lactesce v • lactescer

become quiescent, quiesce v • quiescer

become quiescent, quiesce v • quiescer [quiesc-/quiet-]

become rancid v • rancer

become suffocated or choked v • suffocar

becoming adj • convenibile

becoming adj • decorose

becoming obsolete, obsolescent adj • obsolescente (ppr of obsolescer)

becoming obsolete, obsolescent adj • obsolescente

bed (flower -) n • parterre

bed [Furniture] n • lecto

bed [Gen] n • lecto

bed [Geol] n • lecto

bed (go to -) v • ir al lecto

bed;, housing, hollow n • incastratura

bed (the bed of a river) n • lecto

bedbug n • cimice

bedbug n • cimice (cìmice)

bed-clothes n • pannos de lecto

bedding n • pannos de lecto

bedew v • irrorar

bedewment n • irroration

Bedouin n • beduin

bedraggled adj • disordinate

bedraggled phr • coperitede fango

bedridden adj • allectate

bedroom n • camera a dormir

bedsitter n • camera con lecto

bedspread, counterpane, coverlet n • coperilecto

bedspread n • coperilecto

bedspread n • copertura de lecto

bedtime n • hora de dormir

bee n • ape

beech n • fago

bee-eating adj • apivore

beef (meat from a cow or steer) n • bove

beef n • bove

beefsteak n • beefsteak

beefsteak n • beefsteak [A]

bee-hive n • apiculario

beehive n • apiculario

bee-keeper, apiculturist n • apicultor

bee-keeper n • apiario

bee-keeping, apiculture n • apicultura

bee-line n • via directe

beep v • pipiar

beeper (pager) n • pager

beeper (pager) n • clamator

beeper (pager) n • beeper

beer n • bira

beet [Bot] n • beta

beet (common red beet) n • betarapa

beet n • beta

beetle, coleopter [Entom] n • coleoptero

beetle, coleopter [Entom] n • coleoptero (-òp-)

beetle [Entom] n • scarabeo (-éo)

beetle [Entom] n • scarabeo

beetle n • coleoptero

beetle n • scarabeo

beetle, ram, sledge hammer, mallet n • massa

beetle-browed, beetling adj • superciliose

beetling, beetle-browed adj • superciliose

beetroot n • beta-rapa

befall, happen v • accider

before (above) prep • ante

before adv • antea

before conj • ante que

before (earlier than) prep • ante

before, formerly adv • anteriormente

before, formerly, previously adv • antea

before (in front, ahead) adv • avante

before (in front of) prep • ante

before prep • ante

beforehand adv • anticipatemente

beforehand adv • previemente

befriend v • amicar se con

befuddle v • confunder

beg, ask for, request v • peter

beg (charity) v • mendicar

beg (entreat) v • implorar

beg (entreat) v • precar

beg, request, ask for v • rogar

beg v • mendicar

beget, engender v • ingenerar

beget, procreate v • procrear

begetter, sire n • genitor

begetting, engenderment n • ingeneramento

begetting, generation n • genitura

beggar, mendicant n • mendicante

beggar n • mendico

beggar n • mendico (-ìco)

beggar n • mendicante

beggar v • impovrir

beggar v • ruinar

beggarly adj • mendic

beggarly adj • mendic (-dìc)

begging (action of) n • mendication

begin (a discourse) v • exordir

begin (commence) v • comenciar

begin, incept v • inceptar

begin v • ordir

begin v • inciper

begin v • comenciar

begin v • inciper [-cip-/-cept-]

begin again (recommence) v • recomenciar

begin to blossom v • inflorescer

beginner n • comenciante

beginner n • novicio

beginner (novice, tyro) n • comenciante

beginner (one who begins something) n • comenciator

beginning (commencement) n • comenciamento

beginning (in the -) phr • in le principio

beginning (incipient, initial) adj • incipiente

beginning n • ordimento

beginning n • principio

beginning n • comenciamento

beginning n • initio

beginning (origins) n • primordio

beginning, start n • initio

begotten adj • genite (gé-)

begotten adj • genite

begrudge (envy) v • invidiar

begrudge (give unwillingly) v • dar de mal grado

beguile, inveigle v • captar

behalf (in/on - of) n • in nomine de

behalf (in/on - of) n • in favor de

behave v • comportar se

behavior (comportment) n • comportamento

behavior (-our) n • comportamento

behavior (-our) n • conducto

behaviour (-or) n • comportamento

behaviour (-or) n • conducto

behead (decapitate) v • decapitar

behead (decollate) v • decollar

beheading (decapitation) n • decapitation

beheading (decollation) n • decollation

behind (back, backwards) adv • post

behind (back, backwards) adv • detra

behind (of place) adv • post

behind (of time) adv • post

behind (of time) adv • depost

behind prep • detra

behold (- !) interj • ecce!

behold!, lo!, see! adv • ecce

behold v • vider

beige adj • beige

being adj/pres. part • essente

being (all senses) n • esser

being (existence) n • esser

being (for the time -) phr • pro le momento

being (human -) n • esser human

being (person, organized entity, etc.) n • esser

being awake, waking n • velia

being pulverulent (state of) n • pulverulentia

Belau [Geog] n • Belau

belch (a belching) n • ructo

belch n • ructo

belch v • eructar

belch v • ructar

belcher n • ructator

belching (eructation) n • eructation

beleaguerment n • investimento

belfry n • campanario

belfry n • campanil

Belgian adj • belge

belgian adj • belge

belgian n • belga

Belgian n • belga

Belgium [Geog] n • Belgio

Belgium [Geog] n • Belgica

Belgium n • Belgica

belief (credence) n • credentia

belief n • credentia

belief (trust faith) n • credentia

believe v • creder

believe-in (people) v • creder in

believe-in (people) v • haber fide in

believe-in (things) v • creder a

believer (follower of some religion) n • credente

believer n • credente

believing (trustful, credent) adj • credente (ppr of creder)

believing (trustful, credent) adj • credente

Belize [Geog] n • Belize

bell n • campana

bell tower (campanile) n • campanil

belletrist n • belletrista

belletristic adj • belletristic

bellflower, campanula n • campanula (-pà-)

bellflower, campanula n • campanula

bellicose adj • bellicose

bellicosity n • bellicositate

belligerency n • belligerentia

belligerent n • belligerente

belligerent (waging war) adj • belligerente

belling, shivaree, charivari n • charivari (sharivarì)

belling, shivaree, charivari n • charivari

bellow n • mugimento

bellow (roar as the bull does) v • mugir

bellow v • mugimento

bellowmaker (maker or seller of bellows) n • follero

bellows (as in hand bellows) n • suffletto

bellows, blower n • folle

belly n • pancia

belly n • ventre

belong v • pertiner

belong by right (be due) v • competer

belonging to the common herd adj • gregari

belonging to widowhood adj • vidual

belongings n • effectos

belongings n • possessiones

belongings, possessions n • haber

beloved a • amatissime, carissime

below adv • in basso

below adv • infra

below, beneath, under prep • sub

below (beneath, underneath) adv • subtus

below (beneath, underneath) adv • subtus (sùb-)

below prep • sub

below (under, beneath) prep • infra

below (underneath, beneath) adv • infra

Belshazzar (Balthasar, Balthazar) [Bib] n • Balthasar

belt (fasten) v • cincturar

belt (fig) n • zona

belt (for waist) n • cinctura

belt, girdle v • cincturar

belt (hit) v • colpar con un cinctura

belt n • cinctura

bench n • banco

bend (a sail) [Naut] v • invirgar

bend (cause to bend) v • plicar

bend (cause to bend) v • flecter

bend (cause to bend) v • flecter [flect-/flex-]

bend (curve) v • incurvar

bend n • curva

bend n • curvatura

bend v • curvar (se)

bend v • inclinar (se)

bend v • plicar

bend v • curvar

bend v • plicar (se)

bend v • inclinar

bend back v • recurvar

bend the knee, kneel (down) v • genicular

bending (a sail) (action of) Naut] n • invirgatura

bending the knee, kneeling (down) (act of) n • geniculation

beneath adv • infra

beneath prep • infra, sub

beneath prep • sub, infra

beneath, under, below prep • sub

Benedictine adj • benedictin

benedictine (liqueur) n • benedictino

Benedictine (monk) n • benedictino

benediction (blessing) n • benediction

benefactor n • benefactor

benefic, beneficial adj • benefic (-éfic)

benefic, beneficial adj • benefic

benefice n • beneficio

beneficence (active kindness) n • beneficentia

beneficent adj • beneficente

beneficial adj • beneficial

beneficial adj • benefic

beneficial, benefic adj • benefic (-éfic)

beneficial, benefic adj • benefic

beneficially adv • beneficamente

beneficially adv • beneficialmente

beneficiary n • beneficiario

benefit (advantage, favor) n • beneficio

benefit n • beneficio

benefit (someone or something) v • beneficiar

benefit v • beneficiar

benevolence, good will n • benevolentia

benevolent adj • benevole

benevolent adj • benevolente

benevolent n • benevolente

benevolent n • benevole

benign (1. kind, gentle; 2. [Med]) adj • benigne

benignity n • benignitate

Benin [Geog] n • Benin

bent adj • plicate

bent adj • curvate

bent adj • flectite

bent n • tendentia

bent n • propension

bent, propensity, natural inclination n • propension

bent-on (- doing) adj • determinate a facer

bent-on (- doing) adj • resolute a facer

benzine n • benzina

benzoate n • benzoato

benzoic adj • benzoic

benzoic adj • benzoic (-òic)

benzoin (1. gum benzoin, benjamin; 2. [Bot]; 3. [Chem]) n • benzoin (-ìn)

benzoin (1. gum benzoin, benjamin; 2. [Bot]; 3. [Chem]) n • benzoin

benzoin (1. gum benzoin, benjamin; 2. [Bot]) n • benzoe (-zòe)

benzoin (1. gum benzoin, benjamin; 2. [Bot]) n • benzoe

benzol n • benzol

bequeath v • legar

bequest n • legato

bereave v • privar

bereavement n • perdita (de un car persona)

bereavement n • perdita

beret n • beret

berlin (four-wheeled carriage) n • berlina

Berlin n • Berlin

Berlin n • Berlin [G]

Berlin, of Berlin adj • berlinese

Berliner n • berlinese

Bermuda, Bermuda Island [Geog] n • le Insula de Bermuda

Bern n • Bern

Bern n • Bern [G]

Bernese adj • bernese

berry n • baca

berth (bed) n • lectiera

berth (mooring) n • posto

berth v • amarrar

beryl n • beryllo

beryllium [Chem] n • beryllium

beryllium [Chem] n • beryllium (-ìllium)

beseech, conjure, entreat v • conjurar

beseech, implore v • implorar

beside (apart from) prep • ultra

beside (apart from) prep • extra

beside (next to) prep • juxta

beside (next to) prep • al latere ce

besides adv • de plus

besides adv • ultra

besides, for the rest adv • cetero

besides, for the rest adv • cetero (cé-)

besides, in addition, extra adv • extra

besides, in addition to adv • extra

besides, moreover adv • preterea (-tér-)

besides, moreover adv • preterea

besides prep • ultra

besiege v • assediar

besieger n • assediator

besmear v • linir

besot, stupefy v • imbrutir

besotting, stupefying adj • imbrutiente

besprinkle v • asperger [-sperg-/-spers-]

besprinkle v • asperger

best adj • le melior

best adj • le plus bon

best adv • le melio

best (at -) adv • al plus

best (very -) adv • optime

bestial, beastly adj • bestial

bestial (beastly) adj • bestial

bestiality, beastliness n • bestialitate

best-man n • amico del sponso

bestow, impart v • impartir

bestow v • donar

bestow v • conferer

best-seller n • best-seller

bet n • sponsion

bet (place a -) v • facer un sponsion

bet v • sponder

bet v • deponer

beta (second letter of the Greek alphabet) n • beta

betel [Bot] n • betel

betel [Bot] n • betel (bé-)

betray (an enemy) v • trair

betray (show) v • revelar

betray (show) v • divulgar

betray v • trair (-ìr)

betray v • trair

betrayal n • traition

betrayal, treason n • traition

betroth, affiance v • fidantiar

betrothal n • fidantiamento

betrothed, fiancé n • promisso

betrothed, fiancée n • promissa

better adj • melior

better adj • plus bon

better adv • melio

better (all the -) adj • tanto melio

better (beat) v • ultrapassar

better (get -) v • restablir se

better (get -) v • refacer se

better (get the - of) v • vincer

better (get the - of) v • superar

better (improve) v • meliorar

better (improve) v • facer plus bon

better (you had - go) v • vos facera melio vader

betting adj • sponsion

betting adj • spondente

betting-shop n • agentia de sponsiones

between adv/prep • inter

between prep • inter (ìn-)

between prep • inter

beverage, drink n • biberage (-aje)

beverage, drink n • bibitura

beverage, drink n • biberage

beverage n • bibitura

beverage n • biberage

bewail, deplore v • miserar

beware v • guardar se

beware-of-the-dog v. phr • attention al can!

be-warm (of people) v • haber calor

be-warm (of the weather) v • facer calor

bewilder v • confunder

bewilder v • disorientar

bewilder v • disconcertar

bewildered adj • perplexe

bewildered adj • confuse

bewildered, perplexed adj • perplexe

bewildering adj • disconcertante

bewilderment n • perplexitate

bewilderment n • confusion

bewilderment, perplexity n • perplesitate

beyond, across, over, on the farther side of prep • trans

beyond adv • ultra

beyond, farther, on the other side adv • ultra

beyond (go -) v • ultrapassar

beyond, past adv • preter

beyond, past adv • preter (pré-)

beyond prep • extra

beyond prep • ultra

beyond measure (immeasurable) adj • dismesurate

beyond measure (immeasurable) adj • dismensurate

bi- (two, twice) [occurring in compounds] adj • bi-

bias n • prevention

bias n • predisposition

bias n • prejudicio

bias, prejudice n • prevention

bias, prejudice n • preoccupation

bias, prejudice v • preoccupar

bias v • render partial

bias v • influentiar

biased adj • partial

bib n • pannello pectoral

bib n • pannello pectoral (de un baby)

bibasic, dibasic [Chem] adj • bibasic

Bible n • Biblia

bible n • biblia

biblical adj • biblic

biblically adv • biblicamente

biblio- (as in bibliography, bibliomancy) [occurring in compounds] n • biblio-

bibliographer n • bibliographo (-ò-)

bibliographer n • bibliographo

bibliographic adj • bibliographic

bibliographical adj • bibliographic

bibliographically adv • bibliographicamente

bibliography (1. description or history of books; 2. bibliographical list) n • bibliographia (-ìa)

bibliography (1. description or history of books; 2. bibliographical list) n • bibliographia

bibliography n • bibliographia

bibliolater n • bibliolatra

bibliolater n • bibliolatra (-ò-)

bibliolatry n • bibliolatria (-ìa)

bibliolatry n • bibliolatria

bibliomancy n • bibliomantia

bibliomancy n • bibliomantia (-ìa)

bibliomania n • bibliomania

bibliomania n • bibliomania (-ìa)

bibliomaniac, bibliomane n • bibliomano

bibliomaniac, bibliomane n • bibliomano (-ò-)

bibliomaniac, bibliomaniacal adj • bibliomane

bibliophile adj • bibliophile

bibliophile n • bibliophilo

bibliophile n • bibliophilo (-ò-)

Biblist, Biblicist n • biblista

bibulous, addicted to drink adj • bibule

bicarbide, bicarburet n • bicarburo

bicarbonate n • bicarbonato

bicarburet, bicarbide n • bicarburo

bicentenary adj • bicentenari

bicentenary n • bicentenario

bicentennial n • bicentenario

biceps n • bicipite (-cì-)

biceps n • bicipite

bichromate [Chem] n • bichromato

bicipital adj • bicipite (-cì-)

bicipital adj • bicipite

bicker n • querelar

bicker n • altercar

bickering n • querelas

bickering n • altercation

bicolor adj • bicolor

bicolored adj • bicolor

bicorn adj • bicorne

bicorn adj • bicornute

bicornuate adj • bicornute

bicuspid adj • bicuspide

bicuspid adj • bicuspide (-cùs-)

bicycle n • bicyclo

bicycle n • bicycletta

bicycle v • bicyclar

bicyclic (of bicycles) adj • bicyclic

bicyclic (of two cycles, circles, or wheels) adj • bicyclic

bid (at auction) n • offerta

bid (at auction) v • offerer

bid (attempt) n • tentativa

bid (attempt) n • essayo

bid (command) v • ordinar

bid (command) v • commandar

bidder (highest -) n • adjudicatario

bidder n • offerente

bident (two-pronged instrument) n • bidente

bidimentional adj • bidimensional

biennial (- plant) n • planta biennal

biennial (1. lasting two years; 2. occurring every two years) adj • biennal

biennial adj • biennal

biennially adv • biennalmente

bier n • feretro (fé-)

bier n • feretro

bifid adj • bifide (bì-)

bifid adj • bifide

bifocal, having two foci adj • bifocal

biform adj • biforme

bifurcate v • bifurcar

bifurcation n • bifurcation

big adj • importante

big adj • grosse

big adj • grande

big, bulky adj • grosse

bigamist n • bigamo (bì-)

bigamist n • bigamo

bigamous adj • bigame (bì-)

bigamous adj • bigame

bigamy n • bigamia (-ìa)

bigamy n • bigamia

big-boned, bony adj • ossute

bigot n • bigot

bigoted adj • bigot

bigoted n • bigot

bigotry n • bigoteria (-ìa)

bigotry n • bigoteria

bike n • bicycletta

bike v • bicyclar

bikini n • bikini

bilabial [Gram] adj • bilabial

bilateral adj • bilateral

bile [Physiol] n • bile

biliary [Physiol] adj • biliari

bilingual adj • bilingue

bilingualism n • bilinguismo

bilingually adv • bilinguemente

bilious (1. [Med]; 2. choleric, ill-tempered) adj • biliose

bilious adj • biliose

biliousness n • biliositate

biliverdin [Biochem] n • biliverdina

bill, account n • nota

bill (account) n • conto

bill (bank draft, note) n • nota

bill, beak n • rostro

bill, beak n • becco

bill (beak) n • rostro

bill, draft [Fin] n • tratta

bill (draft of law) n • projecto de lege

bill, invoice n • factura

bill, invoice v • facturar

bill (invoice) n • factura

bill, pertaining to a beak adj • rostral

bill (proposed law) n • bill [A]

bill (proposed law) n • bill

bill v • facturar

bill of fare, menu n • menu

bill of fare, menu n • menu [F]

bill of health n • patente

bill of lading n • cognoscimento

billed, beaked adj • rostrate

billet n • quartiero

billet v • quartierar

billet v • billetar

billfold n • cartiera

billful, beakful n • beccata

billiard table n • biliardo

billiards n • biliardo

billion (a million millions) n • billion

billion (a thousand millions) n • milliardo

billion [Amer] n • billion

billion, milliard n • milliardo

billion (thousand millions) adj • milliardo

billionaire milliardaire n • milliardario

billionth adj • billionesime (-ésime)

billionth adj • billionesime

billionth (thousand millionth) adj • milliardesime (-ésime)

billionth (thousand millionth) adj • milliardesime

billow v) (dust) sublevar (se), levar (se), ondular.

bilobate, two-lobed adj • bilobate

bimanous [Zool] adj • bimane

bimetallism n • bimetallismo

bimetallist n • bimetallista

bimonthly (occurring once in two months) adj • bimestral

bin n • compartimento

bin n • receptaculo

bin n • cassa

binary adj • binari

binary numbers [Comp] n • numeros binari

bind (1. to tie; 2. as in to bind books) v • ligar

bind, attach (to) v • alligar

bind (oblige) v • obligar

bind (tie) v • ligar

bind again v • religar

bind in boards, board [Bookbinding] v • cartonar

binding (1. act of binding; 2. bookbinding, binding of a book) n • ligatura

binding adj • obligatori

binding n • ligatura

binding, obligatory, compulsory adj • obligatori

binding in paper boards, boarding [Bookbinding] n • cartonage

binding in paper boards, boarding [Bookbinding] n • cartonage (-aje)

binding tightly, tightening, stricture (act of) n • strictura

bingo n • tombola

bingo n • lotto

binoculars n • binoculo

binomial [Alg] adj • binomie

binomial [Alg] n • binomio

bio- (as in biology) [occurring in compounds] n • bio-

biochemical adj • biochimic

biochemist n • biochimista

biochemistry n • biochimia

biochemistry n • biochimia (-ìa)

biogenesis (1. genesis of organinims; 2. theory of biogenesis) n • biogenese (-gé-)

biogenesis (1. genesis of organinims; 2. theory of biogenesis) n • biogenese

biogenesis (1. genesis of organisms; 2. theory of biogenesis) n • biogenesis

biogenesis (1. genesis of organisms; 2. theory of biogenesis) n • biogenesis (-gé-)

biogenetic adj • biogenetic

biographer n • biographo (-ò-)

biographer n • biographo

biographic adj • biographic

biographical adj • biographical

biography n • biographia

biography n • biographia (-ìa)

biological adj • biologic

biologically adv • biologicamente

biologist n • biologista

biologist n • biologo

biologist n • biologo (-ò-)

biology n • biologia

biology n • biologia (-ìa)

bipartible adj • bipartibile

bipartite (having two parts) adj • bipartite

bipartition n • bipartition

biped adj • bipede (bì-)

biped adj • bipede

biped n • bipede

biped n • bipede (bì-)

biplane n • biplano

biplane with short underplane n • sesquiplano

bipolar adj • bipolar

birch n • betula

birch (rod) n • virga

birch (tree) n • betula

birch v • car le virgas a

bird n • ave

bird lover n • ornithophilo

bird lover n • ornithophilo (-tò-)

birdcage n • cavia pro aves

birdie (give the middle finger) v • facer insulto con le digito medie

birdie (golf) n • balla birdie

birdie n • avetto

birdlime n • visco

bird-loving adj • ornithophile

bireme n • bireme

bireme, two-oared adj • bireme

birth (act of giving birth to offspring) n • parto

birth (act or fact of being born) n • nascentia

birth (fig) n • origine

birth (give - to) v • parturir

birth n • nativitate

birth (natural) n • nascentia

birth (natural) n • nativitate

birth rate n • natalitate

birth-certificate n • certificate de nascentia

birth-control n • limitation del natalitate

birthday n • anniversario

birth-mark n • nevo

birthplace n • loco natal

birth-rate n • natalitate

biscuit (1. cracker, cooky, etc.; 2. [Pottery] bisque) n • biscuit

biscuit n • biscuit

biscuit baker n • biscuitero

biscuit bakery n • biscuiteria (-ìa)

biscuit bakery n • biscuiteria

bisexual adj • bisexual

bishop n • episcopo (-pìs-)

bishop n • episcopo

bishop (overseer, supervisor) n • episcopo

bismuth [Chem] n • bismuth (bìz-)

bismuth [Chem] n • bismuth

bison (1. European aurochs; 2. American buffalo) n • bison

bison (1. European aurochs; 2. American buffalo) n • bisonte

bistort, snakeweed [Bot] n • bistorta

bit (a -) n • un poco

bit (a -) n • un pauc

bit (binary digit) n • bit

bit (binary digit) n • digito binari

bit (binary digit) n • piecetta digital

bit (for drill) n • puncta

bit (for horses) n • freno

bit (for horses) n • morso

bit (part of the bridle that goes in a horse's mouth) n • morso

bit (part of the bridle that goes in the horse's mouth) n • freno

bit (piece) n • pecietta

bit-by-bit adv • pauc a pauc

bit-by-bit adv • poco a poco

bitch (female dog) n • can feminin

bitch (insult) n • putana!

bitch (insult) n • puta

bite (1. act of biting; 2. wound caused by biting) n • morsura

bite n • morsura

bite, smart, sting v • piccar

bite (sting) v • piccar

bite v • morder

bite v • morder [mord-/mors-]

bite (with teeth) v • morder

bite again v • remorder

bite again v • remorder [-mord-/-mors-]

bite-me (don't -) v • no me morde

bite-me v • morde me

biting, caustic, mordant adj • mordente ppr of morder

biting, mordacious adj • mordace

bitter adj • amar

bitter (embitter, to make -) v • amarisar

bitter (emotion) adj • amar

bitter n • bira clar

bitter (taste) adj • amar

bitter (taste) adj • acerbe

bitterness (acerbity) n • acerbitate

bitterness (acerbity) n • amaritude

bitterness n • amaritude

bitumen n • bitumine

bituminization (process of covering with bitumen) n • bituminage (-aje)

bituminization (process of covering with bitumen) n • bituminage

bituminization (process of covering with bitumen) n • bituminisation

bituminize, cover with bitumen v • bituminisar

bituminize, cover with bitumen v • bituminar

bituminous adj • bituminose

bivalve [Bot/Zool] adj • bivalve

bivalve [Zool] n • bivalvo

bivouac n • bivac

bivouac v • bivacar

bizarre n • bizarre

bizarre, odd, queer adj • bizarre

bizonal adj • bizonal

black (- list, boycott) v • boycottar

black adj • nigre

black (boots) v • lustrar

black (colour) n • nigre

black (person) n • negro

black lead, graphite n • plumbagine

black-berry n • rubo

blackberry n • rubo

blackbird, merl n • merla

black-bird n • merla

black-board n • tabula nigre

black-currant n • ribes nigre

blacken, make black v • nigrar

blacken v • nigrar

black-eye n • oculo contose

black-guard n • villano

black-guard n • scelerato

black-leg n • rumpe-exoperos

black-mail n • chantage

black-mail n • extorsion

black-mail v • extorquer per chantage

black-mailer n • chantagista

black-market n • mercato nigre

blackness n • nigritia

black-out n • inconscientia

black-out v • perder conscientia

blacksmith, farrier n • ferrator

blacksmith, farrier n • ferrero

black-smith n • ferrero

black-smith n • ferrator

blacksmith's shop, smithy n • ferreria

blacksmith's shop, smithy n • ferreria (-ìa)

blacksmith's work, smithing n • ferreria

blacksmith's work, smithing n • ferreria (-ìa)

bladder n • vesica

bladder (urinary) [Anat] n • vesica

bladder (urinary) [Anat] n • vesica (-ìca)

blade (as in blade of an oar) n • pala

blade, hefty fellow, jolly chap n • galliardo

blade n • lamina

blade (of knife, etc.) n • lamina (là-)

blade (of knife, etc.) n • lamina

blade (of oar) n • pala

blade of grass n • folio de herba

blame, censure v • culpar

blame (expression of disapproval) n • blasmo

blame (find fault with, find blameworthy) v • blasmar

blame n • blasmo

blame v • blasmar

blameless adj • innocente, irreprochabile

blameworthiness n • accusabilitate

blameworthy adj • blasmabile

blameworthy adj • demeritori

blameworthy, liable to be accused adj • accusabile

blanch [Metal] v • blanchir

blanch, whiten (make white) v • blanchir

blanching (act of) [Metal] n • blanchimento

blanching, whitening (act of) n • blanchimento

blancmange v • blancmangiar

bland, soft, mild adj • blande

blank adj • vacue

blank adj • blanc

blank (blank space) n • blanco

blank, form n • formulario

blank n • blanco

blank-cartridge n • cartucha in blanco

blank-check, blank-cheque n • cheque in blanco

blanket n • copertura

blanket n • copertura (de lana)

blare v • rugir

blaspheme v • blasphemar

blaspheme v • lasphemar

blasphemer n • blaspherator

blasphemer n • blasphemator

blasphemous adj • blaspheme

blasphemy n • blasphemia

blasphemy n • lasphemia

blast (bang) n • explosion

blast (of wind) n • colpo de vento

blast v • facer saltar

blast v • detonar

blasto-, blast- (bud, sprout) [occurring in compounds] n • blasto-

blastoderm [Embryol] n • blastoderma

blatant adj • patente

blatant adj • flagrante

blaze, burn v • flagrar

blaze (fig) n • brillantia

blaze, flame v • flammar

blaze (flame) n • flamma

blaze (on horse) n • stella

blaze v • flagrar

blaze v • flammar

blaze up, deflagrate v • deflagrar

blazer n • blazer

blazon, coat of arms n • blason

bleach n • agente de blanchimento

bleach v • blanchir

bleaching (act of) n • blanchimento

bleak adj • desolate

bleak adj • deserte

bleak adj • salvage

bleakness n • desolation

bleat n • balamento

bleat v • balar

bleed (lose blood) v • sanguinar

bleed (produce blood from) v • ?

bleeder, hemophile, haemophile, hemophiliac, haemophiliac n • hemophilo

bleeder, hemophile, haemophile, hemophiliac, haemophiliac n • hemophilo (-mò-)

bleeding n • hemorrhagia

blemish, defect n • menda

blemish (defect) n • menda

blemish (defect) n • defecto

blemish (spot) n • macula

blemish v • guastar

blemish v • macular

blend, mix v • miscer

blend, mix v • miscer [misc-/mixt-]

blend n • mixtura

blend v • miscer

blender n • miscitor

bless (1. to consecrate; 2. to invoke blessings upon) v • benedicer [-dic-/-dict-]

bless (1. to consecrate; 2. to invoke blessings upon) v • benedicer

bless v • benedicer

blessed (1. consecrated holy; 2. enjoying happiness or bliss) adj • benedicte

blessed adj • benedicte

blessing n • benediction

blight n • peste

blight v • ruinar

blind (1. to make blind; 2. to dazzle) v • cecar

blind adj • cec

blind n • persiana

blind, shutter n • persiana

blind v • cecar

blind (without sight) adj • cec

blind-alley n • vico cec

blindfold n • banda pro le oculos

blindfold v • bandar le oculos

blindness n • cecitate

blind-person n • ceco

blink v • palpebrar

blinkers v • oculiera

blinking (action of) n • palpebration

bliss n • contento

bliss n • felicitate

blissful, happy adj • beate

blissful n • beate

blister [Med] n • bulla

blister n • vesicula

blister n • ampulla

blister [Pathol] n • ampulla

blister v • vesicar (se)

blister v • vesicar

blister, vesicate [Med] v • vesicar

blistery adj • bullose

blizzard n • tempesta de nive

bloated adj • inflate

blob n • globulo

bloc n • bloco

bloc [Pol] n • bloco

block (mass) n • bloco

block, obstruct v • blocar

block (of buildings) n • insula (ìn-)

block (of buildings) n • insula

block (printing) n • cliche

block (solid mass of wood, stone, etc.) n • bloco

block v • obstruer

block v • blocar

blockade [Mil] n • blocada

blockade [Mil] v • blocar

blockade n • blocada

blockade v • blocar

blockhead, Philistine n • beotio

blockhouse (building designed to protect an outlying strategical point) n • blockhaus

blockhouse (bunker) n • blockhaus

blond adj • blonde

blond n • blonda

blondness n • blondessa

blood n • sanguine

blood relationship, kinship n • cognation

blood-cleanser, depurative [Med] n • depurativo

bloodcurdling adj • horrende

blood-donor n • donator de sanguine

blood-pressure n • pression arterial

bloodstained, bloody adj • sanguinose

blood-stream n • currente sanguinee

bloodsucker, leech [Zool] n • sanguisuga

bloodthirsty adj • sanguinari

bloody (accompanied by bloodshed) adj • sanguinari

bloody, bloodstained adj • sanguinose

bloody (covered in blood) adj • sanguinose

bloody, sanguinary (1. blood-thirsty; 2. accompanied by much bloodshed) adj • sanguinari

bloody, sanguinary (accompanied by much bloodshed) adj • sanguilente

bloody (stain with blood) v • insanguinar

bloom, flower v • florar

bloom, flower v • florer

bloom, flower v • florescer

bloom (flower) n • flor

bloom (on fruit) n • pruina

bloom (the bloom on fruit) n • pruina (-ìna)

bloom (the bloom on fruit) n • pruina

bloom v • florescer

bloom v • florer

blooming (- idiot) phr • un ver idiota

blooming, flowering (state of) n • florimento

blooming (flowering) adj • florente

blooming (prosperous) adj • prospere

blossoming, flowering (act or state of) n • floration

blot (dry) v • siccar

blot n • macula

blot (stain) v • macular

blotch n • macula

blotting (- paper) n • papiro siccante

blouse (1. workman's blouse; 2. woman's blouse) n • blusa

blouse n • blusa

blow (1. as in a bellows blows; 2. as in to blow bubbles) v • flar

blow (1. to send out a strong current of air; 2. as in the wind blows) v • sufflar

blow (be windy) v • ventar

blow (come to -s) v • venir al manos

blow (hit) n • colpo

blow (huff) Checkers] v • sufflar

blow (of air) v • sufflar

blow (of fuse) v • saltar

blow (stroke) n • colpo

blow (tragedy) n • tragedia

blow (wind instrument) v • imbuccar

blow (wind instrument) v • sonar

blow one's nose v • sufflar se le naso

blow up (fly in pieces with a loud report) v • saltar

blow upon or into (insufflate) v • insufflar

blower, bellows n • folle

blower (one who or that which blows) n • sufflator

blow-up (explode) vt • facer exploder

blow-up (inflate) v • inflar

blow-up vi • exploder

blue adj • blau

blue adj • azur

blue (the -) n • le blau

blue (the -) n • le azur

blueberry, whortleberry n • myrtillo

bluebottle, cornflower [Bot] n • cyano (cì-)

bluebottle, cornflower [Bot] n • cyano

blue-green (sea-green, glaucous) adj • glauc

blueprint (as in blueprint of a projected building) n • cyanogramma

blueprint, cyanotype n • cyanotypo (-òtypo)

blueprint, cyanotype n • cyanotypo

blueprinting n • cyanographia

blueprinting n • cyanographia (-ìa)

blueprinting apparatus n • cyanographo

blueprinting apparatus n • cyanographo (-ògrapho)

blues n • melancholia

bluff (act of bluffing) n • bluff A]

bluff (act of bluffing) n • bluff

bluff adj • brusc

bluff (deceive by false appearances) v • bluffar

bluff n • bluff

bluff v • bluffar

bluffer n • bluffator

blunder n • error

blunder v • errar

blunt, dull, obtund v • obtunder [-tund-/-tus-]

blunt, dull, obtund v • obtunder

blunt (dull) adj • obtuse

blunt, obtundent adj • obtundente

blunt, obtundent adj • obtundente (ppr of obtunder)

blunt (rude) adj • brusc

blunt v • obtunder

bluntly adv • bruscamente

bluntness, brusqueness, brusquerie n • bruscheria

bluntness, brusqueness, brusquerie n • bruscheria (-ìa)

bluntness (dullness) n • manco de acutessa

bluntness (rudeness) n • bruscheria

blur n • apparentia indistircte

blur n • apparentia confuse

blur v • facer indistincte

blurb n • aviso editorial

blush n • rubor

blush v • rubescer

blustery adj • ventose, tempestuose,

boa (1. [Zool]; 2. scarf of fur or feathers) n • boa

boar (male swine) n • verre

board, bind in boards [Bookbinding] v • cartonar

board (cardboard) n • carton

board (come alongside in order to attack) [Navy] v • abbordar

board (committee) n • consilio

board (for chess, checkers etc.) n • tabuliero

board (for games) n • tabuliero

board (go on board) v • imbarcar se

board (in an hotel) n • pension

board (of train) v • montar in

board (on -) adv • a bordo, a bordo de

board, plank n • planca

board (seize by boarding) v • abbordar

board (side of a ship) [Naut] n • bordo

board, table, slab, plate n • tabula

board, table, slab, plate n • tabula (tà-)

board, tack (the stretch which a ship makes on one tack in beating to windward) Naut] n • bordada

board (wood) n • tabula

board (wood) n • planca

board of directors, directorate n • directorio

board up v • intabular

boarder, boarding student [School] n • interno

boarder (lodger) n • pensionario

boarder (one who boards in a boardinghouse or private home) n • pensionario

boarder (scholar) n • interno

boarding (a ship) (act of) [Naut] n • abbordage (-aje)

boarding (a ship) (act of) [Naut] n • abbordage

boarding (a ship) (act of) [Navy] n • abbordo

boarding, binding in paper boards [Bookbinding] n • cartonage

boarding, binding in paper boards [Bookbinding] n • cartonage (-aje)

boarding (pension) n • pension

boarding school n • internato

boarding student, boarder [School] n • interno

boardinghouse, pension n • pension

boarding-school n • internato

boast n • pretension vangloriose

boast, of vaunt v • vantar

boast v • vangloriar se

boast v • vantar se

boastful adj • vangloriose

boastful, vainglorious adj • vangloriose

boastfulness, vainglory n • vangloria

boasting n • vanteria

boasting, vauntery n • vanteria (-ìa)

boasting, vauntery n • vanteria

boast-of v • vantar

boat, bark n • barca

boat n • barca

boat, small vessel n • imbarcation

boat race, regatta n • regata

boatload n • barcata

boatman n • barchero

boat-race n • regata

bob (hair) vt • accurtar

bob vi • agitar se

bobbin, spool, reel n • bobina

bobsled, bobsleigh n • bobsleigh [A]

bobsled, bobsleigh n • bobsleigh

bobsleigh, bobsled n • bobsleigh [A]

bobsleigh, bobsled n • bobsleigh

bodice, corsage n • corsage [F]

bodice, corsage n • corsage

bodice n • corsage

bodily, corporal adj • corporal

body (as in body and soul) n • corpore

body (body of a garment) n • corpore

body (dead) n • cadavere

body (group, corps) n • corpore

body (group, org) n • gruppo

body (matter, substance) n • corpore

body (of a car, etc.) n • carrosseria (-ìa)

body (of a car, etc.) n • carrosseria

body (of car) n • carroseria

body (physique) n • corpore

body fat, animal fat n • adipe (àdipe)

body fat, animal fat n • adipe

body of employees, salariat, class of employees n • salariato

bodyguard n • guarda personal

bodyguard n • guardacorpore

Boeotia n • Beotia

Boeotian adj • beotie

Boeotian (inhabitant of Boeotia) n • beotio

bog, marsh n • marisco

bog n • marisco

bogus adj • false

Bohemia n • Bohemia

Bohemian (1. native or inhabitant of Bohemia; 2. as in social Bohemian) n • bohemo

Bohemian (1. of Bohemia or its inhabitants; 2. of social Bohemians) adj • bohemic

Bohemian (of Bohemia) adj • boheme

boil, be boiling v • bullir

boil, bubble out v • ebullir

boil, furuncle [Pathol] n • furunculo

boil n • clavo

boil n • furunculo

boil (peas, etc) v • cocer

boil (peas, etc) v • cocer (in aqua)

boil v • ferver

boil vi • bullir

boil (water, etc) vt • facer bullir

boil water phr • bullir aqua

boil-down v • reducer (se)

boil-down v • reducer

boiled-egg n • ovo bullite

boiler n • caldiera

boiler, small kettle n • caldieretta

boiling adj • bulliente

boiling adj • ebulliente

boiling, ebullition n • ebullition

boiling n • ebullition

boiling-hot adj • al puncto de ebullition

boiling-point n • puncto de ebullition

boil-over v • superfluer

boil-over v • superfluer (a causa de ebullition)

boisterous adj • turbulente

boisterousness n • turbulentia

bold adj • hardite

bold (be -) v • hardir

bold, daring, hardy adj • hardite (pp of hardir)

bold, daring, hardy adj • hardite

boldness, daring, hardihood n • harditessa

boldness, hardihood n • hardimento

boldness n • harditessa

Bolivia [Geog] n • Bolivia

Bolivia n • Bolivia

Bolivian adj • bolivian

bolivian adj • bolivian

bolivian n • boliviano

Bolivian n • boliviano

bolshevik adj • bolchevista

bolshevik, bolshevist n • bolchevico

bolshevik, bolshevist n • bolchevico (bolshevìco)

bolshevik n • bolchevico

bolshevik n • bolchevista

bolshevism n • bolchevismo (-sh-)

bolshevism n • bolchevismo

bolshevist adj • bolchevista

bolshevist (bolshevik) n • bolchevista

bolshevist (bolshevik) n • bolchevista (-sh-)

bolshevization n • bolchevisation

bolshevization n • bolchevisation (-sh-)

bolshevize v • bolchevisar (-sh-)

bolshevize v • bolchevisar

bolster n • cossino transverse

bolster-up v • sustener

bolster-up v • appoiar

bolt (for door, etc.) n • pessulo

bolt (for door, etc.) n • pessulo (pés-)

bolt (for door) n • pessulo

bolt (mech) n • vite

bolt (missile) n • quadrello

bolt, scamper (away) v • escampar

bolt (sift flour, etc. through a bolter) v • setassar

bolt vi • escampar

bolt vt • claucer al pessulo

bolter (sifter for bolting flour, etc.) n • setasso

bomb, bombard, shell v • bombar

bomb, bombshell n • bomba

bomb n • bomba

bomb v • bombar

bombard (1. [Hist] type of cannon; 2. bombard vessel) n • bombarda

bombard, cannonade v • cannonar

bombard, shell, bomb v • bombar

bombard v • bombardar

bombard v • cannonar

bombarder n • bombardator

bombardier [Hist] n • bombardero

bombardment n • bombardamento

bombardon (bass tuba) Mus] n • bombardon

bombardon (brass reed stop on the organ) [Mus] n • bombarda

bombast n • emphase (ém-)

bombast n • emphase

bombastic adj • emphatic

bomber n • bombator

bomber (one who or that which bombs) n • bombator

bomber-plane n • avion-bombator

Bombus [Zool] n • bombo

Bonaire [Geog] n • Bonaire

bond [Fin] n • obligation

bond n • vinculo

bond, tie n • ligamine

bond (tie) n • ligamine

bond v • glutinar

bondage, serfdom, slavery n • servage

bondage, serfdom, slavery n • servage (-aje)

bone (bone of the higher vertebrate animals) n • osso

bone n • osso

bone (remove bones from) v • disossar

bone v • disossar

bonfire n • foco (de gaudio)

bonfire n • foco

bonnet (headgear) n • cappotta

bonnet (headgear) n • cofia

bonnet [Naut] n • bonnette

bonnet [Naut] n • bonnette [F]

bonnet (of car) n • copertura

bonnet (of car) n • copertura (del motor)

bonus n • bonus

bonus n • premio

bonus n • bonus [NL]

bony adj • ossee

bony adj • ossose

bony, big-boned adj • ossute

bony, osseous adj • ossee

bony, osseous adj • ossose

boo n • crito disapprobatori

boo v • critar con disapprobation a

booby-trap n • trappa explosive

book n • libro

book v • reservar

book-case (closed) n • bibliotheca

book-case (open) n • libreria

booking n • reservation

booking-office n • billeteria

bookkeeping, accountancy n • contabilitate

bookkeeping, accounting adj • contabile

book-keeping n • contabilitate

booklet n • brochure

book-maker [Horse racing] n • book-maker

book-maker [Horse racing] n • book-maker [A]

bookmaker n • agente de sponsiones

bookmakers n • agentia de sponsiones

bookplate, ex libris n • ex-libris

bookseller n • librero

bookseller n • venditor de libros

bookshelf n • planca

bookshelf n • planca (pro libros)

bookshop (bookstore) n • libreria

bookstall n • kiosque de libros

bookstore (bookshop) n • libreria

bookstore n • libreria

bookstore n • libreria (-ìa)

boom (fin) n • altiamento de precios

boom (flourish) v • florer

boom (noise) n • strepito resonante

boom (obstruction) n • barrage

boom (sound) v • tonar

boomerang n • boomerang [A]

boomerang n • boomerang

booming, humming buzzing n • bombo

boost n • stimulo

boost v • stimular

boot (- up) v • initiar le computator

boot (footwear) n • bottina

boot, high boot n • botta

boot (high boot) n • botta

boot (of car) n • cala de bagage

bootblack, shoeblack n • lustra-scarpas (-scàr-)

bootblack, shoeblack n • lustra-scarpas

booth n • barraca

booth n • cabina

bootjack n • discalceator

bootlace n • cordon

bootmaker, shoemaker n • scarpero

boot-up (get ready) v • equippar

boot-up (get ready) v • equippar (se)

boot-up v • initiar le computator

booty n • butino

booty, spoil n • spolia

booze n • bibitura alcoholic

booze v • biber in excesso

borable, punchable (that can be perforated) adj • perforabile

boracic, boric adj • boric

borate [Chem] n • borato

borax [Chem] n • borace

borax [Chem] n • borax

borax [Chem] n • borax (bò-)

border (brim, edge) n • bordo

border (brim, edge) n • margine

border, brink, edge, brim, rim n • orlo

border, edge n • bordo

border, fimbriate (finish with a) v • fimbriar

border, fringe n • fimbria

border, fringe n • frangia

border, fringe n • frangia (franja)

border, frontier, boundary n • frontiera

border (frontier) n • frontiera

border (hem, trimming) n • bordatura

border (provide with a border or edging) v • bordar

border (strip on the edge of anything for strength or ornament) n • bordatura

border on v • confinar con

border upon, be contiguous to v • confinar

border upon, neighbor v • avicinar

border upon, neighbor v • vicinar

bordered, marginate adj • marginate (pp of marginar)

bordered, marginate adj • marginate

bordering, conterminous adj • confin

bordering, conterminous adj • contermine

bordering, fimbriation n • fimbriation

borderline adj • marginal

borderline n • linea de demarcation

bore (bother) n • persona o cosa enoiose

bore, drill [Mining] v • sondar

bore, drill v • forar

bore (drill) v • forar

bore (of gun) n • calibre

bore, pierce v • terebrar

bore (tire) v • enoiar

bore v • enoiar

bored adj • enoiate

bored (be -) v • enoiar se

boredom, ennui n • enoio (-nò-)

boredom, ennui n • enoio

boredom n • enoio

borehole, drilled hole n • foratura

borer, drill [Mining] n • sonda

borer, driller [Mining] n • sondator

borer, driller (one who drills) n • forator

boric, boracic adj • boric

boring adj • enoiose (-òse)

boring adj • enoiose

boring, drilling [Mining] n • sondage (-aje)

boring, drilling [Mining] n • sondage

born adj • nate

born (be -) v • nascer

born n • nate

born n • nascite

born, nee adj • nascite

born, nee adj • nascite (pp of nascer)

born four at one birth adj • quadrigemine

born three at one birth, trigeminous adj • trigemine (-gé-)

born three at one birth, trigeminous adj • trigemine

boron [Chem] n • boro

borough (part of city) n • burgo

borrow v • facer se prestar

borrower n • beneficiario de credito

borrower n • prestatario

borrower n • beneficiario de presto

Borussia, Prussia n • Borussia

Borussian, Prussian (1. member of the Old Prussian people; 2. old Prussian language) (Old) n • borusso

Borussian, Prussian (Old) adj • borusse

boscage, thicket n • boscage

boscage, thicket n • boscage (-aje)

Bosnia-Herzegovina [Geog] n • Bosnia e Herzegovina

bosom n • sino

Bosporus n • Bosporo (bòs-)

Bosporus n • Bosporo

boss n • chef

boss v • dominar

bossy adj • despotic

bossy adj • autoritari

botanical adj • botanic

botanist n • botanista

botanize v • botanisar

botany n • botanologia

botany n • botanica

botany n • botanologia (-ìa)

both adj • ambe

both pron • ambes

both... and .. conj • e ... e ...

bother n • enoio

bother n • molestia

bother n • pena

bother vi • dar se pena

bother vt • enoiar

bother vt • vexar

both-of-them adj • tote le duo

Botswana [Geog] n • Botswana

bottle (for babies) n • biberon

bottle n • bottilia

bottle v • imbottiliar

bottle vt • imbottiliar

bottleneck (jam) n • puncto de strangulation

bottleneck (top of bottle) n • collo de bottilia

bottle-opener n • aperibottilias

bottom [Anat] n • culo

bottom (base) n • base

bottom, lower part (of a thing) n • basso

bottom n • basso

bottom n • fundo

bottom (of the sea, of a barrel) n • fundo

bottomless adj • sin fundo

bottomless adj • insondabile

bough, branch n • ramo

bough n • ramo

boughs, branches n • ramage (-aje)

boughs, branches n • ramada

boughs, branches n • ramage

bouillon n • bouillon [F]

bouillon n • bouillon

boulder n • petra grosse

boulevard n • boulevard

bounce (facer) n • saltar

bouncing Bet, soapwort, Fuller's herb [Bot] n • saponaria

bound (destined for) adj • destinate

bound (it's - to happen) v • evenira certemente

bound, jump, leap n • salto

bound, jump, leap v • salir

bound, jump, leap v • salir [sal-/salt-]

bound n • salto

bound (obliged) adj • obligate

bound (out of -s) phr • foras de limites

bound (tied) adj • ligate

bound v • saltar

boundary, border, frontier n • frontiera

boundary, limit n • limite (lì-)

boundary, limit n • limite

boundary n • limite

boundary stone n • cippo, petra de confinio /limite

boundary n • frontiera

boundless adj • sin limite

bounty n • abundantia, generositate, recompensa.

bouquet (1. nosegay; 2. perfume exhaled from wine) n • bouquet [F]

bouquet (1. nosegay; 2. perfume exhaled from wine) n • bouquet

bouquet n • bouquet

bourgeois adj • burgese

bourgeois n • burgese

bourgeois, person of the middle class n • burgese

bourgeoisie, middle class n • burgesia (-ìa)

bourgeoisie, middle class n • burgesia

bourgeoisie n • burgesia

bout (boxing) n • combatto

bout (boxing) n • partita

bout [Med] n • accesso

bovine adj • bovin

bow (1. weapon for shooting arrows; 2. rod for playing the violin, etc.) n • arco

bow (bend wire) v • curvar

bow (curve) n • arco

bow (knot) n • nodo

bow (obeisance) n • reverentia

bow (obeisance) n • inclination

bow (of ship) n • proa

bow, prow [Naut] n • proa

bow v • inclinar se

bow (violin) n • archetto

bow (weapon) n • arco

bow out v • congedar

bowel, intestine n • intestino

bowels n • intestino

bowk (old English) n • barril

bowker (old English) n • fabricator de barriles

bowl (basin) n • bassino

bowl (basin) n • bassinetto

bowl (sport) n • bolla

bowl v • bollar

bow-legged adj • valge

bowls (joco de) n • bollas

bowls (play -) v • jocar al bollas

bowman, archer n • sagittario

box (big -) n • cassa

box, box tree n • buxo

box (bushing, axle -) n • cassa de axe

box, case n • cassa

box, case v • cassar

box (case) n • cassa

box (fight with the fists) v • boxar

box, loge [Theat] n • loge [F]

box, loge [Theat] n • loge

box (small -) n • cassa

box (theat) n • loge

box (tree) n • buxo

box vi • boxar

box vt • cassar

box factory n • casseria (-ìa)

box factory n • casseria

box -logia (-ìa) [Theat] n • logia

box -logia (-ìa) [Theat] n • logia (loja)

box maker n • cassero

boxer n • boxator

boxer, pugilist n • pugile

boxer, pugilist n • boxator

boxing (act of fighting with the fists) n • boxa

boxing n • boxa

boxing-day n • festa de sancte stephano

boxing-match n • match de boxa

box-number (P.O. -) n • cassa postal

box-office n • billeteria

box-office, ticket-window n • billeteria

box-office, ticket-window n • billeteria (-ìa)

boxwood (wood of the box tree) n • buxo

boy, child n • pupo

boy n • puero

boy n • puero (pùero)

boy n • garson

boy, young man, youth, lad n • garson

boy scout n • boy scout [A]

boy scout n • boy scout

boycott, boycotting n • boycott

boycott, boycotting n • boycottage (-aje)

boycott, boycotting n • boycottage

boycott n • boycott

boycott v • boycottar

boyfriend (friendly) n • amico

boyfriend (lover) n • amante

boyhood n • pueritia

bra n • brassiere

bra n • sustenepectore

brace (couple) n • par

brace [Naut] v • braciar

brace (rope attached to yard for trimming sail) n • bracio

brace (support) n • supporto

brace v • fortificar

brace v • reinfortiar

bracelet n • manilla

bracelet n • bracialetto

bracers n • supportos

brachial adj • brachial

brachiopod [Zool] adj • brachiopode (-òpode)

brachiopod [Zool] adj • brachiopode

brachiopod [Zool] n • brachiopodo

brachiopod [Zool] n • brachiopodo (-òpodo)

brachycephalic [Anthropometry] adj • brachycephale

bracket (for wall) n • consola

bracket (parenthesis) n • parenthese

brag, swagger v • fanfaronar

brag v • vangloriar

brag v • fanfaronar

braggart, fanfaron n • fanfaron

Brahma [Hindu Relig] n • Brahma

Brahman, Brahmin n • brahman

Brahmanic adj • brahmanic

Brahmanism n • brahmanismo

Brahmin, Brahman n • brahmin

braid, galloon n • galon

braid (material) n • galon

braid, plait, tress n • tressa

braid, plait v • tressar

braid (plait) n • tressa

braid (plait) v • tressar

braid (trim with braid) v • galonar

braid (with material) v • galonar

braid or galloon maker n • galonero

braider, plaiter n • tressator

braiding, plaiting (act of) n • tressage (-aje)

braiding, plaiting (act of) n • tressage

braille n • braille

brain n • cerebro

brain (rack one's -s) v • rumper se le capite

brain v • facer saltar le cerebro

brainwash v • facer le lavage del cerebro

brainwashing n • lavage del cerebro

brainwave n • bon idea

braise v • brasar

brake [Mech] n • freno

brake n • freno

brake, put on the brakes v • frenar

brake v • frenar

brake-drum n • tambur de freno

bran n • furfure

branch, bough n • ramo

branch, branch office n • succursal

branch n • ramo

branch n • branca

branched, ramose adj • ramose

branched pattern, flower pattern n • ramage

branched pattern, flower pattern n • ramage (-aje)

branches, boughs n • ramage (-aje)

branches, boughs n • ramage

branches, boughs n • ramada

branchia, gill [Zool] n • branchia

branchial adj • branchial

branchiate [Zool] adj • branchiate

branchiopod [Zool] n • branchiopodo (-òpodo)

branchiopod [Zool] n • branchiopodo

branch-off v • deramar se

branch-off v • furcar se

branch-office n • succursal

branch-office n • filial

branch-out v • furcar (se)

branch-out v • expander

branch-out v • furcar

branch-out v • expander (se)

brand (branding mark) n • stigma

brand (make) n • marca

brand, torch n • facula

brand, torch n • facula (fàcula)

brand, torch n • face

brand (torch) n • face

brand v • stigmatisar

brandish v • brandir

brandishing (action of) n • brandimento

brand-new adj • flammante

brandnew adj • flammante

brandy n • brandy

brandy n • brandy [A]

brasiletto [Bot] n • brasiletto

Brasilian adj • brasilian

brass adj • de laton

brass (alloy of copper and zinc) n • laton

brass n • laton

brassard (badge worn on one's arm) n • bracial

brassiere n • sustenepectore

brassière n • sustenepectore

brass-wind instrument n • cupro

brassworker, brazier n • latonero

brassworks n • latoneria

brassworks n • latoneria (-ìa)

bravado n • bravada

brave adj • coragiose

brave adj • brave

brave, courageous adj • brave

brave v • bravar

brave v • defiar

bravery, courage n • braveria (-ìa)

bravery, courage n • braveria

bravery (quality of being brave) n • barvura

bravery, valor n • valentia

bravo (hired assassin) n • bravo

brawl n • rixa

brawl v • venir al manos

brazen (of brass) adj • de laton

brazen (shameless) adj • sin vergonia

bray v • (critar del asino) ruitar, rugir, crepar, [brair?].

brazier, brassworker n • latonero

brazier n • brasiero

Brazil [Geog] n • Brasil

Brazil n • Brasil

brazilian adj • brasilian

Brazilian n • brasiliano

brazilian n • brasiliano

brazilin [Chem] n • brasilina

brazilwood n • brasil

breach [Mil] n • brecha

breach [Mil] n • brecha (-sh-)

breach (of contract) n • ruptura

breach v • facer un brecha in

bread n • pan

bread v • panar

bread-basket n • corbe de pan

bread-knife n • cultello de pan

breadth n • latitude

breadth n • largor

breadth, width n • transverso

breadth, width n • largessa

breadth, width n • largor

breadth, width n • latitude

breadwinner n • ganiator del pan

breadwinner n • sustentor del familia

break (- even) v • finir sin esser le ganiator o le perdente

break (1. to make come apart or to pieces; 2. to put an end to; 3. to come apart or to pieces) v • rumper [rump-/rupt-]

break (1. to make come apart or to pieces; 2. to put an end to; 3. to come apart or to pieces) v • rumper

break (a fall) v • moderar

break (a record) v • batter

break (an oath) v • violar

break, cause to break v • franger [frang-/fract-;-fring-/-fract-]

break, cause to break v • franger

break (in the wrath) n • cambiamento

break (interval) n • pausa

break (of health) v • pejorar se

break (of news) v • divulgar

break (of news) v • communicar

break (of weather, voice) v • alterar se

break (snap) n • ruptura

break (snap) vi • rumper

break (snap) vi • franger se

break (snap) vt • franger

break (snap) vt • fracturar

break (snap) vt • rumper

break (stop) n • interruption

break (stop) v • interrumper

break (the law) v • infringer

break down, collapse v • collaber

break down, collapse v • collaber [-lab/-laps-]

break into, burst into, irrupt v • irrumper

break into, burst into, irrupt v • irrumper [-rump /-rupt-]

break into parts v • fractionar

break into pieces, fracture v • dispeciar

break of day, dawn n • alba

break off, rend v • abrumper [-rump-/-rupt-]

break off, rend v • abrumper

break out, burst forth, erupt v • erumper [-rump-/-rupt-]

break out, burst forth, erupt v • erumper

break out again, recrudesce v • recrudescer

break the fast, stop fasting v • disjejunar

break wind, let off gas v • peder

breakable adj • frangibile

breakableness n • frangibilitate

breakage n • ruptura

break-away v • distaccar se

break-down (analysis) n • analyse

break-down (car) n • panna

breakdown, collapse [Med] n • collapso

break-down [Med] n • collapso

breakdown [Motoring, etc] n • panna

break-down (of a plan) n • insuccesso

break-down (of car) v • faller

break-down v • collaber

break-down vt • abatter

breaker (bone -) n • fracturator

breaker [Elect] n • interruptor

breaker (foam-crested wave) n • rumpente

breakfast (have -) v • jentar

breakfast n • jentar

breakfast n • jentaculo

breakfast v • jentar

break-in (by force) vt • fortiar

break-in n • effraction

break-in (wear in) v • effrager

breaking (action of) n • fraction

breaking, rupture n • rumpimento

breaking, rupture n • ruptura

breaking in, housebreaking n • effraction

breaking into parts (action of) n • fractionamento

breaking into pieces, fracturing (act of) n • dispeciamento

breaking wind, letting off gas (action of) n • pedito (pé-)

breaking wind, letting off gas (action of) n • pedito

break-out (epidemic, war) n • declarar se

break-out (escape) v • escappar

break-out n • escappa

break-through (breach) n • penetration

break-through (progress) n • avantiamento decisive

break-through v • penetrar

break-up (disperse) vi • dispersar se

break-up (divorce) n • divorcio

break-up (machinery) v • dismartellar

break-up n • dispensation

break-up n • disintegration

break-up n • dissolution

break-up n • fragmentation

break-up (of school) v • comenciar le vacantias

break-up vt • fragmentar

break-up vt • dispersar

breast (1. chest; 2. bosom) n • pectore

breast n • pectore

breastbone, sternum n • sterno

breastplate (for horses) adj • pectoral

breath (breathing) n • sufflo

breath n • halito

breath n • halito (hà-)

breath n • sufflo

breath (out of -) adv • sin halito

breath (out of -) adv • foras de halito

breath, wind n • pneuma [-ma/-mat-]

breath, wind n • pneuma

breathable, respirable adj • respirabile

breathableness, respirability n • respirabilitate

breathe (1. to respire) v • respirar

breathe (2. to exhale, give off) v • respirar

breathe (respire) v • spirar

breathe v • respirar

breathe-in n • inspirar

breathe-out v • expirar

breather n • pausa

breather n • momento de reposo

breathing n • respiration

breathing, respiration n • respiration

breathless adj • foras de halito

breath-taking adj • surprendente

breed (hatch) n • covata

breed n • racia

breed (produce offspring) v • prolificar

breed (race) n • racia

breed vi • prolificar

breed vt • propagar

breed vt • elevar

breeder n • elevator [de pullos/gallinas, pullicultor, pullero, elevator de vaccas].

breeding (education) n • education

breeding, prolification n • prolification

breeding (rearing) n • propagation

breeding (rearing) n • elevamento

breeding (rearing) n • reproduction

breeze (light wind) n • brisa

breeze n • brisa

breeze, waft n • sufflo

Breton n • britone

breve [Mus] n • breve

breviary n • breviario

brevity (1. shortness of time; 2. conciseness, briefness) n • brevitate

brew (beer) vt • preparar

brew (beer) vt • fabricar

brew n • infusion

brew n • biberage

brew (tea) v • infunder

brew (trouble) vi • preparar se

brewer (beer) n • birero

brewery n • fabrica de bira

bribe n • offerta a scopo de corruption

bribe v • corrumper

bribery n • corruption

bric-a-brac n • bric-à-brac

bric-a-brac n • bric-à-brac [F]

brick (as in to pave with bricks) n • bricca

brick n • bricca

bricklayer n • murator con briccas

bridal adj • nuptial

bride n • nupta

bride n • sponsa

bridegroom n • marito

bridegroom n • sponso

bridesmaid n • damisella de honor

bridesmaid n • pronuba

bridge (1. bridge over a river, etc; 2. [Dent]; 3. bridge of a musical instrument) n • ponte

bridge, build a bridge over v • pontar

bridge (cards) n • bridge

bridge [Cards] n • bridge

bridge [Cards] n • bridge [A]

bridge (structure) n • ponte

bridge v • pontar

bridge a gap v • repler un lacuna

bridgekeeper n • pontero

bridle (a horse, etc.) v • frenar

bridle n • brida

bridle, put a bridle on v • bridar

bridle v • refrenar

brief adj • breve

brief [Eccl] n • breve

brief n • dossier

brief, short adj • breve

brief v • instruer

briefs (underwear) n • calceonettos

brier n • sepe de spinas

brigade [Mil] n • brigada

brigade n • brigada

brigadier [Mil] n • brigadero

brigadier n • brigadero

brigand, bandit n • brigante

brigandage, brigandism n • brigantage

brigandage, brigandism n • brigantage (-aje)

brigandish adj • brigantesc

bright (clever) adj • intelligente

bright (dazzling) adj • luminose

bright (dazzling) adj • brillante

bright, flaming adj • flammante

bright (happy) adj • allegre

bright (of colours) adj • vive

bright (of eyes, weather) adj • clar

bright, resplendent adj • splendide

bright, shining adj • nitide

bright, shining adj • lucide

bright, shining, shiny adj • lucente

bright, shining, shiny adj • lucente (ppr of lucer)

bright red, scarlet, vermilion adj • vermilie

brighten (cheer up) v • allegrar

brighten (lighten) vt • facer plus brillante

brighten (of person) vi • allegrar se

brighten (weather) v • devenir plus clar

brighten up, cheer up (make gay or cheerful) v • allegrar

brightness, clarity n • nitor

brightness, luminousness n • nitiditate

brightness n • intensitate de illumination

brightness n • splendo

brightness n • lustro

brightness, resplendence (great) n • resplendentia

brilliance, brilliancy (1. great brightness, radiance; 2. splendor, magnificence) n • brillantia

brilliance, fulgidity, shine n • fulgiditate

brilliancy, brilliance (1. great brightness, radiance; 2. splendor, magnificence) n • brillantia

brilliant adj • brillante

brilliant, beaming, radiant adj • radiante (ppr of radiar)

brilliant, beaming, radiant adj • radiante

brilliant (diamond cut to sparkle brightly) n • brillante

brilliant idea n • idea luminose

brilliantine (oily hair dressing) n • brillantina

brim n • orlo

brim, rim, border, brink, edge n • orlo

brimstone n • sulphure, damnation

brine n • muria

bring (fetch) v • apportar

bring (lead) v • ducer

bring v • apportar

bring about, effect v • effectuar

bring forth v • producer

bring forth young v • fetar

bring in v • introducer

bring into being, raise up v • suscitar

bring near, approximate v • approximar

bring on (cause) v • causar

bring on (introduce) v • introducer

bring out (book) v • publicar

bring out (come out with) v • facer sortir

bring to a close, to bring to completion v • ultimar

bring together, unite (in a coalition) v • coalisar

bring up v • educar

bring-about v • effectuar

bring-about v • causar

bring-about v • provocar

bring-back v • reportar

bringer n • apportator

bringer n • introductor

bringing to a close or to completion (action of) n • ultimation

brink, edge, brim, rim, border n • orlo

brink n • orlo

brio n • brio

brio n • brio [I]

briquette, briquet n • briquette

briquette, briquet n • briquette [F]

brisk adj • alacre

brisk, alacritous, eager adj • alacre

brisk, alacritous, eager adj • alacre (àl-)

briskness, alacrity, eagerness n • alacritate

briskness n • alacritate

bristle (set on end) v • ericiar

bristle (short, stiff hair of hogs, etc.) n • seta

bristle-bearing, setiferous adj • setifere

bristle-shaped, setiform adj • setiforme

bristly, setaceous adj • setacee

Bristol board n • bristol (brìs-)

Bristol board n • bristol

Britain [Geog] n • Britannia

Britain (Great -) n • Grande Britannia

Britain n • Britannia

British adj • britannic

british adj • britannic

British or red oak [Bot] n • robore

Briton n • britone

Briton n • britanno

briton n • britone

briton n • britanno

Brittany n • Britannia

brittle adj • fragile

broach [Locksmithing] n • broca

broad (spacious) adj • large

broad, wide adj • large

broad, wide adj • late

broad (wide) adj • large

broad bean n • faba

broadcast adj • divulgate

broadcast adj • disseminate

broadcast n • transmission

broadcast (radio) v • radiodiffunder

broadcast (spread) vt • diffunder

broadcast (spread) vt • disseminar

broadcast (tv) v • telediffunder

broadcasting (radio) n • radiodiffusion

broadcasting [Radio] n • radiodiffusion

broadcasting (tv) n • telediffusion

broaden v • allargar

broadening, widening n • allargamento

broad-minded adj • liberal

broad-minded adj • tolerante

broadside (simultaneous discharge of a broadside) Naut] n • bordada

brocade n • brocato

brocade v • brocar

brocatel n • brocatello

broccoli n • broccolli

broccoli n • broccoli (bròc-)

broccoli n • broccoli

brochure n • brochure

brochure, pamphlet n • brochure

brochure, pamphlet n • brochure [F]

broil, grill, roast [Cookery] v • rostir

broiling, grilling, roasting [Cookery] n • rostimento

broke (out of money, be -) adj/v. past • haber nulle moneta

broken adj • rupte

broken English n • anglese imperfecte

broker n • agente

broker n • agente de cambio

bromate [Chem] n • bromato

bromic [Chem] adj • bromic

bromide [Chem] n • bromuro

bromine [Chem] n • bromo

bronchial adj • bronchial

bronchiole [Anat] n • bronchiolo

bronchiole [Anat] n • bronchiolo (-ì-)

bronchitis n • bronchitis

bronchitis [Pathol] n • bronchitis

bronchitis [Pathol] n • bronchitis (-ìtis)

bronchopneumonia [Pathol] n • bronchopneumonia

bronchopneumonia [Pathol] n • bronchopneumonia (-ìa)

bronchotome [Surg] n • bronchotomo

bronchotome [Surg] n • bronchotomo (-òtomo)

bronchotomy [Surg] n • bronchotomia (-ìa)

bronchotomy [Surg] n • bronchotomia

bronchus [Anat] n • broncho

bronze adj • de bronzo

bronze (give the color of bronze to) v • bronzar

bronze n • bronzo

bronze vt • bronzar

bronze worker n • bronzator

bronzing (act of) n • bronzage (-aje)

bronzing (act of) n • bronzage

brooch, clasp, buckle n • fibula

brooch, clasp, buckle n • fibula (fì-)

brooch n • broche

brooch n • broche [F]

brood (hatch of birds) n • covata

brood, incubate v • incubar

brood (meditate) v • meditar

brood (of birds) n • covata

brood (of birds) v • covar

brood (of nestlings) n • nidata

brood, sit on (eggs) v • covar

brooder (bird that sits on eggs) n • covator

brooder (female bird that sits on eggs) n • covatrice

broody (of birds) n • covator

broody (of people) adj • meditative

brook, comport, bear, allow v • comportar

brook n • rivo

brook, small stream n • rivo

brook v • tolerar

broom [Bot] n • genista

broom (for sweeping) n • scopa

broom n • scopa

brothel n • bordello

brothel n • lupanar

brother n • fratre

brotherhood, confraternity n • confraternitate

brotherhood, fraternity (state of being brothers) n • fraternitate

brother-in-law n • fratre affin

brotherliness n • fraternitate

brotherly, fraternal adj • fraterne

brotherly, fraternal adj • fraternal

brotherly n • fraternal

Brougham (carriage) n • brougham

Brougham (carriage) n • brougham [A]

brow (forehead) n • fronte

brow (of eye) n • supercilio

brow (of hill) n • summitate

browbeat v • intimidar

brown adj • brun

brown (make brown) v • imbrunir

brown n • brun

brown vt • imbrunir

brown coal, lignite [Mineral] n • lignite

browse (of animals) v • pasturar

browse (of people) v • leger sin methodo

browser [Comp] n • lector del tela

browser (internet WWW) n • browser

bruise, contuse v • contunder

bruise, contuse v • contunder [-tund-/-tus-]

bruise, contusion n • contusion

bruise n • contusion

bruise, tund, pound v • tunder

bruise, tund, pound v • tunder [tund-/-tus-]

bruise v • contunder

bruit v • ruitar

Brumaire [Fr. Hist] n • brumario

brumal, wintry adj • brumal

brume, fog, mist n • bruma

brumous, foggy, misty adj • brumose

Brunei [Geog] n • Brunei

brunette adj • brunette

brunette n • brunetta

brush (1. brushwood, thicket; 2. implement for brushing) n • brossa

brush (clean with a brush) v • brossar

brush (conflict) n • confrontation

brush (for brushing) n • brossa

brush (for painting) n • pincel

brush, graze (against) v • rader [rad-/ras-]

brush, graze (against) v • rader

brush, paintbrush n • penicillo

brush, painthrush n • pincel

brush vt • brossar

brush against v • racer

brush aside v • apartar

brush away v • remover

brush away v • subtraher

brush up (clean) v • brossar

brush up (refresh) v • repassar

brush up (refresh) v • revider

brushmaker n • brossero

brushmaking n • brosseria (-ìa)

brushmaking n • brosseria

brusque adj • brusc

brusque (blunt, rude) adj • brusc

brusqueness, brusquerie, bluntness n • bruscheria

brusqueness, brusquerie, bluntness n • bruscheria (-ìa)

brusquerie, bluntness, brusqueness n • bruscheria (-ìa)

brusquerie, bluntness, brusqueness n • bruscheria

Brussels n • Bruxelles [F]

brussels n • bruxelles

brussels n • brussel

Brussels n • Brussel

Brussels n • Bruxelles

brussel-sprouts n • caule de brussel

brutal adj • brutal

brutality n • brutalitate

brutalize v • brutalisar

brutally adv • brutalmente

brute adj • brute

brute adj • brute bruto

brute n • bruto

brutishness, sottishness n • imbrutimento

bryology, muscology (science of mosses) n • muscologia

bryology, muscology (science of mosses) n • muscologia (-ìa)

bubble n • bulla

bubble v • ebullir

bubble out, boil v • ebullir

bubbly adj • bullose

buccal [Anat] adj • buccal

buck (male) n • masculo

buck (money) n • dollar

buck (stag) n • cervo

buckct, pail n • situla (sì-)

buckct, pail n • situla

bucket, ashpan, ash box (container for ashes) n • cineriero

bucket n • situla

bucketful n • situlata

bucketful, pailful n • situlata

buckle, brooch, clasp n • fibula (fì-)

buckle, brooch, clasp n • fibula

buckle (clasp) n • fibula

buckle (fasten) v • fixar

buckle (twist) n • distortion

buckle (twist) vt • distorquer

buckle vi • distorquer se

buckler, shield n • scuto

buck-up (encourage) v • incoragiar

buck-up (hurry) v • hastar

buck-up (take courage) v • reprender corage

bud [Bot] n • button

bud (flower -) n • button del flor

bud, gemmate v • gemmar

bud n • button

bud v • gemmar

Buddha n • Buddha

Buddhism n • buddhismo

buddhism n • buddhismo

buddhist adj • buddhista

buddhist n • buddhista

Buddhistic adj • buddhistic

Buddhistic, Buddhist adj • buddhic

budding, gemmation n • gemmation

budge v • mover (se)

budge v • mover

budget, include in the budget v • budgetar

budget, include in the budget v • budgetar (-dj-)

budget n • budget [A]

budget n • budget

budget v • budgetar

budgetary adj • budgetari (-dj-)

budgetary adj • budgetari

buffalo [Amer] n • bison, bisonte

buffalo n • bufalo (bù-)

buffalo n • bufalo

buffer [Comp] n • buffer

buffer n • tampon

buffet n • buffet

buffet, sideboard n • buffet [F]

buffet, sideboard n • buffet

buffet v • batter

buffet-car n • wagon cafeteria

buffet-car n • wagon buffet

buffoon n • buffon

buffoonery n • buffoneria (-ìa)

buffoonery n • buffoneria

buffoonery, pantaloonery n • pantalonada

bug (annoy) v • vexar

bug (annoy) v • irritar

bug (in bed) n • cimice

bug (listening device) n • microphono

bug (listening device) n • microphono (celate)

bug (place devices) v • installar microphonos

bugbane [Bot] n • cimicaria

bugger [Amer] n • muco nasal

bugger [Amer] v • irritar

bugger [Amer] v • vexar

bugger n • sodomita

bugger vi • committer sodomia

buggery n • sodomia

bugle n • trompetta militar

bugle v • trompettar

bugler n • trompettero

bugler n • trompettero (militar)

build, construct v • struer

build, construct v • struer [stru-/struct-]

build (erect a building) v • edificar

build, frame n • corporatura

build n • corporatura

build v • construer

build a bridge over, bridge v • pontar

build a nest v • nidificar

builder (1. one who builds; 2. one who oversees building operations) n • edificator

builder n • edificator

builder n • interprenditor de construction

building (act) n • edification

building (edifice) n • edificio

building, erection (action of building) n • edification

building-contractor n • interprenditor de construction

building-site n • cantier de construction

building-site n • terrero de construction

building-site n • terreno a construer

building-society n • societate immobiliari

build-up (build) v • contruer

build-up (increase) vt • amassar

build-up n • accrescimento

build-up n • amassamento

build-up vi • accrescer

bulb (1. [Bot]; 2. [Anat] a rounded enlargement at one end of a hair, tooth, etc.) n • bulbo

bulb [Bot] n • bulbo

bulb (electric) n • ampulla

bulb (lamp, light -) n • ampulla

bulbar adj • bulbar

bulbgrower n • bulbicultor

bulbgrowing n • bulbicultura

bulbiform, bulb-shaped adj • bulbiforme

bulbil, bulblet [Bot] n • bulbillo

bulblet, bulbil [Bot] n • bulbillo

bulbous adj • bulbose

bulb-shaped, bulbiform adj • bulbiforme

Bulgaria [Geog] n • Bulgaria

Bulgaria n • Bulgaria

Bulgarian adj • bulgare

bulgarian adj • bulgare

bulgarian n • bulgaro (bùl-)

bulgarian n • bulgaro

bulge n • protuberantia

bulge v • protuberar

bulk (cargo) n • cargo

bulk (in -) phr • in grosso

bulk (main mass) n • grosso

bulk (main part) n • grosso

bulk (mass) n • massa

bulk v • parer

bulky adj • grosse

bulky, big adj • grosse

bull, bull's, taurine adj • taurin

bull [Eccl] n • bulla

bull (male bovine animal) n • tauro

bull (male) n • masculo

bull n • tauro

bull (papal -) n • bulla

bull-dog n • bull-dog

bulldog n • bull-dog [A]

bulldog n • bull-dog

bull-dozer n • bulldozer

bullet n • bolletta

bulletin n • bulletin

bulletin (official report) n • bulletin

bullet-proof n • a prova de bolletta

bull-fight n • cursa de tauros

bullfighting, tauromachy n • tauromachia (-ìa)

bullfighting, tauromachy n • tauromachia

bull's, taurine, bull adj • taurin

bull-shaped, tauriform adj • tauriforme

bully n • tyranno

bully n • bruto

bully v • tormentar

bully v • intimidar

bum (buttocks) n • culetto

bum (buttocks) n • culo

bum (loiterer) n • vagabundo

bump (blow) n • colpo

bump (lump) n • tubere

bump vi • collider

bump into v • impinger contra

bumper adj • magnific(ente)

bumper (glass) n • vitro plen

bumper (of a motor vehicle, etc.) n • paracolpos

bumper (of car) n • paracolpos

bumper [Rr] • tampon

bumptious (arrogant) adj • arrogante

bumpy (of journey) adj • pauco confortabile

bumpy (of road) adj • pauco plan

bun (bread) n • panetto dulce

bun (hairstyle) n • capillos inrolate in -

bun (hairstyle) n • nodo

bunch (of flowers) n • bouquet

bunch (of grapes) n • raceme

bunch (of keys) n • fasce

bunch vi • serra

bunch vi • se

bunch vt • gruppar

bunch of grapes, grapes n • uva

bundle (bale) n • fardo

bundle (fagot) n • fascina

bundle n • fasce

bundle (of rods, sticks) n • fasce

bundle, pack n • pacco

bundle (packet) n • pacchetto

bundle (shove) v • pulsar sin ceremonia

bundle (tie in a bundle) v • impacchettar

bundle (tie in a bundle) v • ligar

bungalow n • casa de un etage

bungalow n • bungalow

bungle v • facer inhabilmente

bunion n • callositate

bunk n • couchette

bunker (for coal) n • deposito de carbon

bunker [Mil] n • refugio subterranee

buns (cheeks of buttocks) n • culettas

buoy (floating object moored to the bottom) [Naut] n • boia

buoy, keep afloat v • boiar

buoy n • boia

buoyage (act of providing with buoys) n • boiage (-aje)

buoyage (act of providing with buoys) n • boiage

buoyage (system of buoys) n • boiada

buoyant adj • boiante

buoyant, floating adj • boiante

burden, encumber v • gravar

burden, entrust, charge v • incargar

burden, freight (of or pertaining to burden, freight, etc.) adj • onerari

burden, load n • onere

burden, load n • fardello

burden n • onere

burden v • onerar

burden v • incargar

burdensome adj • onerose

burdensome, onerous adj • onerose

burdock n • bardana

bureau, commissioner's position, commissary's position, tenure n • commissariato

bureau, desk writing table n • bureau [F]

bureau, desk writing table n • bureau

bureau n • bureau

bureau, office n • cancelleria

bureau, office n • cancelleria (-ìa)

bureaucracy n • bureaucratia

bureaucracy (undue influence of administrative bureaus) n • bureaucratia (burocratìa)

bureaucracy (undue influence of administrative bureaus) n • bureaucratia

bureaucrat n • bureaucrate

bureaucrat n • bureaucrate (buròcrate)

bureaucratic adj • bureaucratic

burglar, housebreaker n • effractor

burglar n • effractor

burglar-alarm n • campana antifurto

burglary n • effraction

burgle v • robar

burgle v • robar (per medio de effraction)

burgomaster n • burgomaestro

Burgundian adj • burgundie

Burgundian n • burgundion

Burgundian n • burgundio

Burgundy n • Burgundia

burial (- site) n • sepulcro

burial (- site) n • sepultura

burial, interment, inhumation n • inhumation

burial, interment n • interramento

burial n • interramento

burlap [coarse canvas woven from jute, hemp, or a similar fibre, used especially for sacking] tela de sacco, tela de juta.

Burkina Faso [Geog] n • Burkina Faso

Burma [Geog] n • Burma

Burma [Geog] n • Myanmar

burn (1. to be on fire; 2. to cause to be consumed by fire) v • arder

burn, blaze v • flagrar

burn, burn up v • urer [ur-/ust-]

burn, burn up v • urer

burn (cause to -) v • conflagrar

burn (consume) v • consumer

burn (hurt, injury, or effect caused by burning) n • arditura

burn (ignite) v • ignir

burn, incinerate v • incinerar

burn n • arditura

burn, scorch v • adurer

burn, scorch v • adurer [-ur-/-ust-]

burn vi • arder

burn vi • flagrar

burn vt • arder

burn coal v • comburer carbon

burn incense v • comburer incenso

burn incense before or to [Eccl] v • incensar

burn up, burn v • urer [ur-/ust-]

burn up, burn v • urer

burn up, consume v • comburer

burn up, consume v • comburer [-bur-/-bust-]

burner (gas -) n • becco de gas

burner n • becco

burning (1. being on fire) n • ardimento

burning (2. causing to be consumed by fire) n • ardimento

burning adj • ardente

burning, destroying by fire (act of) n • ustion

burning n • ardimento

burning n • combustion

burning, scorching (act of) n • adustion

burnish n • brunitura

burnish v • brunir

burnisher n • brunitor

burnisher (tool used in burnishing) n • brunitorio

burnishing, burnishment n • brunimento

burnishment, burnishing n • brunimento

burnoose n • burnus [Ar]

burnoose n • burnus

burnt adj • ardite

burnt adj • comburite

burnt, scorched, adust adj • aduste

burn-up v • comburer

burrow, dig v • foder

burrow, dig v • foder [fod-/foss-]

burrow n • coniliera

burrow v • foder

burse, scholarship n • bursa

burst (facer) v • rumper

burst (facer) v • exploder

burst n • ruptura

burst n • explosion

burst, sunder v • erumper

burst, sunder v • erumper [-rump-/-rupt-]

burst forth, erupt, break out v • erumper [-rump-/-rupt-]

burst forth, erupt, break out v • erumper

burst into, irrupt, break into v • irrumper

burst into, irrupt, break into v • irrumper [-rump /-rupt-]

burst of laughter n • risada

burst out laughing v • erumper in risos

burst-forth v • erumper

burst-into v • erumper

burst-into-a-room v • irrumper in un camera

burst-into-tears v • erumper in lacrimas

Burundi [Geog] n • Burundi

bury, inter, inhume v • inhumar

bury, inter v • interrar

bury v • sepelir

bury v • interrar

bus n • bus

bus n • autobus

bus, omnibus n • omnibus

bus, omnibus n • omnibus (òm-)

bush [Bot] n • arbusto

bush [Mech] n • anello

bush [Mech] n • cossinetto

bush, shrub n • arbusto

bushel [Bib] n • modio

bushing [Mech] n • cassinetto

bushing [Mech] n • cassa de axe

bushy adj • scisse

busily adv • occupatemente

business (do - with) v • commerciar con

business (firm) n • casa de commercio

business (firm) n • rirma

business (fuss) n • strepito

business (it's none of your -) n/phr • il non vos importa

business (job) n • occupation

business (matter) n • cosa

business (matter) n • pragma

business (trade) n • affaires

business (trade) n • negotios

business hours n • horas de commercio

business-card n • carta de introduction

business-like adj • practic

business-like adj • methodic

businessman n • homine de negotios

businessman n • homine de affaires

bus-route n • linea de autobus

bus-stop n • halto de autobus

bust (1. upper front part of the body; 2. [Art]) n • busto

bust n • busto

bustle n • activitate

bustle v • agitar se

busy (engaged in work) adj • occupate

busy (engaged in work) adj • occupate (pp of occupar)

busy (of people) adj • occupate

busy (of street) adj • frequentate

busy (of street) adj • populate

busy v • occupar

busy oneself with v • occupar se de

busybody [Fem] n • officiosa

busybody [Masc] n • officioso

but conj • mais (mà-)

but conj • sed

but conj • mais

but conj • ma

but conj • mais

but prep • salvo

but, save prep • salvo

butcher n • macello

butcher n • macellero

butcher, slaughter v • macellar

butcher v • macellar

butcher's block, chopping board n • hachatoria (-sh-)

butcher's block, chopping board n • hachatoria

butchershop n • macelleria

butchershop n • macelleria (-ìa)

butcher's-shop n • macelleria

butchery n • massacro

butchery n • macellamento

but-for conj • sin

but-for conj • salvo

butler n • dispensero

butler n • majordomo

butler, steward n • dispensero

butt, barrel, cask n • botte

butt (barrel) n • botte

butt (buttocks) n • culo

butt (of rifle) n • calce

butt v • dar un colpo de corno a

butt in v • interrumper

butt out v • cessar de interrumper

butter adj • butyrari

butter n • butyro

butter n • butyro (bù-)

butter v • butyrar

butter dairy n • butyreria

butter dairy n • butyreria (-ìa)

butter industry n • butyreria

butter industry n • butyreria (-ìa)

buttercup n • button de auro

butterfly n • papilion

butterman n • butyrero

buttery adj • butyrose

buttery (with butter) adj • butyrari

buttock, posterior n • culo

buttock, posterior n • posterior

buttocks n • podice

buttocks n • culo

buttocks, podex n • podice

buttocks, podex n • podice (pò-)

button (fasten with a button or buttons) v • buttonar

button n • button

button v • buttonar

button factory n • buttoneria

button factory n • buttoneria (-ìa)

button manufacture or trade n • buttoneria

button manufacture or trade n • buttoneria (-ìa)

button manufacturer or dealer n • buttonero

button up v • buttonar

button-hole n • buttoniera

buttonhole n • buttoniera

button-hole v • retener

button-hole v • retener (al passage)

butt-out v • cessar de interrumper

buttress [Arch] n • contraforte

buttress n • contraforte

buttress v • sustener

buttress v • reinfortiar

butt-up (abut) v • junger

butyrate [Chem] n • butyrato

butyric [Chem] adj • butyric

butyrine [Chem] n • butyrina

butyrous adj • butyrose

buy n • emption

buy n • compra

buy, purchase v • emer [em-/empt-;-im-/-empt-]

buy, purchase v • emer

buy v • comprar

buy v • emer

buy out, indemnify v • disinteressar

buy-back v • redimer

buyer (purchaser) n • emptor

buyer v • emptor

buyer v • comprator

buy-out (corporate -) n • comprar le corporation

buy-out v • disinteressar

buy-up (corner the market) v • accaparar

buzz, hum, rustle, murmur n • susurro

buzz n • susurro

buzz vi • susurrar

buzzard (Buteo buteo) n • busardo

by (- means of, through, along) prep/adv • per

by (according to) prep • secundo

by, along n • secundo

by, along prep • secun

by (by the agency of) prep • per

by (little - little) prep • pauc a pauc

by (made - hand) prep • facite a mano

by, near, with, at prep • apud

by, near, with, at prep • apud (à-)

by (near) prep • juxta

by all means prep • certo

by and by prep • plus tarde

by and large prep • in grande parte

by bus adv • in bus

by bus adv • auto

by car adv • in auto

by chance adv • per aventura

by degrees, little by little, a little at a time, gradually adv • paulatim (-là-)

by degrees, little by little, a little at a time, gradually adv • paulatim

by election n • election local

by eleven o'clock adv • ante dece-un horas

by heart adv • de memoria

by land adv • per terra

by land and sea prep/adv • per terra e per mar

by means of prep • per

by means of, with prep • de

by night adv • de nocte

by no means, not in the least, no! adv • minime (mì-)

by no means, not in the least, no! adv • minime

by no means prep • non del toto

by oneself prep • sol

by reason of, because of, on account of prep • propter (pròp-)

by reason of, because of, on account of prep • propter

by saturday adv • ante sabbato

by sight prep • de vista

by the way (BTW) prep/conj • a proposito

by way of, via prep • via

bye (good -) adv • adeo

bye (see ya) adv • a revider

bylaw n • statuto local

bylaw, ordinance, regulation n • statuto

bypass n • strata de deviation

bypass n • derivation

bypass v • derivar

by-product n • subproducto

byproduct n • subproducto

bystander n • circumstante

byword, proverb n • proverbio

Byzantin adj • byzantin

byzantine adj • byzantin

Byzantine n • byzantino

byzantine n • byzantino

Byzantium n • Byzantio