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f (letter -) n • littera f (ef)

F (the note) Mus] n • fa

fa [Mus] n • fa

fa ade [Arch] n • faciada

fable (1. as in Aesop's Fables; 2. historical legend or myth; 3. falsehood, fiction) n • fabula (fà-)

fable (1. as in Aesop's Fables; 2. historical legend or myth; 3. falsehood, fiction) n • fabula

fable adj • fabula

fable, fabulate v • fabular

fabric (building) n • structura

fabric, cloth n • tela

fabric, cloth (woven) n • texito

fabric (cloth) n • stoffa

fabric (cloth) n • texito

fabric, material n • stoffa

fabricate (as in to fabricate a bridge, book) v • fabricar

fabricate v • fabricar

fabricatiom n • fabrication

fabrication, manufacture n • manufactura

fabrication, manufacture n • fabrication

fabulate, fable v • fabular

fabulist, story-teller n • fabulista

fabulous adj • fabulose

facade n • faciada

face (1. Anat]; 2. surface, outer part of something) n • facie

face, countenance n • figura

face (lose -) v • perder prestigio

face (make -s) v • grimassar

face n • facie

face (of clock) n • quadrante

face v • confrontar

face v • affrontar

face, visage, countenance n • visage (-aje)

face, visage, countenance n • visage

face to face, vis-à-vis, opposite adv • vis-à-vis F]

face to face, vis-à-vis, opposite adv • vis-à-vis

face with concrete, construct with concrete v • betonar

face with mother-of-pearl v • nacrar

facecloth n • panno pro lavar se le facie

facecream n • crema pro le facie

faced with mother-of-pearl adj • nacrate

facelift n • operation plastic facial

facet (diamonds) v • faciettar

facet n • facietta

facet (of diamond, of insect's eye) n • facietta

facet v • faciettar

facetious adj • facetiose

face-to-face phr • facie a facie

face-value n • valor nominal

facial adj • facial

facial adj/n • facial

facile (working with ease) adj • facile

facilitate, make easy v • facilitar

facilitate v • facilitar

facility (complex) n • facilitate

facility (complex) n • complexo

facility (convenience) n • medio

facility, ease (1. absence of difficulty; 2. power to do anything easily and quickly) n • facilitate

facility (ease) n • facilitate

facing, covering, coating (of a wall bank) n • revestimento

facing, opposite prep • contra

facsimile n • facsimile

facsimile telegraph, pantelegraph [Elec] n • pantelegrapho (-lé-)

facsimile telegraph, pantelegraph [Elec] n • pantelegrapho

facsimile telegraph, telautograph n • telautographo

facsimile telegraph, telautograph n • telautographo (-ògrapho)

fact (as a matter of -) phr • effectivemente

fact (in -) phr • de facto

fact n • facto

faction (as in political factions) n • faction

faction n • faction

factionary n • factionario

factious n • factiose

factitious adj • facticie

factor (1. agent; 2. contributing factor; 3. Math]) n • factor

factor n • factor

factory, manufactory n • manufactura

factory (manufactory) n • fabrica

factory (manufactory) n • fabrica (fà-)

factory n • fabrica

factory (trading station, office or post of a factor) n • factoria (-ìa)

factory (trading station, office or post of a factor) n • factoria

factotum n • factotum

factotum n • factotum L]

factual adj • positive, objective

factual adj • objective, positive

factum (memorial) Law] n • memoria

facula [Astron] n • facula (fàcula)

facula [Astron] n • facula

facular [Astron] adj • facular

faculty (1. ability; 2. authority, power; 3. the faculty of a university) n • facultate

faculty n • facultate

fad (craze) n • parve mania

fad (novelty) n • novitate

fade (lose colour) v • distinger

fade (lose colour) v • distinger (se)

fade, take the color out of v • distinger

fade (wither) v • marcer

faded (discoloured) adj • discolorate

faded (withered) adj • marcide

fade-out v • disparer progressivemente

Faeroe, - Islands [Geog] n • Insulas Faroe

fag n • labor fatigante

fag end adj • del fin

fag end n • resto

fag end n • fin

fagged (- out) adj • multo fatigate

fagged adj • fatigate

faggot [Amer] n • homosexual

faggot (Brit) n • cigaretta

faggot n • fascie

fagot (bundle of sticks) n • fagotto

fagot, form into bundles v • fagottar

fagottist, bassoonist n • fagottista

fagotto, bassoon n • fagotto

fahrenheit n • fahrenheit

fail (1. to fall short in attainment or performance; 2. to become insolvent or bankrupt) v • faller

fail v • facer fiasco

fail v • faller

fail (without -) phr • sin falta

failing adj • debile

failing n • debilitate

failing n • defecto

failing prep • in mancantia de

failure n • insuccesso

failure n • fiasco

failure n • fallimento

failure (want of success) n • insuccesso

faint adj • debile

faint n • syncope

faint v • suffrer un syncope

faint v • perder conscientia

faint-hearted adj • timide

faint-hearted adj • pusillanime

fair (as in county fair) n • feria

fair (beautiful of weather) adj • belle

fair, fairly good, passable adj • passabile

fair (just) adj • juste

fair n • feria

fair (of complexion) adj • blonde

fair (of copy) adj • nette

fair (passable) adj • passabile

fairground n • campo de feria

fairly (enough) adv • assatis

fairly (justly) adv • justemente

fairly good, passable, fair adj • passabile

fair-mindedness n • impartialitate

fairness, equity n • equitate

fairness (in - to) phr • justitia

fairness (in - to) phr • justitia (con - pro)

fairness (justice) n • justitia

fair-play n • comportamento loyal

fairy adj • feeric

fairy, fairy-like adj • feeric

fairy, fay n • fee

fairy, fay n • fee (fée)

fairy n • fee

fairyland n • feeria

fairyland [Theat] (fairy play, spectacular play) n • feeria (-ìa)

fairyland [Theat] (fairy play, spectacular play) n • feeria

fairytale n • conto de fees

faith (1. trust, confidence; 2. religious faith; 3. system of religious beliefs; 4. word (of honor)5. fidelity, loyalty) n • fide

faith (belief) n • credentia

faith (confidence) n • confidentia

faith (have - in) v • fider se in, confider

faith (have - in) v • confider, fider se in

faith (hope) n • fide

faithful adj • fidel

faithfulness, fidelity n • fidelitate

faithfulness n • fidelitate

faith-healing n • curation per fide

faithless adj • disloyal, false, perfide

faithless adj • perfide, disloyal, false

faithless adj • false, perfide, disloyal

fake adj • fraudulente

fake n • falso

fake v • contrafacer

falcon (1. Ornith]; 2. Artil]) n • falcon

falcon n • falcon

falconer n • falconero

falconet (1. Ornith]; 2. Artil]) n • falconetto

falconry n • falconeria (-ìa-)

falconry n • falconeria

Falkland, - Islands [Geog] n • Falklands

Falkland, - Islands [Geog] n • Malvinas

fall, autumn n • autumno

fall (capture) n • captura

fall, droop, slide down v • laber lab-/laps-]

fall, droop, slide down v • laber

fall (drop) n • cadita

fall, falling n • cadita

fall (lower) v • cader

fall (lower) v • abassar

fall (lowering) n • abbassamento

fall (the season) n • autumno

fall v • cader

fall apart v • collaber, craccar, ruinar, cader in ruina, cader in pecias.

fall asleep v • addormir

fall back v • replicar se

fall back or down again, to relapse v • recader

fall behind v • arrestrar se

fall down v • cader per terra

fall ill v • infirmar

fall in (collapse) v • collaber

fall in (line up) v • alinear se

fall in love with v • inamorar se de

fall of leaves n • exfoliation

fall off v • distaccar se

fall through (fail) v • faller

fall upon v • incider

fallacious adj • fallace

fallacious, delusive, misleading adj • fallace

fallaciousness, fallacy n • fallacia

fallacy, fallaciousness n • fallacia

fallacy n • fallacia

fallibility n • fallibilitate

fallible adj • fallibile

falling, fall n • cadita

falling back, withdrawal [Mil] n • replicamento

falling headlong, precipitate adj • precipite

falling headlong, precipitate adj • precipite (-cìpite)

fallow adj • inculte

false (1. incorrect; 2. deceitful, treacherous; 3. as in false teeth) adj • FALSE

false adj • false

false, sham adj • posticie

false hopes n • sperantias false

false teeth n • dentes posticie

falsehood, lie n • falsitate

falsehood, lie n • mentita

falsehood (lie, falseness) n • falsitate

falsehood (lie) n • mendacio

falsetto tenor, tenorino n • tenorino

falsifiable adj • falsificabile

falsification n • falsification

falsifier n • falsificator

falsify (as in to falsify a record) v • falsificar

falsify, pervert v • falsar

falsify v • falsificar

falsity (quality or condition of being false) n • falsitate

falter (hesitate) v • hesitar

falter (of voice) v • alterar se

falter (stagger) v • titubar

fame (1. reputation; 2. renown) n • fama

fame n • fama, celebritate

fame n • celebritate, fama

famed, renowned adj • renominate

familial, family adj • familial

familiar (1. familiar friend; 2. officer of the Inquisition) n • familiar

familiar (1. intimate, friendly; 2. too friendly, forward; 3. well known, common) adj • familiar

familiar adj • familiar

familiarity (1. close acquaintance; 2. freedom of behavior) n • familiaritate

familiarity n • familiaritate

familiarization n • familiarisation

familiarize (make well acquainted) v • familiarisar

familiarize v • familiarisar

family (1. as in the Smith family; 2. spccial: Sc etc]) n • familia

family, familial adj • familial

family n • familia

family-tree n • arbore genealogic

famine (acute shortage of foodstuffs in given area) n • fame

famine n • fame

famish, starve (cause to starve or famish) v • affamar

famished adj • famelic

famished, starving adj • famelic

famous (1. renowned; 2. excellent) adj • famose

famous adj • famose

famous adj • celebre

famous, celebrated adj • celebre (cé-)

famous, celebrated adj • celebre

fan (admirer) n • admirator

fan (as in feather fan) n • flabello

fan (cool) v • flabellar

fan (devotee) n • devoto

fan (fanatic) n • fanatic

fan (hand held) n • flabello

fan (machine) n • ventilator

fan (move the air with a fan) v • flabellar

fan n • fan

fan (ventilate) v • ventilar

fan, winnow (grain) v • ventilar

fan club n • club de admiratores

fanatic, fanatical adj • fanatic

fanatic n • fanatico

fanatical adj • fanatic

fanatical, fanatic adj • fanatic

fanatically adv • fanaticamente

fanaticism n • fanatismo

fanaticize v • fanatisar

fanbelt n • cinctura del ventilator

fanciful adj • capriciose

fanciful adj • phantastic

fancy adj • de phantasia

fancy adj • decorate

fancy adj • ornate

fancy (imagine) v • imaginar

fancy (like) v • amar

fancy (like) v • haber gusto pro

fancy n • phantasia

fancy n • imagination

fancy (suppose) v • supponer

fancy (suppose) v • creder

fancy-dress n • costume de travestimento

fanfare n • fanfar

fanfare v • fanfar

fanfaron, braggart n • fanfaron

fanfaronade, swaggering n • fanfaronada

fang n • dente canin

fantasia (1. Mus] (fantasy; 2. Equit]) n • phantasia

fantasia (1. Mus] (fantasy; 2. Equit]) n • phantasia (-ìa)

fantast, visionary n • phantasta

fantastic adj • phantastic

fantastic, fantastical adj • phantastic

fantastical, fantastic adj • phantastic

fantasy n • phantasia

fantasy, phantasy (1. power of imagining, fancy; 2. phantasm, fancy; 3. whim, caprice) n • phantasia (-ìa)

fantasy, phantasy (1. power of imagining, fancy; 2. phantasm, fancy; 3. whim, caprice) n • phantasia

far adj • distante

far adv • longe

far (as - as) adv • usque a

far (not near) adv • longe

far away, at a distance, far off adv • procul (prò-)

far away, at a distance, far off adv • procul

far off adj • lontan

far off adv • lontano

far off, far away, at a distance adv • procul (prò-)

far off, far away, at a distance adv • procul

farad [Elec] n • farad

faradic [Elec] adj • faradic

faradization [Med] n • faradisation

faradize [Med] v • faradisar

far-and-away adv • ultra-distante

farce n • farsa

farce [Theat] n • farce F]

farce [Theat] n • farce

farce [Theat] n • farsa

farce writer n • farsista

farceur, joker, wag n • farsator

farcial adj • farsal

fare (food) n • viveres

fare (of trip) n • precio del viage

fare v • succeder

fare v • vader

far-east n • oriente extreme

farewell, adieu n • adieu

farewell, adieu n • adieu F]

farewell interj • adeo!

farewell interj • vale!

farewell n • adieu

far-fetched adj • improbabile

farinaceous adj • farinacee

farm adj • agricole

farm (be a -er) vi • esser agricultor

farm, farmstead n • ferma

farm n • ferma

farm vt • cultivar

farm hand, farmer, farm worker n • laborator

farm worker, farm hand, farmer n • laborator

farmer, farm worker, farm hand n • laborator

farmer n • agricultor

farmer n • fermero

farmhouse (casa de) n • ferma

farming, agricultural adj • aratori

farming, agriculture n • agricultura

farmland n • terreno a cultivar

farmstead, farm n • ferma

farmy (countrylike) adj • fermose

farmyard n • corte de ferma

faro n • pharaon

far-off, distant adj • lontan

far-out (distance) adv • multo distante

far-out (excellent) interj • excellente

far-reaching adj • de grande portata

farrier, blacksmith n • ferrero

farrier, blacksmith n • ferrator

farsighted, long-sighted, presbyopic [Med] adj • presbyte (préz-)

farsighted, long-sighted, presbyopic [Med] adj • presbyte

farsighted (of eyes) adj • presbyopic

farsighted (of mind) adj • perspicace

farsighted, presbyoptic [Med] adj • presbyopic

farsightedness, presbyopia, presbytia [Med] n • presbyopia (-ìa)

farsightedness, presbyopia, presbytia [Med] n • presbyopia

farsightedness, presbyopia, presbytia, presbytism [Med] n • presbytismo

farsightedness, presbytia, presbyopia [Med] n • presbytia

fart (pass gas) v • flatular

fart [Slang] n • flatulentia

farther adv • ultra

farther (comparative of far) adv • plus distante

farther, on the other side, beyond adv • ultra

farther (situated beyond) adj • ulterior

farthest (superlative of far) adj/adv • le plus distante

far-too-much adv • multo troppo

fascicle (1. bundle, cluster; 2. Bookbinding] (signature) n • fasciculo

fascicular adj • fascicular

fascinate v • fascinar

fascinating adj • fascinante (ppr of fascinar)

fascinating adj • fascinante

fascinating, impressive adj • prestigiose

fascination, magic spell n • prestigio

fascination n • fascino (fà-)

fascination n • fascino

fascination n • fascination

fascinator n • fascinator

fasciole, semita [Zool] n • semita

fasciole, semita [Zool] n • semita (sé-)

fascism n • fascismo

fascist adj/n • fascista

fascist n • fascista

fashion (1. as in the latest fashion; 2. fashionable people) n • fashion

fashion (1. as in the latest fashion; 2. fashionable people) n • fashion A]

fashion [Amer] n • fashion

fashion (be in -) v • esser de moda

fashion (be in -) v • esser in voga

fashion (la mode) n • moda

fashion, manner n • faction

fashion (manner) n • maniera

fashion (out of -) adj • passate de moda

fashion v • formar

fashion (vogue) n • voga

fashion (way) n • modo

fashionable adj • al voga

fashionable adj • fashionable

fashionable adj • fashionable A]

fashionable adj • fashionabile

fashionable adj • al moda

fashionable [Amer] adj • fashionable

fashionableness n • mundanitate

fast, fasting n • jejuno

fast (immobile) adj • firme

fast (rapid) adj • rapide

fast (rapid) adj • veloce

fast (relig) n • jejuno

fast (relig) v • jejunar

fast (solidly) adv • solidemente

fast (solidly) adv • firmemente

fast (speedily) adv • rapidemente

fast v • jejunar

fasten, again, attach v • reattaccar

fasten, attach v • attaccar

fasten v • attachar

fasten v • attaccar

fasten v • fixar

fastener n • serratura

fastener (zip -) n • serratura fulmine

fastening, tightening (action of) n • serramento

fastidious adj • difficile (a satisfacer)

fastidious adj • fastidiose

fastidious adj • scrupulose

fastidious adj • difficile

fasting, fast n • jejuno

fat (- chance) phr • pauc sorte

fat (- chance) phr • pauc sorte (que)

fat (ample) adj • ample

fat (chew the -) phr • confabular

fat (chew the -) phr • conversar

fat (consisting of fat) adj • grasse

fat (fatty) adj • grasse

fat, grease n • grassia

fat n • grassia

fat (stout) adj • corpulente

fat (the - of the land) phr • le melior obtenibile grande

fatal (1. fated, fateful; 2. causing destruction or death) adj • fatal

fatal adj • mortal

fatal adj • fatal

fatal, baneful, disastrous n • funeste

fatal, death-bearing, deadly adj • mortifere

fatalism n • fatalismo

fatalist n • fatalista

fatality (1. clostiny; 2. calamity) n • fatalitate

fatality n • fatalitate

fatally adv • fatalmente

fatally adv • mortalmente

fate (1. as in the decrees of fate; 2. lot or fortune) n • fato

fate n • sorte

fate n • fato

fateful adj • decisive

fateful (decisive) adj • decisive

father (1. as in father and mother; 2. title of respect given to a priest) n • patre

father n • patre

father v • ingenerar

fatherhood n • paternitate

fatherhood, paternity n • paternitate

father-in-law n • patre affin

fatherland n • patria

fatherland, native country n • patria

fatherly adj • paternal

fathom, investigate, go deeply into v • approfundar

fathom [Meas] n • fathom

fathom [Meas] n • fathom A]

fathom n • fathom

fathom (penetrate) v • penetrar, approfundar

fathom (penetrate) v • approfundar, penetrar

fathom (sound) v • sondar

fathomless adj • insondabile

fathomless adj • impenetrabile

fatidic, prophetic adj • fatidic (-ìdic)

fatidic, prophetic adj • fatidic

fatigue n • fatiga

fatigue v • fatigar

fatigue, weariness n • fatiga

fatiguing, tiring adj • fatigante

fatness (bodily -) n • corpulentia

fatness n • grassia

fatten (make or grow fat) v • ingrassiar

fatten v • ingrassiar

fatter (comparative of fat) adj • plus grasse

fattest (superlative of fat) adj • le plus grasse

fatty adj • grasse

fatty (containing fat) adj • grasse

fatty degeneration, steatosis [Med] n • steatosis

fatty degeneration, steatosis [Med] n • steatosis (-òsis)

fatuity n • fatuitate

fatuous adj • fatue

fatuous, foolish adj • fatue

faucet n • valvula

fault (be at -) v • esser in error

fault (defect) n • defecto

fault, error n • menda

fault (find -) v • criticar

fault (find -) v • censurar

fault (geol) n • fallia

fault [Geol] n • fallia

fault (imperfection) n • imperfection

fault (moral) n • culpa

fault n • falta

faultfinder, critic n • censor

faultless adj • impeccabile

faulty adj • imperfecte

faulty adj • defectuose

faulty adj • defective

faulty, defective adj • mendose

faulty, defective adj • vitiose

faun [Rom. Relig] n • fauno

fauna n • fauna

faunal adj • faunic

faurt (1. flaw, imperfection; 2. mistake, error; 3. moral transgression) n • falta

favor (1. to be in favor of; 2. to be favorable to) v • favorar

favor (1. to be in favor of; 2. to be favorable to) v • favorir

favor, favour n • favor

favor, favour v • favorir

favor, good will n • favor

favorable adj • favorabile

favorable, tending, inclined adj • propense

favorite (1. person regarded with peculiar favor; 2. person, horse, expected to win in a contest) n • favorito

favorite adj • favorite

favorite [Fem] • favorita

favorite n • Masc]

favoritism n • favoritismo

favose [Pathol] adj • favose

favus [Pathol] n • favo

fawn n • cervo juvene

fawn n • cervino

fawn on v • adular servilmente

fawn upon v • adular servilmente

fax n • fax

fax n • telecopia

fax n • telefax

fax v • inviar un fax (telefax)

fax v • faxar

fax v • telecopiar

fax v • inviar un fax

fax v • reciper un fax

fax v • reciper un fax (telefax)

fax-machine n • telecopiator

fax-machine n • machina pro fax

fax-machine n • faxator

fay, fairy n • fee (fée)

fay, fairy n • fee

fay (fairy) n • fee

faze [Amer] v • disconcertar

fck (- it!) interj • futue lo!

fck (- you!) interj • futue te!

fck (vulgar) v • futuer

fealty (loyalty) n • fidelitate

fear, be afraid (of) v • timer

fear n • timor

fear n • pavor

fear v • timer

fear v • haber timor de

fearful (afraid) adj • timorose

fearful (afraid) adj • pavide

fearful (dreadful) adj • timibile

fearful, timid adj • pavorose

fearful (timid) adj • pavide

fearful, timorous adj • timorose

fearful, to be feared adj • timibile

fearful, trepid, trembling adj • trepide

fearless adj • intrepide

fearless adj • impavide

fearsome adj • timorose

fearsome adj • timibile

feasibility n • viabilitate

feasibility n • facibilitate

feasible adj • facibile

feasible adj • agibile

feasible adj • practicabile

feasible adj • viabile

feasible (that can be done or carried out) adj • facibile

feast, banquet n • regalo

feast, eat lavishly v • banchettar

feast (eccles) n • festa

feast (entertain lavishly) v • festear

feast (entertainment, banquet) n • festino

feast, fete, festival n • festa

feast (meal) n • banchetto

feast (meal) n • festino

feast, regale oneself v • festinar

feast, regale oneself v • festar

feast vi • banchettar

Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkoth [Jewish Relig] n • scenopegia

Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkoth [Jewish Relig] n • scenopegia (-ìa)

feast on v • regalar se con

feast upon v • regalar se con

feaster, banqueter n • banchettator

feat, deed n • facto

feat n • prodessa

feat n • facto

feather n • pluma

feather-bed n • lecto de plumas

feather-duster n • pannello

feather-duster n • plumero

feathered, feathery, plumose adj • plumose

feathered, pennate [Bot/Zool] adj • pennate

feather-weight n • peso pluma

feathery, plumose, feathered adj • plumose

feature (characteristic) n • characteristica

feature (journ) n • articulo special

feature n • tracto

feature v • presentar

feature film n • filme principal

featured adj • emphasate

featured adj • characterisate

featured adj • presentate

featured presentation n • presentation principal

featureless adj • sin figuration definitive

featuring pres part • presentante

febrifugal adj • febrifuge

febrifuge adj • febrifuge

febrifuge adj • febrifuge (-ì-)

febrile (feverish) adj • febril

February n • februario

fecal adj • fecal

feces n • fece

feckless adj • incapabile

feckless adj • debile

fecula, starch n • fecula

feculence n • feculentia

feculent adj • feculente

fecund adj • fecunde

fecund, fertile adj • fecunde

fecundate v • fecundar

fecundation n • fecundation

fecundator n • fecundator

fecundity n • fecunditate

fed adj • nutrite

fed adj • alimentate

fed (the -) n • le governo federal

fed (well -) adj • ben alimentate

fed up adj • enoiate

federacy n • federation

federal adj • federal

federal (connected with or based upon federation) adj • federal

federalism n • federalismo

federalist n • federalista

federally adv • federalmente

federate adj • federate (pp of federar)

federate adj • federate

federate v • federar

federation (1. union of several states, under a federal government; 2. as in federation of labor) n • federation

federation n • federation

federative adj • federative

fee, duty, custom n • derecto

fee, honorarium n • honorario

fee n • derecto

fee n • honorario

feeble adj • debile

feeble, debile, weakly adj • debile

feeble-minded adj • mentecapte

feed n • alimentation

feed n • nutrimento

feed, sustain v • sustentar

feed v • alimentar

feed v • nutrir

feed on (be fed up) v • enoiar se

feed on v • nutrir se de

feedback [Elect] n • realimentation

feedback n • retroaction

feedback n • regeneration

feedback n • reaction

feeder, alimenter n • alimentator

feel (examine by touch) v • palpar

feel (have sensation) v • sentir

feel (something) v • sentir

feel (something) v • sentir sent-/sens-]

feel, touch v • tastar

feel (touch) v • tastar

feel (touch) v • palpar

feel compassion v • compatir

feel compassion v • compatir -pat-/-pass-]

feel keenly v • resentir

feeler n • corno

feeler n • antenna

feel-ill v • sentir se mal

feeling (1. act or fact of feeling; 2. sentiment, emotion) n • sentimento

feeling (action of examining by touch) (action of) n • palpation

feeling (by touch) n • palpation

feeling (sensation) n • sentimento

feel-keenly v • resentir

feel-well v • sentir se ben

feign, pretend, make believe, simulate v • finger fing-/fict-]

feign, pretend, make believe, simulate v • finger

feign v • finger

feign v • simular

feigner n • fingitor

feint adj • legier

feint (boxing) n • finta

feint n • attacco simulate

feint v • fintar

felicitate, congratulate v • felicitar

felicitation, congratulation n • congratulation

felicitation, congratulation n • felicitatition

felicity, happiness n • felicitate

feline adj • felin

fell n • monticulo (petrose)

fell n • monticulo

fell v • abatter

fellow, chap, individual n • subjecto

fellow (chap) n • typo

fellow (companion) n • collega

fellow (companion) n • companion

fellow (in college) n • socio

fellow (in college) n • associato

fellow countryman, conational n • conational

fellowship (company) n • association

fellowship (scholarship) n • bursa de studio

felon n • criminal

felony n • crimine

felt (1. the material felt; 2. felt hat) n • feltro

felt (1. to make into felt; 2. to cover with felt) v • feltrar

felt n • feltro

feltmaker n • feltrero

female adj • feminin

female n • femina (fé-)

female n • feminina

female n • femina

feminine (1. womanly; 2. Gram]) adj • feminin

feminine adj • feminin

feminine (feminine gender) Gram] n • feminino

femininity, womanliness n • femininitate

feminism n • feminismo

feminist n • feminista

feminize (render feminine) v • feminisar

femoral [Anat] adj • femoral

fen, salt marsh n • maremma

fence (barrier) n • barriera

fence, fencing (art of fencing) n • scherma

fence (hedge) n • sepe

fence (hedge) n • haga

fence n • palissada

fence (practice fencing) v • schermir

fence (sport) v • schermir

fence, stockade n • barriera

fence vt • circumferer con un sepe

fence (w/ wooden palissade) v • palissadar

fence (w/ wooden palissade) v • palar

fence in v • palar

fence-in v • includer

fence-in v • palar

fencer (one who practices fencing) n • schermitor

fencing, fence (art of fencing) n • scherma

fencing (sport) n • scherma

fend (- for) v • provider pro

fender (bumper) n • paracolpos

fender, fireguard n • guardafoco

fender (fireguard) n • guardafoco

fender, mudguard n • guardafango

fender (mudguard) n • guardafango

fend-for-oneself v • volar per su proprie alas

fend-off v • parar

fenestrate [Bot/Zool] adj • fenestrate (pp of fenestrar)

fenestrate [Bot/Zool] adj • fenestrate

fennel n • fenuculo

feria [Eccl] n • feria

ferial [Eccl] adj • ferial

ferment (1. to be in a state of fermentation; 2. to cause to ferment) v • fermentar

ferment (agent used in producing fermentation) n • fermento

ferment (fig) n • agitation

ferment (leaven) n • fermento

ferment v • fermentar

fermentable adj • fermentabile

fermentation n • fermentation

fermentative adj • fermentative

fern n • filice (fì-)

fern n • filice

fern, of ferns adj • filical

ferocious adj • feroce

ferocity, fierceness n • feritate

ferocity n • ferocitate

ferrate [Chem] n • ferrato

ferreous (1. pertaining to or containing iron; 2. like iron) adj • ferree

ferret n • furetto

ferret v • furettar

ferret-out v • discoperir per recercas minutiose

ferric (1. containing iron; 2. Chem]) adj • ferric

ferriferous adj • ferrifere

ferrous [Chem] adj • ferrose

ferruginous (1. containing iron; 2. resembling iron rust in color) adj • ferruginose

ferry, ferryboat n • ferry-boat

ferry, ferryboat n • ferry-boat A]

ferry n • passage

ferry v • transportar (trans le fluvio)

ferry v • transportar

ferryboat, ferry n • ferry-boat

ferryboat, ferry n • ferry-boat A]

ferry-boat n • barca de transbordo

fertile adj • fecunde

fertile adj • fertile

fertile (as in fertile soil) adj • fertile

fertile, fecund adj • fecunde

fertility, abundance uberty n • ubertate

fertility n • fertilitate

fertilizable adj • fertilisabile

fertilization (act or process of rendering fertile) n • fertilisation

fertilize (render fertile) v • fertilisar

fertilize v • fertilisar

fertilizer n • fertilisante

fertilizing fertilisante adj • fertilisante (ppr of fertilisar)

fertilizing fertilisante adj • fertilisante

fervency n • ferventia

fervent adj • ardente

fervent adj • fervide

fervent, fervid adj • fervide

fervid, fervent adj • fervide

fervor (1. intense heat; 2. intense emotion) n • fervor

fervor, be in a state of agitation, heat v • ferver

fervor n • ardor

fervor n • fervor

fervour n • fervor

fervour n • ardor

fester v • suppurar

fester v • putrefacer se

festival (celebration) n • festa

festival, feast, fete n • festa

festival n • mus

festive adj • festive

festivity (gaiety, merriment) n • festivitate

festivity n • festivitate

festoon, garland v • guirlandar (gir-j)

festoon, garland v • guirlandar

festoon n • feston

festoon v • guirlandar

festoon v • festonar

fetal adj • fetal

fetation n • fetation

fetch v • cercar

fetch v • reportar

fete, festival, feast n • festa

fete, honor (by festive observances) v • festar

fete (honor by festive observances) v • festinar

fete n • festa

feticide (criminal abortion) n • feticidio

fetid adj • fetide

fetish, fetich n • fetiche

fetish, fetich n • fetiche F]

fetish n • fetiche

fetishism n • fetichismo (-sh-)

fetishism n • fetichismo

fetishist n • fetichista (-sh-)

fetishist n • fetichista

fetter n • pedica

fetter v • cargar de ferros

fetter v • incatenar

fetters n • pedicas

fetters n • ferros

fetus, foetus n • feto

fetus n • feto

feud n • inimicitate (inter familias)

feud n • vendetta

feud n • inimicitate

feudal (1. pertaining to a fief; 2. pertaining to the feudal system) adj • feudal

feudal adj • feudal

feudal estate, fief n • feudo

feudalism n • feudalismo

feudalist n • feudalista

feudality (quality or state of being feudal) n • feudalitate

feudalize v • feudalisar

feudatory (one holding lands by feudal tenure) n • feudatario

fever adv • febre

fever (hay -) n • febro de feno

fever n • febre

fever (rheumatic -) n • febre rheumatic

fever (scarlet -) n • febre scarlatin

feverish (1. indicative of fever, febrile; 2. excited, restless) adj • febril

feverish adj • febril

feverish (affected with fever) adj • febricitante

feverishness (1. state of having a fever; 2. restlessness) n • febrilitate

feverishness n • infebramento

few (a -) adj • qualque

few (not many) adj • poc

few (not many) adj • pauc

few pron • pauches

few pron • paucos

Fez n • Fez

fiancé, betrothed n • promisso

fiance [Masc] n • promisso

fiance [Masc] n • fidantiato

fiancé n • fidantiato

fiancée, betrothed n • promissa

fiancee [Fem] n • fidantiata

fiancee [Fem] n • promissa

fiasco n • fiasco

fib n • mendacietto

fib n • parve mentita

fib v • dicer mendaciettos

fib v • dicer parve menditas

fiber, fibre n • fibra

fiber n • fibra

fiber-glass n • lana de vitro

fiber-glass n • fibra de vitro

fibril (1. small fiber; 2. root hair) n • fibrilla

fibrillous adj • fibrillose

fibrin n • fibrina

fibrinous adj • fibrinose

fibrous adj • fibrose

fibula (1. Antiq]; 2. Anat]) n • fibula

fibula (1. Antiq]; 2. Anat]) n • fibula (fì-)

fichu [Clothing] n • fichu F]

fichu [Clothing] n • fichu

fickle adj • versatile

fickle adj • inconstante

ficoid [Bot] adj • ficoide

fiction (as in truth stranger than fiction) n • fiction

fiction (not fact) n • fiction

fiction (type of book) n • romances

fiction (type of book) n • belles-lettres

fictitious adj • fictive

fictitious adj • ficticie

fictitious, fictive adj • fictive

fictive, fictitious adj • fictive

fiddle (act nervously) v • jocar nervosemente

fiddle n • violino

fiddle (play the violin) vi • sonar le violino

fiddle vt • falsificar

fiddle vt • manipular

fideicommissary [Law] adj • fideicommisse

fideicommissary [Law] adj • fideicommissari

fideicommissioner [Law] n • fideicommissario

fideicommissum [Law] n • fideicommisso

fideism n • fideismo (-ìzmo)

fideism n • fideismo

fideist n • fideista

fideist n • fideista (-ìsta)

fidelity, faithfulness n • fidelitate

fidelity n • fidelitate

fidget v • agitar se

fidget v • agitar se (nervosemente)

fiducial (1. founded on faith or trust; 2. Phys] (as in fiducial line) n • fiducial

fiduciary (1. Rom. Law]; 2. founded on trust or confidence) adj • fiduciari

fief, feudal estate n • feudo

field (1. piece of land put to a particular use; 2. range of opportunity or interest; 3. Her/Paint]) n • campo

field (arable land) n • agro

field (enclosure) n • clausura

field (enclosure) n • campo

field n • campo

field (terrain) n • terra

field (terrain) n • campo

field marshal, marshal n • marechal F]

field marshal, marshal n • marechal

field marshal's wife n • marechala (-sh-)

field marshal's wife n • marechala

fieldmouse, vole [Zool] n • campaniol

fieldmouse [Zool] n • campaniol

fiend n • demonio

fiendish adj • diabolic

fiendish adj • demoniac

fierce (angry) adj • furiose

fierce (angry) adj • feroce

fierce (as in a fierce animal) adj • fer

fierce (wild) adj • feroce

fierce (wrathful) adj • feroce

fierce (wrathful) adj • infuriate

fierceness, ferocity n • feritate

fiery adj • ardente

fiery, of fire, producing fire adj • pyric

fife n • pipa

fife (play the) v • pipar

fifteen adj • dece-cinque

fifteen adj • quindece (quìn-)

fifteen adj • quindece

fifteen n • dece-cinque

fifteenth adj • dece-quinte

fifteenth n • dece-quinto

fifth adj • quinte

fifth n • quinto

fiftieth adj • quinquagesime (-gé-)

fiftieth adj • cinquantesime

fiftieth adj • quinquagesime

fiftieth adj • cinquantesime (-ésime)

fiftieth n • cinquantesimo

fifty adj • cinquanta

fifty n • cinquanta

fig (fruit of the fig tree) n • fico

fig n • fico

fig tree n • fichiero

fight, combat n • combatto

fight n • lucta

fight n • combatto

fight (show -) v • monstrar le dentes

fight, struggle n • lucta

fight, struggle v • combatter

fight, struggle v • luctar

fight (take part in a fight) v • militar

fight v • pugnar

fight vi • batter se

fight vi • contender

fight vt • combatter

fight vt • combatter (con)

fight vt • luctar

fight vt • luctar (con)

fight for, defend v • propugnar

fight with, combat v • combatter

fighter n • luctator

fighter (person) n • luctator

fighter (person) n • combattente

fighter (plane) n • avion de combatto

fighter (plane) n • interceptor

fighting adj • combattente

fighting n • combattimento

fight-off v • repulsar

fight-off v • resister a

figment n • fingimento

figurant; 2. figurante [Theat] n • figurante

figurate [Mus] adj • figurate pp of figurar

figuration (representation in figures and shapes) n • figuration

figurative (1. as in figurative design; 2. as in figurative sense) adj • figurative

figurative adj • figurative

figurative (language, style) adj • figurate pp of figurar

figure (1. form, shape; 2. appearance; 3. person, character; 4. Art, etc]; 6 . Gram]; 6. Dancing, Skating, etc]; 7. figure of speech) n • figura

figure (1. to represent in a picture; 2. to be conspicuous) v • figurar

figure (appearance, person, shape) n • figura

figure (illustration) n • illustration

figure (number) n • cifra

figure (symbol for a number) n • cifra

figure v • figurar (se)

figure v • figurar

figurehead n • Naut]

figurehead n • Fig]

figure-out v • calcular, discoperir

figurine n • figurina

Fiji [Geog] n • Fiji

filament n • filamento

filamentous adj • filamentose

filaria [Zool] n • filaria

filbert, hazelnut n • avellana

file (as in wood file, metal file, nail file) n • lima

file (box) n • classificator

file [Comp] n • archivo

file [Comp] n • fila

file [Comp] n • file

file [Comp] n • fila (binari)

file (computer -) n • dossier

file (cover) n • classificator

file (document) n • dossier

file (documents) v • classificar

file (documents) v • archivar

file (line of persons or things one behind another) n • fila

file (of persons) n • fila

file (patents) v • depositar

file (smooth with a file) v • limar

file (tool) n • lima

file (wood, metal) v • limar

file dust, filings n • limatura

file in archives v • archivar

file off, defile [Mil] v • defilar

file-away v • junger al dossier

file-away v • junger al dossier (de un affaire)

filer (one who smoothes with a file) n • limator

filet, fillet [Cookery] n • filet F]

filet, fillet [Cookery] n • filet

filial n • filial

filial filial adj • filial

filiation (1. genealogical relationship, descent; 2. connection) n • filiation

filiciform adj • filiciforme

filiform adj • filiforme

filigree n • filigrana

filigree v • filigranar

filing n/pres part • archivamento

filing (smoothing with a file) n • limatura

filing cabinet (for cards) n • cartotheca

filing cabinet n • mobile classificator

filing in archives (action of) n • archivamento

filings, file dust n • limatura

filings n • limatura

Filipino n • philippino

Filipino, Philippine adj • philippin

fill (a tooth) Dent] v • plumbar

fill (eat one's -) v • mangiar a satietate

fill, fill up v • expler

fill (load) v • cargar

fill (make full) v • impler -pler/-plet-]

fill (make full) v • impler

fill (make full) v • plenar

fill (make full) vt • plenar

fill (make full) vt • reimpler

fill (teeth) v • plumbar

fill (teeth) v • obturar

fill (up, to overflowing) v • cumular

fill v • tastar se

fill vi • plenar

fill into containers v • invasar

fill up, fill v • expler

fill up, stuff v • stipar

fill up, stuff v • reimpler

fill with gold [Dent] v • aurificar

fill with mannerism, to make affected, to stylize v • manierar

fillet (adorn with a fillet) v • filettar

fillet, filet [Cookery] n • filet F]

fillet n • Cul]

fillet (narrow ribbon) n • filetto

fillet v • disossar

fill-in (a ditch) v • reimpler

fill-in (a form) v • completar

filling (of teeth) n • obturation

filling station n • station de gasolina

fill-out (a form) v • completar

fill-out (swell) v • inflar

fill-up v • reimpler al bordo

film (1. camera film; 2. moving picture) n • film

film (1. camera film; 2. moving picture) n • film A]

film, camera film n • pellicula

film (cine) n • film

film (gentile. and for still photos) n • pellicula

film (make a moving picture) v • filmar

film v • filmar

film-star n • stella de cinema

film-strip n • film fixe

filter n • filtro

filter, strain v • colar

filter v • filtrar

filter v • filtrar (se)

filter again, strain again v • recolar

filterable adj • filtrabile

filtering, straining (process of) n • colatura

filth, dirt n • immunditia

filth n • immunditia

filthy adj • immunde

filtration n • filtration

fimbriate, border (finish with a) v • fimbriar

fimbriation, bordering n • fimbriation

fin n • aletta

fin n • pinna

final adj • final

final (decisive) adj • definitive

final (decisive) adj • decisive

final (exam) n • examine final

final [Gram] n • termination

final [Gram] n • desinentia

final, last adj • supreme

final (last) adj • final

final (last) adj • ultime

final (sport) n • final

finale n • final

finalism [Philos] n • finalismo

finalist [Philos] n • finalista

finality n • finalitate

finalize v • completar

finalize v • mitter a puncto

finally adv • finalmente

finance n • financia

finance (provide money for) v • financiar

finance v • financiar

finance-company n • compania de financiamento

financial adj • financiari

financier n • financiero

finch [Zool] n • pincion

find n • discoperta

find v • trovar, discoperir

find v • discoperir, trovar

find v • trovar

find out v • discoperir

findable adj • trovabile

findable, be found adj • trovabile

finder n • trovator

finder (one who finds or has found) n • trovator

findings (conclusions) n • conclusiones

findings [Jur] n • verdicto

findings [Jur] n • sententia

fine (1. superior, excellent; 2. not coarse) adj • fin

fine, exellent adj • brave

fine (fee, traffic -) n • mulcta

fine (good) adj • belle

fine (good) adj • bon

fine, mulct (as in fine of ten dollars) n • mulcta

fine, mulct v • mulctar

fine (not coarse) adj • fin

fine (not coarse) adj • pur

fine (not dense) adj • fin

fine (not dense) adj • rar

fine (of behaviour) adj • admirabile

fine (of behaviour) adj • nobile

fine (the weather is -) phr • il face belle tempore

fine v • mulctar

fine-arts n • belle artes

fineness n • finessa

fineness of gold or silver [Assaying] n • titulo

fineness of gold or silver [Assaying] n • titulo (tì-)

finery n • vestimentos del festa

finesse n • finessa

finesse, subtlety n • finessa

finger n • digito de mano

finger (point out) v • appunctar

finger-marks n • tracias de manos

finger-nail n • ungue

finger-print n • impression digital

fingerprint identification, dactyloscopy n • dactyloscopia

fingerprint identification, dactyloscopy n • dactyloscopia (-ìa)

finger-shaped, digitiform adj • digitiforme

finger-tip n • puncta del digito

finish (complete) v • completar

finish (complete) v • finir

finish (conclude) v • finir

finish (conclude) v • concluder

finish n • fin

finish n • conclusion

finish v • finir

finished, completed adj • clause

finisher n • finitor

finite adj • finite

finite adj • finite (pp of finir)

Finland [Geog] n • Finlandia

Finland n • Finlandia

finn n • finno

Finn n • finno

finnish adj/n • finnese

finnish adj/n • finlandese

Finnish finnese adj • finnese

Finno-Ugrian, Finno-Ugric adj • finnougrian

Finno-Ugrian n • finno-ugriano

Finno-Ugric, Finno-Ugrian adj • finnougrian

fiord, fjord n • fiord

fiord, fjord n • fiord Nor]

fiord n • fiord

fir (1. fir-tree; 2. fir wood) n • abiete

fir n • abiete

fir-cone n • pinea (de abiete)

fir-cone n • pinea

fire (1. as in fire and water; 2. gunfire) n • foco

fire (accidental, damaging) n • incendio

fire (catch -) v • prender foco

fire (destructive burning) n • incendio

fire (dismiss) v • dimitter

fire (gun) v • discargar

fire (gun) v • tirar

fire n • foco

fire n • igne

fire (set on -) v • conflagrar

fire (set on -) v • incendiar

fire, set on fire v • inflammar

fire (with enthusiasm) v • inflammar

fire at with mitraille v • mitraliar

fire worship, pyrolatry n • pyrolatria (-ìa)

fire worship, pyrolatry n • pyrolatria

fire worshiper, pyrolater n • pyrolatra

fire worshiper, pyrolater n • pyrolatra (-ò-)

fire worshipper n • ignicola

fire worshipper n • ignicola (-ì-)

fire-alarm n • alarma de incendios

fire-arm n • arma de foco

fire-brigade (corpore de) n • pumperos

fire-drill n • exercitation del pumperos

fire-engine n • pumpa de incendios

fire-escape n • apparato de salvamento

fire-escape n • scala de salvamento

fire-extinguisher n • extinctor

fireguard, fender n • guardafoco

fire-guard n • guardafoco

fire-light n • lumine del focar

fireman (member of a fire brigade) n • pumpero

fire-man (of fire brigade) n • pumpero

fire-man (stoker) n • fochero

fire-place n • camino

fireplace n • camino

fire-proof adj • incombustibile

fireproof, incombustible adj • incombustibile

fire-side (seat) n • sedia del camino

fire-side (space by fire) n • angulo del focar

fire-station n • posto de pumperos

fire-works n • focos de artificio

firebrand n • face, brasas (ardente).

firing, shooting n • tiro

firm (1. firm in texture; 2. firmly attached) adj • firme

firm adj • decise, firme

firm adj • firme, decise

firm (business) n • firma

firm (make -) v • solidar

firm (make -) v • firmar

firm n • firma

firm n • interprisa

firm (persevering) adj • perseverante

firm (solid) adj • solide

firmament n • firmamento

firmly adv • firmemente

firmness (strictness) n • severitate

firmness (strictness) n • rigor

first adj • primari

first adj • prime

first adv • in prime loco

first adv • primarimente

first (in rank, dignity, merit, etc) (the) n • principe (prìn-)

first (in rank, dignity, merit, etc) (the) n • principe

first, in the first place, first of all adv • primarimente

first, prime adj • prime

first fruit n • primitia

first name n • prenomine

first of all, first, in the first place adv • primarimente

first-aid n • prime succurso

first-born adj • primogenite

first-born adj • primogenite (-gé-)

first-born n • primogenito

first-class adj/n • de prime classe

first-class adj/n • de prime ordine

first-hand adj • de prime mano

firstly adv • primemente

firstly adv • semel

first-person n • prime persona

first-rate adj • optime

first-world-war n • prime guerra mundial

fisc, exchequer, treasury n • fisco

fiscal adj • fiscal

fiscal (pertaining to the public treasury or revenue) adj • fiscal

fiscally adv • fiscalmente

fiscal-year n • anno fiscal

fish (catch or try to catch fish) v • piscar

fish (caught) n • pisce

fish (live) n • pisce

fish n • pisce

fish v • piscar

fish pie, pasty, meat pie n • pastata

fish-bone n • spina

fish-bone n • spina (de pisce)

fishbone n • spina

fish-eating, ichthyophagous adj • ichthyophage

fish-eating, ichthyophagous adj • ichthyophage (-òfage)

fisher n • piscator

fisher-man n • piscator

fisherman n • piscator

fish-finger n • bastonetto de pisce

fish-glue, ichthyocol n • ichthyocolla

fishhook, hook n • hamo

fish-hook n • hamo

fishing n • pisca

fishing ground n • pischeria

fishing ground n • pischeria (-ìa)

fishing ground, piscary n • piscaria

fishing-boat n • barca de pisca

fishing-net n • rete de pisca

fishing-rod n • canna de pisca

fishing-tackle n • apparatos de pisca

fishmarket n • pischeria (-ìa)

fishmarket n • pischeria

fish-monger n • venditor de pisces

fishpond n • vivario

fishpond n • piscina

fish-slice n • paletta pro le pisce

fishy (smelling or tasting of fish) adj • que odora o gusta de pisce

fishy (suspicious) adj • suspecte

fishy (suspicious) adj • equivoc

fissile adj • fissile

fission n • fission

fissiped, cloven-footed adj • fissipede

fissiped, cloven-footed adj • fissipede (-ìpede)

fissure, cleft n • fissura

fist n • pugno

fit, expedient, suitable adj • expediente (ppr of expedir)

fit, expedient, suitable adj • expediente

fit (healthy) adj • in forma

fit (healthy) adj • san

fit [Med] n • paroxysmo

fit [Med] n • convulsion

fit (of clothes) n • adjustamento

fit (opportune) adj • opportun

fit (outburst) n • attacco

fit (outburst) n • accesso

fit, suitable adj • convenibile

fit (suitable) adj • convenibile

fit (suitable) adj • apte

fit vi • vader ben (a)

fit vi • vader ben

fit vt • provider

fit vt • installar

fit to be seen, presentable adj • monstrabile

fit together, set up [Mach] v • adjustar

fitness (physical) n • sanitate

fitness (suitability) n • capacitate

fitness (suitability) n • aptitude

fitter n • montator

fitter n • adjustator

fitter [Tail. etc] n • essayator

fitting adj • convenibile

fitting adj • appropriate

fitting (clothes) n • essayage

fitting, trying on (of clothes) n • essayage

fitting, trying on (of clothes) n • essayage (-aje)

five adj • cinque

five n • cinque

fivefold, quintuple adj • quintuple

fivefold, quintuple adj • quintuple (quìn-)

five-oared quinquereme, quinquereme adj • quinquereme

five-pointed star, pentacle n • pentaculo

fix (1. to make firm, fasten; 2. to settle, set; 3. special: Chem/photog]) v • fixar

fix n • difficultate

fix v • fixar

fix a handle to v • immanicar

fix beforehand v • prefixar

fix in, house, embed v • incastrar

fix one's eyes upon, glue one's eyes to v • adocular

fixable adj • fixabile

fixation (1. act or process of fixing, of making firm; 2. special: Chem/Photog/Psychoanalysis]) n • fixation

fixation n • fixation

fixative adj • fixative

fixative n • fixativo

fixed adj • fixe

fixer (one who fixes) n • fixator

fixing one's eyes upon (action of) n • adoculamento

fixing solution [Photog] n • fixator

fixity (as in fixity of habits) n • fixitate

fixture (permanent structure) n • mobile fixe

fixture (sport) n • match

fixture (sport) n • incontro sportive

fizz v • effervescer

fizzy adj • effervescente

fjord, fiord n • fiord Nor]

fjord, fiord n • fiord

flabby adj • flaccide

flabellate, flabelliform adj • flabellate

flabellation n • flabellation

flabelliform adj • flabelliforme

flabelliform, flabellate adj • flabellate

flabellum n • flabello

flaccid adj • flaccide

flaccid adj • flaccide (flàc-)

flaccidity n • flacciditate

flag, banner n • bandiera

flag n • bandiera

flag v • devenir lasse

flag v • languer

flag-day n • die de questa

flagellant n • flagellante

flagellate, whip, scourge v • flagellar

flagellated [Biol] adj • flagellate

flagellation n • flagellation

flagellator n • flagellator

flagelliferous [Biol] adj • flagellifere

flagelliform [Biol] adj • flagelliforme

flagellum [Biol] n • flagello

flagon n • flasco

flag-pole n • mast de bandiera

flagrance, flagrancy n • flagrantia

flagrancy, flagrance n • flagrantia

flagrant adj • flagrante

flagrant (as in flagrant offense) adj • flagrante

flagrant (as in flagrant offense) adj • flagrante (ppr of flagrar)

flag-salute n • salut

flag-salute n • salut (de bandiera)

flail n • flagello

flail, shell, thresh, thrash v • disgranar

flail v • flagellar

flailing, shelling, threshing (act of) n • disgranamento

flair n • flair

flair n • flair F]

flake n • flocco

flake (small, light mass) n • flocco

flake v • rumper se in floccos

flake off v • rumper se in floccos

flaky adj • floccose

flambeau, torch n • torcha (-sha)

flambeau, torch n • torcha

flamboyant adj • extravagante

flame, blaze v • flammar

flame n • flamma

flame v • flammar

flame thrower [Mil] n • lanceaflammas

flame up v • flammar

flame up v • inflammar

flame-colored adj • flammee

flaming adj • flammee

flaming, bright adj • flammante

flamingo n • flamingo

flamingo [Zool] n • flamingo

flammable adj • flammabile

flan [Cooking] n • flaon

flan n • flaon

Flanders n • Flandra

flank (1. Mil] (protect the flank of; 2. to be situated at the flank or side of) v • flancar

flank n • flanco

flank v • flancar

flannel adj • de flanella

flannel n • flanella

flap (be in a -) v • esser agitate

flap n • valva

flap n • battente

flap v • batter

flare (flash) n • flamma subite (o vacillante)

flare (flash) n • flamma subite

flare (signal) n • rochetto de signalamento

flare v • flammar

flare-up v • inflammar se

flash (emit flashes as of lightningj) v • fulgurar

flash, lighten, fulgurate v • fulger

flash (of light) n • fulgure

flash (photog) n • flash

flash v • fulgurar

flash back, reflect v • refulger

flash-back n • scena retrospective

flash-bulb n • ampulla flash

flash-light (photog) n • flash

flash-light (torch) n • lampa de tasca

flask (1. flask for wine; 2. powder flask) n • flasco

flask n • flasco

flask n • ampulla

flask, phial n • ampulla

flat, apartment n • appartamento

flat (dwelling) n • appartamento

flat, even, homaloidal [Math] adj • homaloide

flat, insipid adj • insipide (-sì-)

flat, insipid adj • insipide

flat, level adj • platte

flat, level, plane adj • plan

flat (level) adj • plan

flat (level) adj • platte

flat [Mus] adv • false

flat [Mus] n • falso

flat [Mus] n • bemolle

flat (puncture) n • panna de pneu

flat-fish n • platessa

flatfish, plaice n • platessa

flatfoot, platypodia [Med] n • platypodia (-ìa)

flatfoot, platypodia [Med] n • platypodia

flat-footed adj/n • con pedes platte

flatfooted [Med] adj • platypode (-ìpode)

flatfooted [Med] adj • platypode

flatheaded, platycephalic, platycephalous [Med/Anthropol] adj • platycephale

flat-headedness, platycephaly [Med/Anthropol] n • platycephalia

flat-headedness, platycephaly [Med/Anthropol] n • platycephalia (-ìa)

flatness (evenness) n • planessa

flatness (monotony) n • monotonia

flatness (of taste) n • insipiditate

flat-tailed, platurous [Zool] adj • platyure

flatten (make flat, bring level) v • applattar

flatten, smooth, plane v • applanar

flatten v • applanar

flatten v • applattar

flattening, smoothing, planing (act of) n • applanamento

flatter v • blandir

flatter v • flattar

flatter v • adular

flatterer [Fem] • adulatrice

flatterer [Masc] • adulator

flatterer n • flattator

flatterer n • blanditor

flatterer n • incensator

flattering adj • complimentari

flattering adj • blande

flattering (as in flattering words) adj • blande

flattering, complimentary adj • complimentari

flattery n • blandimento

flattery n • adulation

flattery n • flatteria

flattery n • flatteria (-ìa)

flatting mill, rolling mill n • laminatorio

flatulence, flatulency n • flatulentia

flatulence, flatulency n • flatuositate

flatulence n • flatulentia

flatulence, ventosity n • ventositate

flatulency, flatulence n • flatuositate

flatulency, flatulence n • flatulentia

flatulent (1. affected with flatus; 2. causing flatus) adj • flatulente

flatulent adj • flatulente

flatulent, causing flatulence n • flatuose

flatulent, ventose adj • ventose

flatus (gas generated in the stomach or bowels) n • flato

flatworm, planarian, platyhelminth [Zool] n • plathelminthe

flaunt v • ostentar

flautist n • flautista

flavipes [Zooh] adj • flavipede (-ì-)

flavipes [Zooh] adj • flavipede

flavor, flavour n • sapor

flavor, flavour n • condimentar

flavor, flavour n • gusto

flavor, taste, savor n • sapor

flavor with anise v • anisar

flaw n • defecto

flaw n • imperfection

flawless adj • perfecte

flawless adj • sin defecto

flax (1. Bot]; 2. fibres of the flax plant) n • lino

flax n • lino

flay v • excoriar

flea n • pulice (pù-)

flea n • pulice

fleck n • particula

fleck n • macula

flecked, spotted, speckled adj • maculate (pp of macular)

flecked, spotted, speckled adj • maculate

flection, flexion (1. act of flexing; 2. Gram] (inflection) n • flexion

flectional, flexional [Gram] adj • flexional

flee v • fugir

flee again v • refugir

flee back v • refugir

fleece (coat of wool that covers a sheep or simiar animal) n • tonsion

fleece n • tonsion

fleece (rob) v • robar

fleece (sheep) v • tonder

fleet n • flotta

fleet, nimble, agile adj • legier (-jér)

fleet, nimble, agile adj • legier

fleeting adj • fugace

fleeting, transient, transitory adj • fugace

fleetness, nimbleness, agility n • legieressa

fleetness, nimbleness, agility n • legieressa (-jer-)

fleming n • flamingo

Fleming n • flamingo

Flemish adj • flaminge

flemish adj • flaminge

Flemish (language) n • flamingo

flemish n • flamingo

flesh n • carne

fleshcolored adj • incarnate (pp of incarnar)

fleshcolored adj • incarnate

fleshiness n • carnositate

fleshless adj • discarnate (pp of discarnar)

fleshless adj • discarnate

flesh-pink, rosy, incarnadine adj • incarnatin

fleshy adj • carnute

fleshy adj • carnose

fleuron (flower-shaped ornament) n • floron

flex n • flexo

flex v • flecter

flexibility n • flexibilitate

flexible adj • flexibile

flexion, flection (1. act of flexing; 2. Gram] (inflection) n • flexion

flexional, flectional [Gram] adj • flexional

flexuosity, flexuousness n • flexuositate

flexuous, flexuose adj • flexuose

flexure (act of flexing) n • flexura

flick n • movimento rapide

flick n • colpetto

flick v • facer saltar con un colpetto

flicker n • tremor

flicker n • tremor (leve)

flicker v • vacillar

flicker v • tremular

flickering, shaking (act of) n • vacillation

flickering, shaking adj • vacillatori

flight (1. action or manner of flying; 2. distance covered in flying) n • volo

flight (act of fleeing) n • fuga

flight (act of fleeing) n • fugita

flight (as in the flight of a shot, within an eagle's flight) n • volata

flight (escape) n • fugita

flight (of birds) n • volante

flight (of birds) n • volo

flight (of bullet) n • trajectoria

flight (of stairs) n • rampa

flight feather n • penna

flimsy adj • pauco solide

flimsy adj • legier

flinch v • recular

flinch v • facer un grimasse de dolor

fling, hurl v • lancear

fling v • lancear

fling v • jectar

flinging, hurling (action of) n • lanceamento

fling-off v • jectar via

fling-open v • aperir energicamente

flint n • silice

flint n • flint A]

flint n • silice (sì-)

flint n • flint

flip n • colpetto

flip v • colpar legiermente

flippancy n • manco de serio

flippant adj • legier

flippant adj • pauco serie

Flipper (a dolphin) n • le delphino Flipper

flipper n • aleta

flirt (act of flirting) n • flirt

flirt (act of flirting) n • flirt A]

flirt n • flirtator

flirt n • coquetta

flirt (play at courtship) v • flirtar

flirt v • flirtar

flirtation, love affair n • amoretto

flirtation n • flirtation

flirtatious adj • flirtose

flit, flutter v • papilionar

flit v • papilionar

flitch n • latere de porco

flitter v • revolver

flnalist n • finalista

float, drift, sail, move v • vogar

float (in the water, the air) v • flottar

float n • flottator

float v • vogar

float v • flottar

float v • natar

floatability n • flottabilitate

floatable adj • flottabile

floatation, flotation (act of floating) n • flottation

floater (one who or that which floates) n • flottator

floating, buoyant adj • boiante

floating, drifting, sailing, moving (act of) n • voga

floc [Chem] n • floculo

floccose adj • floccose

floccose [Bot] adj • floccose

flocculate [Chem] adj • flocculate

flocculate [Chem] vi • floccular

flocculation n • flocculation

flocculent [Chem] adj • flocculente

flocculent (wooly) adj • flocculente

flocculus (flake) n • flocco

flocculus n • flocculo

floccus n • flocco

flock, herd, drove n • grege

flock (of sheep) n • grege

flock (of wool) n • flocco

flock, throng, crowd (a place) v • affluer

flock, throng, crowd (a place) v • affluer -flu-/-flux-]

flock (tuft of wool) n • flocco

flock v • affluer

flock or herd (collect into a) v • gregar

flock-together v • attruppar se

floe n • blocco de glacie flottante

flog, beat, whip v • verberar

flog v • flagellar

flogging n • flagellation

flong [Print] n • flaon

flood, flow n • flucto

flood, inundate v • inundar

flood, inundation n • inundation

flood (of water) n • inundation

flood (surge) n • torrente

flood (surge) n • diluvio

flood v • inundar

floodgate, sluice n • esclusa

floodlight n • illumination de projectores

floodlight v • illuminar con projectores

floor (ground) n • solo

floor (ground) n • pavimento

floor (of stones, tiles) n • pavimento

floor (storey) n • etage

floor (storey) n • plano

floor, story n • etage

floor, story n • etage F]

floor (the floor of a room) n • solo

floor v • consternar

floor-board n • tabula de pavimento

flop (failure) n • fiasco

flop (noise) n • ruito surde

flop v • faller

flop-down v • cader pesantemente

flophouse n • albergo de mal reputation

flophouse n • pension de mal morte

floppy adj • flaccide

floppy adj • multo flexibile

floppy-disk [Comp] n • dischetta

flora n • flora

Flora [Rom. Rel] n • Flora

floral adj • floral

floral [Bot] adj • floral

Florence n • Florentia

Florentine adj • florentin

Florentine n • florentino

floret, floscule [Bot] n • flosculo

florid (of complexion) adj • rubicunde

florid (of style) adj • floride

Florida n • Florida

floridity n • floriditate

florin n • florino

florist n • florista

florist (one who sells flowers) n • florista

floscule, floret [Bot] n • flosculo

flosculous [Bot] adj • flosculose

flotant, swimming adj • flottante (ppr of flottar)

flotant, swimming adj • flottante

flotation, floatation (act of floating) n • flottation

flotilla n • flottilia

flounder (specie de) n • platessa

flounder v • proceder con difficultate

flour (convert into flour) v • farinar

flour, meal n • farina

flour n • farina

flour (sprinkle or cover with flour) v • infarinar

flour bin n • fariniera

flour merchant n • farinero

flour storehouse n • fariniera

flourish (gesture) n • grande gesto

flourish [Mus] • floritura

flourish v • florescer

flourish v • florar

flourish v • florer

flourish vi • prosperar

flourish vi • florer

flourish vi • florescer

flourish vt • agitar

flourish (written) n • parapho

flourishing, healthy, vigorous adj • vegete

flourishing, healthy, vigorous adj • vegete (vé-)

flourishing (state of) n • florimento

floury adj • farinose

flout v • tractar sin respecto

flout v • disobedir a

flow (1. flowing; 2. flow of the tide) n • fluxo

flow, flood n • flucto

flow (into) v • affluer

flow (into) v • affluer -flu-/-flux-]

flow n • fluxo

flow, trickle v • manar

flow v • fluer

flow v • fluer flu-/fluct-/flux-]

flow down v • defluer

flow forth v • effluer

flow together v • confluer

flower (1. blossom; 2. flowering plant; 3. the best part) n • flor

flower, bloom v • florer

flower, bloom v • florar

flower, bloom v • florescer

flower n • flor

flower v • florer

flower v • florescer

flower pattern, branched pattern n • ramage (-aje)

flower pattern, branched pattern n • ramage

flower-bed n • parterre

flower-bud n • button del flor

flowering, blooming (state of) n • florimento

flowering, blossoming (act or state of) n • floration

flower-pot n • vaso a flores

flower-shop n • floreria

flower-shop n • boteca de florista

flowery (1. abounding in flowers; 2. Rhet] (florid) adj • floride

flowing, running adj • currente

flowing into (action of) n • imbuccamento

flu n • influenza

fluctuant adj • fluctuante (ppr of fluctuar)

fluctuant adj • fluctuante

fluctuate v • fluctuar

fluctuation (1. continual change; 2. Pathol]) n • fluctuation

fluctuation n • fluctuation

flue n • tubo de camino

flue n • tubo de organo

fluency n • fluentia

fluent adj • fluente

fluent adj • fluente (ppr of fluer)

fluent adj • eloquente

fluent (be - in) v • dominar

fluently adv • facilemente

fluently adv • con fluentia

fluff n • lanugine

fluffy adj • lanuginose

fluid adj • fluide (flù-)

fluid adj • fluide

fluid n • fluido (flù-)

fluid n • fluido

fluidification n • fluidification

fluidify, render fluid v • fluidificar

fluidity n • fluiditate

fluoresce v • fluorescer

fluorescence n • fluorescentia

fluorescent adj • fluorescente (ppr of fluorescer)

fluorescent adj • fluorescente

fluoric adj • fluoric

fluoride [Chem] n • fluoruro

fluoride n • fluoruro

fluorine [Chem] n • fluor

fluorine [Chem] n • fluor (-òr)

fluorite [Mineral] n • fluorita

fluoroscope n • fluoroscopio

fluoroscopic adj • fluoroscopic

fluoroscopy n • fluoroscopia

fluoroscopy n • fluoroscopia (-ìa)

flush (abundant) adj • abundante

flush (cards) n • flush

flush (flow) n • fluxo subite

flush (level) adj • nivellate

flush (of lavatory) v • functionar

flush (redden) vi • rubescer

flush (redness) n • rubor (del facie)

flush (redness) n • rubor

flush vt • lavar con aqua currente

flushed adj • excitate

fluster n • agitation

fluster v • confunder

flute (1. to play on a flute; 2. to play, whistle, or sing with a note like that of a flute) v • flautar

flute, fluting (of a column) Arch] n • cannellatura

flute, groove, channel v • cannellar

flute [Mus] n • flauta

flute n • flauta

fluted, grooved adj • cannellate

fluted, grooved adj • cannellate (ppr of cannellar)

fluting [Arch] n • canal

fluting, flute (of a column) Arch] n • cannellatura

flutist n • flautista

flutter (agitation) n • agitation

flutter (beat irregularly) vi • palpitar

flutter, flit v • papilionar

flutter (of wings) n • movimento

flutter (of wings) vi • papilionar

flutter vt • agitar

flutter vt • batter

fluvial adj • fluvial

fluvial, fluviatile adj • fluviatile

fluviatile, fluvial adj • fluviatile

flux [Med] n • fluxo

flux n • fluxo

flux n • flucto

fluxion [Math/Pathol] n • fluxion

fly (as in birds fly) v • volar

fly [Entom] n • musca

fly (escape) v • escappar

fly (flee) v • fugir

fly (in air) vi • volar

fly n • musca

fly (of flag) v • flottar

fly (pilot) vt • pilotar

fly (rush) v • precipitar se

fly again v • revolvar

fly back v • revolvar

fly-away v • partir

fly-away v • partir (volante)

fly-back v • retornar (volante)

fly-back v • retornar

flying adj • volatile

flying animal, winged creature n • volatile

fly-off v • projectar se in le aere

fly-off v • comenciar volar

fly-over n • ponte superior

fly-up v • montar

fly-up v • montar (volante)

flywheel n • volante

foal n • cavallo neonate

foal n • pullo

foal n • asino neonate

foam (form or gather foam) v • scumar

foam, froth n • spuma

foam, froth, spume (form or gather foam or froth) v • spumar

foam n • spuma

foam n • scuma

foam, scum n • scuma

foam v • scumar

foam v • spumar

foaminess n • spumositate

foaming, foamy adj • spumose

foaming, scummy adj • scumose

foamy, foaming adj • spumose

foamy, spumiferous adj • spumifere

focal adj • focal

focalize, focus (bring to a focus) v • focalisar

focus, focalize (bring to a focus) v • focalisar

focus n • centro

focus n • foco

focus (optics) n • foco

focus (optics) v • focalisar

focus v • concentrar

fodder n • forrage

foe n • inimico

foe n • adversario

foetus, fetus n • feto

foetus n • feto

fog, mist, brume n • bruma

fog, mist, haze n • nebula

fog, mist, haze n • nebula (né-)

fog n • bruma

fog n • nebula

foggy adj • brumose

foggy adj • nebulose

foggy, misty, brumous adj • brumose

fog-horn n • sirena

fog-horn n • sirena (de nebula)

foible adj • puncto debile

foil (1. Arch]; 2. as in tin foil) n • folio

foil (contrast) n • contrasto

foil [Fencing] n • floretto

foil (leaf, thin sheet) n • folio (de auro o de altere metallo)

foil (leaf, thin sheet) n • folio

foil, tinsel n • auripelle

foil v • frustrar

foist v • incargar

foist v • imponer

fold (doubling) n • plica

fold (for sheep) n • ovil

fold, pleat n • plica

fold, pleat v • plicar

fold v • plicar (se)

fold v • plicar

fold, wrinkle, crease n • ruga

fold up (make smaller by folding) v • replicar

folder (for papers) n • camisa

folder (printed) n • prospecto

folding adj • plicabile

folding adj • abundante

folding screen n • paravento

folding up (act of) n • replicamento

foliaceous [Bot] adj • foliacee

foliage n • foliage (-aje)

foliage n • foliage

foliation (leafing out of plants) n • foliation

folio (book in folio) n • in-folio

folio (large sheet of paper folded once) n • folio

foliole (leaflet) Bot] n • foliolo

foliole (leaflet) Bot] n • foliolo (-ì-)

folious, foliose [Bot] adj • foliose

folk n • nation

folk n • populo

folk-dance n • dansa traditional

folklore n • folklore A]

folklore n • folklore

folklorist n • folklorista

folk-song n • canto traditional

folk-tale n • legenda traditional

follicle [Bot/Anat] n • folliculo

follicular adj • follicular

folliculose, folliculous adj • folliculose

follow (copy) v • imitar

follow (go after) vt • sequer

follow (understand) v • comprender

follow v • sequer sequ-/secut-]

follow v • sequer

follow vi • resultar

follow next v • subsequer

follower n • adherente

follower n • imitator

follower n • sequitor, discipulo, adherente, adepto, partisano

following (after) adj • sequente

following, coming after adj • postere

following, next adj • sequente (ppr of sequer)

following, next adj • sequente

follow-up n • consecution

folly n • follia

folly n • follia (-ìa)

foment (1. Med]; 2. as in to foment rebellion) v • fomentar

fomentation (1. Med]; 2. stirring up of discontent, rebellion) n • fomentation

fomentation [Med] n • fomento

fomenter (1. Med]; 2. as in a fomenter of rebellion) n • fomentator

fomes [Med] n • fomite (fò-)

fomes [Med] n • fomite

fond adj • tenere

fond adj • affectionate

fond (be - of) v • amar

fond (be - of) v • affectionar

fondant n • fondant F]

fondant n • fondant

fondle v • palpar

fondle v • caressar

fondness n • teneressa

fondness n • affection

font (baptismal) n • fonte

font n • fonte

fontal (1. source, of the scource) adj • fontal

fontal, fountain adj • fontanari

fontanelle, fontanel [Anat] n • fontanella

food (dish of) n • vivanda

food n • mangiar

food n • mangiar (-jàr)

food n • nutrimento

food n • alimento

food, sustenance n • victo

fool (buffoon) n • buffon

fool (dolt) n • imbecille

fool (dolt) n • idiota

fool (make a - of oneself) v • render se ridicule

fool v • dupar

foolish adj • insensate

foolish adj • insipiente

foolish adj • imprudente

foolish adj • fatue

foolish, fatuous adj • fatue

foolish, insensate, senseless adj • insensate

foolishness, ignorance, stupidity n • nescietate

foolishness n • insipientia

foolishness n • imprudentia

fool's gold, pyrite, iron pyrites [Mineral] n • pyrite

foot (1. foot of man or animal) n • pede

foot n • pede

foot (of a pillar or mast) n • calce

foot bath, pediluvium [Med] n • pediluvio

foot-ball (ball) n • ballon (de football)

foot-ball (ball) n • ballon

foot-ball (game) n • football

football n • football A]

football n • football

foot-baller (player) n • footballero

foot-bridge n • passerella

foot-bridge n • ponte pro pedones

footgear, footwear n • calceatura

foot-hold n • puncto de appoio

foot-hold n • puncto de appoio (pro le pedes)

footing, basement (of a column or wall) Arch] n • basamento

foot-lights n • lumines del proscenio

footman, valet, lackey n • lacai

footman, valet, lackey n • lacai (-ài)

foot-note n • nota al pede del pagina

foot-path n • sentiero

foot-print n • impression del pede

footprint n • vestigio

foot-step n • passo

foot-the-bill v • pagar le conto

footwear, footgear n • calceatura

foot-wear n • calceatura

for (1. not against; 2. in place of, in exchange or return for) prep • por

for (1. not against; 2. in place of, in exchange or return for) prep • pro

for (as -) prep • quanto a

for conj • nam

for (during) prep • durante

for (on behalf of, in exchange for) prep • pro

for (since) prep • depost

for a long time, long adv • longemente

for or pertaining to ashes, cinerary adj • cinerari

for the most part, commonly, usually adv • plurimo (plù-)

for the most part, commonly, usually adv • plurimo

for the rest, besides adv • cetero (cé-)

for the rest, besides adv • cetero

forage (1. fodder, feed; 2. act of providing fodder) (-aje) n • forrage

forage n • forrage

forage (rove in search of forage or provisions) v • forragiar (-ajar)

forage (rove in search of forage or provisions) v • forragiar

forage v • forragiar

forager n • forragiator

forager n • forragiator (-aja-)

Foraminifera [Zool] n • foraminiferos

Foraminifera [Zool] n • foraminiferos (-ìferos)

for-bear v • abstiner se (de)

for-bear v • abstiner se

forbearance, longanimity, long-suffering n • longanimitate

forbearing, longanimous, long-suffering adj • longanime (-gà-)

forbearing, longanimous, long-suffering adj • longanime

forbid, prohibit v • prohibir

forbid v • prohiber

forbidding adj • sever

forbidding adj • menaciante

force (1. bodily strength; 2. as in force of character; 3. power, violence, or constraint exerted upon a person or thing; 4. Phys]) n • fortia

force (armed -s) n • fortias armate

force, compel, necessitate (make necessary) v • necessitar

force, compel v • compulsar

force (in -) phr • in vigor

force n • fortia

force v • fortiar

force v • obligar

force by threats v • concuter -cut-/-cuss-]

force by threats v • concuter

forceful adj • energic

forceful adj • vigorose

forcemeat, stuffing [Cookery] n • farce

forcemeat, stuffing [Cookery] n • farce F]

forceps (dental) n • pincia

forceps (obstetrical) n • forcipe (fòr-)

forceps (obstetrical) n • forcipe

forcer (one who forces) n • fortiator

forcible adj • per fortia

forcing (act of) n • fortiamento

ford n • vado

ford v • transir per un vado

ford, wade through v • vadar

fordable adj • vadabile

fore adj/adv • anterior

fore n • proa

fore (the -) phr • a prime rango

fore-arm n • antebracio

forearm n • antebracio

fore-cast n • prevision

fore-cast n • prognostico

fore-cast v • previder

fore-cast v • prognosticar

fore-cast (weather -) n • bulletin meteorologic

fore-court n • cortil

forefather, ancestor n • atavo (à-)

forefather, ancestor n • atavo

fore-father n • ancestre

fore-father n • atavo

fore-finger n • digito indice

fore-front n • prime rango

fore-go v • abstiner se de

fore-go v • renuntiar

fore-gone adj • predeterminate

fore-gone adj • inevitabile

fore-ground n • prime plano

fore-hand (sport) n • colpo directe

fore-hand (superiority) n • position superior

fore-head n • fronte

forehead n • fronte

foreign adj • estranie

foreign adj • estranier

foreign (as in foreign countries) adj • estranie

foreign (as in foreign countries) adj • extere

foreign countries n • extero (éx-)

foreign countries n • extero

foreign lands, foreign parts n • estraniero

foreign parts, foreign lands n • estraniero

foreigner n • estraniero

foreigner, stranger n • estraniero

foreknow v • precognoscer

foreknow v • precognoscer -gnosc-/-gnit-]

fore-leg n • gamba anterior

foreman n • preposito, attendente, bailivo, chef de equipa, prime obrero.

fore-most adj • principal

fore-most adj • prime

forename (first name) n • prenomine

forensic adj • forense

foreplay n • comportamento sexual

forerunner, harbinger, precursor n • precursor

forerunner n • heraldo

forerunner n • precursor

foresee, see beforehand v • provider

foresee, see beforehand v • provider -vid-/-vis-/-vist-]

foresee v • previder

foresee v • previder -vid-/-vis-/-vist-]

foreseeable adj • previsibile

foreseeing (having foresight) adj • previdente

foreseeing (having foresight) adj • previdente (ppr of previder)

foreseeing, prophetic adj • presage

foreseen adj • previste

foreseen, expected adj • provise

foreshadow, prefigure v • prefigurar

foreshadow v • presagir

foreshadow v • augurar

foresight (faculty of foreseeing) n • previdentia

foresight n • prudentia

foresight n • prevision

foresight, prevision n • prevision

foresking n • prepucio

forest n • foreste

forest n • silva

forest, sylvatic adj • silvatic

forest v • forestar

forest, wood adj • silvestre

forest, wood n • silva

forestal adj • forestal

fore-stall v • anticipar

fore-stall v • prefigurar

fore-stall v • prevenir

forestall v • prevenir -ven-/-vent-]

forestall v • prevenir

forester n • forestero

forester (officer having charge of a forest) n • forestero

forester, silviculturist n • silvicultor

forestry n • silvicultura

forestry n • foresteria (-ìa)

forestry n • foresteria

forestry, silviculture n • silvicultura

foretell, prophesy v • prophetisar

foretell v • predicer

forethought n • premeditation

forethought n • previdentia

forever adv • sempre

forewarn, admonish beforehand v • premoner

forewarn, warn, caution v • prevenir -ven-/-vent-]

forewarn, warn, caution v • prevenir

foreword n • prefacio

forfeit (fine) n • mulcta

forfeit (fine) n • pena

forfeit [Horse Racing] n • forfeit A]

forfeit [Horse Racing] n • forfeit

forfeit (racing) n • forfeit

forfeit v • perder per confiscation

forge (as in to forge chains) v • forgiar (-jar)

forge (as in to forge chains) v • forgiar

forge (documents) v • falsificar

forge (form by heating and hammering) v • fabricar

forge (metal) v • forgiar

forge (metal) v • fabricar

forge n • forgia

forge, smithy n • fabrica

forge, smithy n • forgia (forja)

forge, smithy n • forgia

forge, smithy n • fabrica (fà-)

forge-ahead v • avantiar constantemente

forged, counterfeit adj • contrafacte

forger (one who commits forgery) n • falsario

forgery (1. counterfeiting; 2. counterfeit) n • contrafaction

forgery n • falso

forgery n • falsification

forget (duties) v • negliger

forget (fail to remember) v • oblidar

forget, unlearn v • disapprender

forget v • oblidar

forgetful adj • obliviose

forgetful adj • negligente

forgetfulness n • oblivion

forgetfulness n • oblido

forget-me-not [Bot] n • non-me-oblida

forget-me-not, myosotis [Bot] n • myosotis

forget-me-not, myosotis [Bot] n • myosotis (-sò-)

forgive, pardon v • pardonar

forgive v • pardonar

forgiveness n • pardono

forgiveness, pardon n • pardono

for-go, fore- v • abstiner se de

for-go, fore- v • renuntiar

fork (1. as in pitchfork) n • furca

fork (1. to manipulate with a fork; 2. to give the shape of a fork to; 3. to be or turn fork-shaped) v • furcar

fork (as in knife and fork) n • furchetta

fork (cutlery) n • furchetta

fork (in road) n • bifurcation

fork (tool) n • furca

fork v • bifurcar se

forked, fork-shaped adj • furcate

forkful (of hay, food etc.) n • furcata

fork-shaped, forked adj • furcate

forlorn adj • desolate

forlorn adj • abandonate

form (1. to shape, make; 2. to make up, constitute) v • formar

form, blank n • formulario

form (constitute) v • constituer

form (printed) n • formulario

form, shape, configure v • configurar

form, shape n • faction

form, shape n • forma

form, shape v • conformar

form (shape) n • forma

form (shape, set up) v • formar

form an abscess, turn into an abscess v • absceder -ced-/-cess-]

form an abscess, turn into an abscess v • absceder

form into a body v • corporar

form into bundles, fagot v • fagottar

form octaves v • octavar

form or be formed into a trade-union v • syndicar

formal adj • formal

formal Herce: formalismo adj • formal

formalism n • formalismo

formalist n • formalista

formality (conventional form) n • formalitate

formality n • formalitate

formality n • ceremonia

formally adv • formalmente

format n • formato

format v • formatar un dischetta

format v • initiar un dischetta

formation n • formation

formative adj • formative

former (earlier) adj • precedente

former (earlier) adj • anterior

former (earlier) adj • previe

former (female first of two) adj • illa

former (first of two) (the) dem adj • ille

former (male first of two) adj • ille

former (neuter first of two) adj • illo

former (person or machine) n • formator

former (the) (first of two) dem adj • celle

former communist, ex-communist n • ex-communista

former husband, ex-husband n • ex-marito

former minister, ex-minister [Pol] n • ex-ministro

formerly adv • previemente

formerly, at one time n • vice

formerly, before adv • anteriormente

formerly, once adv • olim

formerly, once adv • olim (ò-)

formerly, previously, before adv • antea

formic (as in formic acid) Chem] adj • formic

formicant (as in formicant pulse) Med] adj • formicante

formicant (as in formicant pulse) Med] adj • formicante (ppr of formicar)

formicate, swarm (like ants) v • formicar

formicide n • formicida

formicivorous adj • formicivore

formidable adj • formidabile

formula n • formula

formulary (collection of formulas) n • formulario

formulate v • formular

formulation (of a problem) n • enunciato

fornicate v • fornicar

fornicator n • fornicator

fornicatrix n • fornicatressa

forsake, abandon v • derelinquer -linqu-/-lict-]

forsake, abandon v • derelinquer

forsake v • abandonar

forsake v • renunciar

for-sale n • in vendita

forsworn, perjured adj • perjur

forsythia [Bot] n • forsythia

fort, garrison n • presidio

fort n • fortalessa

fort n • forte

fortalice, small fort n • fortino

forte [Mus] adv • forte

forte [Mus] n • forte

forte n • forte

forte (strong point) n • forte

forth adv • in avante

forth (and so -) phr • et cetera

forth-coming (come) adj • imminente

forth-coming (come) adj • proxime

forth-coming (friendly) adj • affabile

forth-right adj • franc

forth-right adj • directe

forth-with adv • immediatemente

forthwith, immediately after, just after adv • subinde

fortieth adj • quaresime

fortieth adj • quarantesime

fortieth adj • quaresime (-ésime)

fortieth adj • quarantesime (-ésime)

fortieth n • quarantesimo

fortifiable adj • fortificabile

fortification [Mil] n • fortification

fortification n • fortification

fortifier, tonic n • fortificante

fortify (as in to fortify a city) v • munir

fortify, strengthen (again) v • reconfortar

fortify, strengthen v • confortar

fortify v • fortificar

fortify in advance v • premunir

fortitude n • fortitude

fort-night n • duo septimanas

fortress n • fortalessa

fortuitous adj • fortuite (-ù-)

fortuitous adj • fortuite

fortuitousness n • casualitate

fortunate adj • fortunate

fortunate (favored by fortune) adj • fortunate

fortunate, happy adj • felice

fortunately adv • fortunatemente

fortune (1. chance, luck; 2. wealth, riches) n • fortuna

fortune n • fortuna

fortune teller (using playing cards) n • cartomante

fortune telling, cartomancy (by means of playing cards) n • cartomantia

fortune telling, cartomancy (by means of playing cards) n • cartomantia (-ìa)

fortune-teller (clairvoyant) n • vidente

fortune-teller (palmist) n • chiromante

fortune-teller (with cards) n • cartomante

forty adj • quaranta

forty n • quaranta

forum (1. public place; 2. court, tribunal) n • foro

forum n • foro

forward adv • in avante

forward (advanced) adj • avantiate

forward (precocious) adj • precoce

forward, send on v • reexpedir

forward (too bold) adj • impertinente

forwarding, sending on n • reexpedition

forwards adv • in avante

fossa [Anat] n • fossa

fosse, ditch, trench, moat n • fossato

fossette, dimple n • fossetta

fossil adj • fossile

fossil adj/n • fossile

fossil n • fossile

fossiliferous adj • fossilifere

fossilization n • fossilisation

fossilize v • fossilisar

fossor [Eccl] n • fossor

fossorial, digging adj • fossori

foster (encourage) v • incoragiar

foster (encourage) v • favorir

foster (rear) v • elevar

foster (rear) v • nutrir

foster-child n • infante adoptive

foster-father n • patre adoptive

foster-mother n • matre adoptive

foster-parents n • parentes adoptive

foul (dirty) adj • impur

foul (disgusting) adj • infecte

foul (disgusting) adj • disgustose

foul (of weather) adj • execrabile

foul (of weather) adj • horribile

foul (offensive to the senses) adj • infecte

foul (smelly) adj • fetide

foul (sport) n • falta

foul v • contaminar

foulard n • foulard F]

foulard n • foulard

foulplay (crime) n • comportamento criminal

foulplay (crime) n • violentia criminal

foulplay (sport) n • comportamento illicite

foulplay (sport) n • joco illicite

found, base v • basar

found, cast [Metal] v • funder fund-/fus-]

found, cast [Metal] v • funder

found (establish) v • fundar

found (establish) v • establir

found (lay the foundation of) v • fundar

foundation (1. action of founding; 2. endowed institution) n • fundation

foundation, base n • fundamento

foundation, basis n • base

foundation, establishment (of an office)) n • erection

foundation n • fundamento

foundation n • fundo

founder (collapse) v • faller

founder, establisher (of an institution) n • instaurator

founder, institutor n • institutor

founder n • fundator

founder (sink) v • affundar se

foundry (establishment where founding of metal is carried on) n • funderia (-ìa)

foundry (establishment where founding of metal is carried on) n • funderia

foundry n • funderia

fountain (artificially produced jet of water) n • fontana

fountain, fontal adj • fontanari

fountain n • fontana

fountaineer n • fontanero

fountain-pen n • pluma stylographic

four adj • quatro

four adj • quattuor (quàt-)

four adj • quattuor

four (numeral) n • quatro

four (on all -s) phr • a quatro patas

four-footed, quadruped adj • quadrupede

four-footed, quadruped adj • quadrupede (-drù-)

four-oared quadrireme, quadrireme adj • quadrireme

four-sided, quadrilateral adj • quadrilatere

fourteen adj • quattuordece (-òr-)

fourteen adj • dece-quatro

fourteen adj • quattuordece

four-teen (numeral) n • dece-quatro

fourteenth adj • dece-quarte

four-teenth (ordinal) adj • dece-quarte

fourth adj • quarte

fourth [Mus] n • quarta

fourth (ordinal) adj • quarte

fourth (ordinal) n • quarto

fowl (domestic) n • gallina(s)

fowl (domestic) n • pullo(s)

fowl n • ave, aves

fox n • vulpe

fox v • mystificar

foxglove, digitalis [Bot] n • digital

fox-glove n • digital

fox-hole n • fossa excavate pro protection contra le foco inimic

fox-hound n • can de chassa al vulpes

fox-hunting n • chassa al vulpes

fox-terrier n • fox-terrier A]

fox-terrier n • fox-terrier

fox-trot n • fox-trot

foyer n • foyer

foyer n • vestibulo

fraction n • fraction

fractional adj • fractional

fractional adj • fractionari

fracture, break into pieces v • dispeciar

fracture n • fractura se

fracture n • fractura

fracture v • fracturar

fracturing, breaking into pieces (act of) n • dispeciamento

fraenum, frenum [Med] n • freno

fragile adj • fragile

fragile (easily broken) adj • fragile

fragility n • fragilitate

fragment n • clasma

fragment n • fragmento

fragmentary adj • fragmentari

fragmentation n • fragmentation

fragmentize v • fragmentar

fragrance n • olentia

fragrance n • fragrantia

fragrant adj • olente

fragrant adj • fragrante

fragrant adj • olente (ppr of oler)

fragrant, aromatic adj • aromatic

frail (1. having a delicate structure or constitution, fragile; 2. morally weak) adj • fragile

frail (delicate) adj • fragile

frail (delicate) adj • delicate

frail, infirm adj • infirme

frail [Med] • debile

frailty (1. frailness; 2. moral weakness) n • fragilitate

frambesia, yaws [Pathol] n • frambesia

frame (as in to frame a picture) v • inquadrar

frame (body) n • corpore

frame, build n • corporatura

frame (crime) v • incriminar per medio de un stratagema

frame, framework n • armatura

frame, framework n • inquadramento

frame (framework) n • structura

frame (framework) n • armatura

frame (human) n • membratura

frame (of a picture, etc) n • quadro

frame (of bicycle) n • structura

frame (of bicycle) n • quadro

frame (of picture) n • quadro

frame (of window) n • quadro del fenestra

frame (picture) v • inquadrar

frame (shape) v • construer

frame (shape) v • formular

frame (skeleton) n • skeleto

frame maker n • inquadrator

frame of mind n • stato de animo

frame skeleton (of man or animal) n • ossatura

framer (picture) n • inquadrator

framework, frame n • inquadramento

framework, frame n • armatura

framework n • armatura

framework n • structura

framework n • skeleto

framework, ossature [Arch] n • ossatura

framing (action of) n • inquadramento

franc [Fin] n • franco

franc n • franco

France [Geog] n • Francia

France n • Francia

Frances nprf • Francisca

franchise (privilege) n • franchitia

franchise (right to vote) n • suffragio

franchise (right to vote) n • derecto de votar

franchise (right to vote) n • electorato

francisc, francisca Hist] n • francisca

Franciscan [R.C.Ch] adj • franciscan

Franciscan [R.C.Ch] n • franciscano

Francomania, Gallomania n • gallomania (-ìa)

Francomania, Gallomania n • gallomania

Franconia n • Franconia

Franconian adj • franconian

Franconian n • franconiano

Francophile adj • francophile

Francophile, Gallophile adj • gallophile

Francophile, Gallophile n • gallophilo (-lò-)

Francophile, Gallophile n • gallophilo

Francophile n • francophilo

Francophile n • francophilo (-ò-)

Francophilism, Gallophilism n • gallophilia (-ìa)

Francophilism, Gallophilism n • gallophilia

Francophobe adj • francophobe

Francophobe adj • francophobe (-cò-)

Francophobe, Gallophobe adj • gallophobe (-lò-)

Francophobe, Gallophobe adj • gallophobe

Francophobe, Gallophobe n • gallophobo (-lò-)

Francophobe, Gallophobe n • gallophobo

Francophobe n • francophobo

Francophobe n • francophobo (-cò-)

Francophobia, Gallophobia n • gallophobia

Francophobia, Gallophobia n • gallophobia (-ìa)

frank adj • franc

frank adj • sincer

frank adj • candide

frank (as in to be frank with one) adj • franc

Frank [Hist] n • franco

frank v • francar

frankfurter n • salsicia de francoforte

frankincense n • pur incenso, olibano

Frankish adj • franc

frankly adv • francamente

frankness n • sinceritate

frankness n • franchitia

frantic adj • phrenetic

frantic, frenzied adj • furibunde

frantic, frenzied, phrenetic adj • phrenetic

fraternal adj • fraterne

fraternal adj • fraternal

fraternal, brotherly adj • fraternal

fraternal, brotherly adj • fraterne

fraternally adv • fraternemente

fraternally adv • fraternalmente

fraternity, brotherhood (state of being brothers) n • fraternitate

fraternity n • fraternitate

fraternize v • fraternisar

fratricidal adj • fratricidal

fratricide (act of killing one's brother or sister) n • fratricidio

fratricide (one who kills his brother or sister) n • fratricida

fraud, deception n • fraude

fraud n • fraude

fraudulent (1. dishonest, deceitful; 2. intended to deceive) adj • fraudulente

fraudulent adj • fraudulente

fraught adj • cargate

fraxinella, gas plant [Bot] n • fraxinella

fray n • lucta

fray n • conflicto

fray v • exilar (se)

fray v • exilar

freak adj • anormal

freak (anomaly) n • anomalia

freak (anomaly) n • phenomeno

freak (creature) n • monstro

freak (whim) n • capricio

freak-out v • poner se extrememente nervose

freak-out v • experientiar hysteria

freckle n • ephelide (-fé-)

freckle n • lentigine

freckle n • lentigene

freckle n • ephelide

freckled adj • lentiginose

free adv • gratis

free (at liberty) adj • franc

free (at liberty) adj • libere

free (enjoying liberty) adj • libere

free (exempt) adj • exempte

free (generous) adj • liberal

free, gratis (of charge) adv • gratis

free, gratis (of charge) adv • gratis (qrà-) L]

free, liberate v • liberar

free (not lacking freedom) adj • franc

free (of charge) adj • gratuite

free v • liberar

free from blame, exculpate v • disculpar

free from errors v • appurar

free from hoarseness v • disinraucar

free from stigma v • disinfamar

free in speech or manner, easy, unconstrained adj • disinvolte

free market, outside market [Fin] n • coulisse

free market, outside market [Fin] n • coulisse F]

freeborn adj • ingenue

freedman [Rom. Hist] n • liberto

freedom n • libertate

freedom in speech or manner, ease, unconstraint n • disinvoltura

free-hold n • proprietate absolute

freeing from hoarseness (action of) n • disinraucamento

free-lance adj • independente

Freemason, Mason n • mason

Freemason, Mason n • francmason

free-mason n • francmason

Freemasonry n • francmasoneria (-ìa)

Freemasonry n • francmasoneria

free-way n • autostrata

free-will n • libere arbitrio

freeze (1. to cause to freeze; 2. to become ice) v • gelar

freeze, ice, glaciate v • glaciar

freeze v • gelar

freeze-dried adj • lyophilisate

freeze-dry (lyophilize) v • lyophilisar

freezer n • refrigerator cryogenic

freezing, chilling adj • frigorifere

freezing, frost n • gelatura

freezing-point n • puncto de congelation

freight, burden (of or pertaining to burden, freight, etc.) adj • onerari

freight n • frete

freight n • cargo

freight-train n • traino de mercantias

French adj • francese

french adj/n • francese

French (language) n • francese

french-bean n • phaseolo

french-fries n • patatas frite

French-Guiana [Geog] n • Guyana Francese

Frenchification n • francisation

Frenchify v • francisar

french-man adj • francese

Frenchman, Frenchwoman n • francese

french-window n • porta-fenestra

french-woman (femina) adj • francese

Frenchwoman, Frenchman n • francese

frenum, fraenum [Med] n • freno

frenzied adj • phrenetic

frenzied, frantic adj • furibunde

frenzied, phrenetic, frantic adj • phrenetic

frenzy, mania n • furor

frenzy n • phrenesia (-ìa)

frenzy n • phrenesia

frequency n • frequentia

frequent adj • frequente

frequent v • frequentar

frequent vt • frequentar

frequentation n • frequentation

frequentative [Gram] adj • frequentative

frequenter n • frequentator

frequently adv • frequentemente

frequently, often adv • frequentemente

frequently, often adv • saepe

frequently, often adv • saepe (sài-)

frequently, often, repeatedly adv • sovente

frequently, repeatedly adv • subinde

fresco n • fresco

fresco (picture painted in fresco) n • fresco

fresh (1. new, recent; 2. not spoiled, faded or worn; 3. not artificially preserved) adj • fresc

fresh (chilled) adj • fresc

fresh (new) adj • fresc

freshness n • frescor

fresh-water n • de aqua dulce

fret v • impatientar se

fret vi • inquietar se

fret vt • corroder

fret work n • labor a perforationes

fret (music) n • traste

friar [Eccl] n • fratre

friar n • fratre

fricassee n • fricassee

fricassee n • fricassee F]

fricassee v • fricassear

fricassee v • fricassar

fricative [Phonet] adj • fricative

fricative [Phonet] n • fricativa

friction (1. rubbing of limbs; 2. Mech]) n • friction

friction n • friction

friction, rub v • frictionar

friction, rubbing n • fricamento

Friday n • venerdi (-dì)

Friday n • venerdi

fridge n • refrigerator

fried adj • frite (pp of frir)

fried adj • frite

fried-egg n • ovo frite

friend [Fem] • amica

friend (fem.) n • amica

friend (fem.) n • amica (-ìca)

friend [Masc] • amico

friend (masc.) n • amico (-ìco)

friend (masc.) n • amico

friendliness, amicability n • amicabilitate

friendliness n • amabilitate

friendliness n • benevolentia

friendly adj • amical

friendly, amicable adj • amicabile

friendly (not enemy) adj • amic

friendly (not enemy) adj • amic (-ìc)

friendly feeling, liking n • sympathia

friendly feeling, liking n • sympathia (-ìa)

friend-ship n • amicitate

friendship n • amicitate

frieze n • frisio

fright n • espavento

fright n • terror

frighten (fill with fright) v • espaventar

frighten v • terrer

frighten v • espaventar

frightful adj • espaventabile

frightful (dreadful, horrible) adj • espaventabile

frightful, horrendous adj • horrende

frightful (horrendous) adj • horrende

frightful (terrible) adj • terribile

frightfully adv • extraordinarimente

frigid adj • glacial

frigid adj • frigide

frigid, cold (not warm) adj • frigide

frigid [Med] adj • frigide

frigidity [Med] n • frigiditate

frigidness, coldness n • frigiditate

frigorific, cooling, chilling adj • frigorific (-ìfic)

frigorific, cooling, chilling adj • frigorific

frill adj • volante

frill, ruffle n • volante

fringe, border n • frangia (franja)

fringe, border n • fimbria

fringe, border n • frangia

fringe (border) n • frangia

fringe, decorate with fringes v • frangiar (-jar)

fringe, decorate with fringes v • frangiar

fringe n • margine

fringe v • ornamentar con frangia

fringe maker or dealer n • frangiero

fringe maker or dealer n • frangiero (-jero)

fringed adj • fimbriate

fringed adj • frangiate (-ja-)

fringed adj • frangiate

fringes, fringing n • frangiatura (-ja-)

fringes, fringing n • frangiatura

fringing, fringes n • frangiatura (-ja-)

fringing, fringes n • frangiatura

frisk vi • gambadar

frisk vt • facer perquisition de

frisk vt • palpar

frisky adj • vivace

fritter n • fritura

frivolity, frivolousness n • frivolitate

frivolity n • frivolitate

frivolous (1. lacking importance or weight; 2. inclined to levity) adj • frivole

frivolous adj • frivole, legier

frivolous adj • legier, frivole

frivolousness, frivolity n • frivolitate

frizzle, crimp, crape, crisp, curl v • crispar

frizzle v • crispar

frizzy adj • crispate

frock n • roba

frock coat n • redingote F]

frock coat n • redingote

frog (rr) n • cruciata

frog [Zool] n • rana

frog pond, place where frogs abound, froggery n • raniera

froggery, frog pond, place where frogs abound n • raniera

frogman n • homine rana

frog-shaped, raniform adj • raniforme

frolic n • joco allegre

frolic v • diverter se

from (as -) prep. phr • a partir de

from (because of) prep • a causa de

from, out of prep • ex

from (out of) prep • ex

from prep • ab

from prep • de

from, since prep • desde

from, since prep • ab

from a distance phr • de longe

from a distance phr • a distantia

from bad to worse phr • de melior in pejor

from door to door phr • de porta a porta

from Havana, Havana adj • havanese

from house to house phr • de casa a casa

from now phr • desde hic a

from now phr • de ci a

from now on phr • de ci in avante

from now on phr • desde nunc in avante

from place to place phr • de hic a illac

from place to place phr • de sito a sito

from place to place phr • de placia a placia

from side to side phr • de latere a latere

from side to side, through prep • traverso

from that cause, therefore adv • inde

from that place, from there, thence adv • inde

from that time, after that, thereupon, tenceforward adv • inde

from the prep/art • del

from the same country adj • conational

from the top phr • al commencio

from there, thence, from that place adv • inde

from top to bottom phr • de alto a basso

from without adv • foris (fòr-), foras (fòr-)

from without adv • foris, foras

from without adv • foras (fòr-), foris (fòr-)

from without adv • foras, foris

from without adv • for

front (1. face of a building; 2. Mil]) n • fronte

front (in - of) adv • avante

front (in - of) adv • ante

front (mil) n • fronte

front n • parte anterior

front n • fronte

front prep • ad

front prep • anterior

front door n • porta principal

frontal adj • frontal

frontal [Eccl] n • paramento

frontier, boundary, border n • frontiera

frontier (fig) n • limite

frontier (of country) n • frontiera

frontispiece [Arch] n • frontispicio

frost (as in night frost) n • gelo

frost (at night) n • gelo

frost, freezing n • gelatura

frost, hoarfrost n • pruina (-ìna)

frost, hoarfrost n • pruina

frost (hoarfrost) n • pruina

frostbite n • congelation

frostheap n • cumulo per gelo

frosty adj • glacial

frosty adj • gelate

froth, foam n • spuma

froth n • spuma

froth, spume, foam (form or gather foam or froth) v • spumar

frown n • corrugation del fronte

frown v • corrugar le fronte

frown v • rugar le fronte

frozen adj • gelate

Fructidor [French Revolutionary Calendar] n • fructidor

fructification n • fructification

fructify, bear fruit v • fructificar

frugal (1. inclined to live simply; 2. simple, not lavish) adj • frugal

frugal adj • economic

frugal adj • frugal

frugality, frugalness n • frugalitate

frugally adv • frugalmente

frugally adv • economicamente

frugalness, frugality n • frugalitate

fruit n • fructo

fruit loft n • fructiero

fruit salad n • macedonia de fructos

fruit store n • fructeria (-ìa)

fruit store n • fructeria

fruit-bearing adj • fructifere

fruiterer, greengrocer n • fructero

fruitful adj • productive

fruitful adj • fructuose

fruitful (soil) adj • fecunde

fruitful (soil) adj • fertile

fruitful (tree) adj • fructuose

fruition, enjoyment n • fruition

fruition n • realisation

fruitless adj • infructuose

fruitless adj • van

frumentaceous adj • frumentacee

frumentaceous adj • frumentari

frustraneous, vain, futile adj • frustranee

frustrate (1. to disappoint, deceive; 2. to balk, render vain) v • frustrar

frustrate v • frustrar

frustration n • frustration

frustrative, frustratory (that disappoints or renders vain) adj • frustratori

frustratory, frustrative (that disappoints or renders vain) adj • frustratori

fry (cook by frying) v • friger

fry, frying n • fritura

fry v • friger

fry v • frir

frying, fry n • fritura

frying pan n • patella

frying pan n • frigitoria

frying pan n • fritoria

frying pan, skillet n • patella

Fuchsia [Bot] n • fuchsia

fuchsia n • fuchsia

fuchsin n • fuchsina

fuddle v • confunder

fuel n • combustibile

fuel v • approvisionar de combustibile

fugitive adj • fugitive

fugitive n • fugitivo

fugue [Mus] n • fuga

fulcrum n • fulcro

fulfill, -fil (carry out) v • exequer

fulfill, -fil (complete) v • completar

fulfill, -fil (desires, plans) v • realisar

fulfill, -fil (prayer) v • exaudir

fulfill, -fil (satisfy) v • satisfacer

fulfillment (carrying out) n • execution

fulfillment (completion) n • completion

fulfillment (-filment-) n • satisfaction

fulfillment (of desires, plans) n • realisation

fulgent adj • fulgente

fulgent adj • fulgente (ppr of fulger)

fulgid, shining adj • fulgide

fulgidity, shine, brilliance n • fulgiditate

fulgor, dazzling brightness n • fulgor

fulgural, lightning adj • fulgural

fulgurate, flash, lighten v • fulger

fulgurating [Med] adj • fulgurante ppr of fulgurar

fulguration n • fulguration

fulgurite [Geol] n • fulgurite

full adj • plen

full adj • complete

full, mill v • fullar

full length adj • de plen longitude

full length (film) adj • de longe metrage

full moon, plenilune n • plenilunio

full of pity, merciful adj • misericordiose

full of reefs adj • scoliose

full power, plenipotence n • plenipotentia

full stop n • puncto

full time adj • que travalia un horario complete

fuller (one who fulls cloth) n • fullator

Fuller's herb, bouncing Bet, soapwort [Bot] n • saponaria

fulling (action of) n • fullatura

fulling stock, beater n • fullatorio

full-moon n • plenilunio

fulminate (1. to explode violently; 2. to inveigh, thunder) v • fulminar

fulminate [Chem] n • fulminato

fulmination n • fulmination

fulminator n • fulminator

fulminatory adj • fulminatori

fulmineous, lightning adj • fulminee

fulminic [Chem] adj • fulminic

fumarole [Geol] n • fumarola

fumble v • explorar tastante tentar sin successo

fume n • fumo

fume (show anger or irritation) v • fumar

fume, smoke n • fumo

fume vi • irritar

fume vt • fumar

fumigate v • fumigar

fumigating adj • fumigatori

fumigation n • fumigation

fumigator n • fumigator

fumitory [Bot] n • fumoterra

fun adj • divertente

fun adj • amusante

fun (be -) v • esser amusante

fun (have -) v • diverter se

fun (make - of) v • rider se de

fun n • allegressa

fun n • amusamento

fun n • divertimento, divertimentos

funambulist, tightrope walker n • funambulo

funambulist, tightrope walker n • funambulo (-àm-)

function (1. as in function of an organ; 2. Math]) n • function

function (as in to function as chairman) v • funger

function (as in to function as chairman) v • funger fung-/funct-]

function (ceremony) n • ceremonia public

function, office n • ministerio

function, residence of a priest [R.C.Ch] n • cura

function (task) n • function

function v • functionar

functional adj • functional

functionalism n • functionalismo

functionalist n • functionalista

functionally adv • functionalmente

functionary n • functionario

functioning (act of) n • functionamento

fund n • fundo

fund (sum of money set aside for a special purpose) n • fundo

fund v • fundar

fund v • consolidar

fundamental adj • fundamental

fundamentally adv • fundamentalmente

funeral adj • funeral

funeral adj • funebre

funeral, funerary adj • funerari

funeral, funereal adj • funebre

funeral, funereal adj • funebre (fù-)

funeral n • funere

funeral n • funerales

funeral party n • funerales

funerary, funeral adj • funerari

funereal, funeral adj • funebre

funereal, funeral adj • funebre (fù-)

fun-fair n • parco de attractiones

fungible [Law] adj • fungibile

fungicide fungicida n • fungicida

fungiform adj • fungiforme

fungologist n • fungologista

fungology n • fungologia (-ìa)

fungology n • fungologia

fungosity (1. fungus quality; 2. fungus excrescence) n • fungositate

fungous adj • fungose

fungus (1. Bot]; 2. Pathol]) n • fungo

fungus n • fungo

funicular adj • funicular

funiculus (1. umbilical cord, funis; 2. Bot]) n • funiculo

funiform adj • funiforme

funnel (1. small, tapering tube with a cone-shaped mouth; 2. Anat] (infundibulum) n • infundibulo

funnel (for pouring) n • infundibulo

funnel (of locomotive or ship) n • camino

funny adj • humoristic

funny adj • divertente

funny adj • comic

funny (odd) adj • curiose

fur n • pelle

fur coat, pelisse n • pellicia

fur store, furrier's n • pellicieria

furbish, clean, polish (up) v • furbir

furbisher n • furbitor

fur-coat n • pellicia

furfur (dandruff, scurf) n • furfure

furfuraceous (covered with branlike scales) adj • furfuracee

furfuraceous (resembling bran, branlike) adj • furfuracee

furious adj • furiose

furious adj • ragiose (-jo-)

furious adj • ragiose

furious adj • rabiose

furious, raging adj • furibunde

furiousness, fury n • furiositate

furlough, leave n • commeato

furnace n • fornace

furnace n • furno

furnish (as in to furnish a room) v • mobilar

furnish, cater, supply v • approvisionar

furnish, provide with v • munir

furnish (room) v • mobilar

furnish, supply, provide v • suppler

furnish, supply v • subministrar

furnish (supply, provide) v • fornir

furnish v • fornir

furnish with glass, glaze v • vitrar

furnish with tubes, tube v • tubar

furnish with windows v • fenestrar

furnisher n • fornitor

furnishing (act of) n • fornimento

furnishing, supplying (act of) n • approvisionamento

furnishings n • fornitura

furniture n • mobiles

furniture (set of) n • mobiliario

furniture-removal-van n • camion de translocationes

furniture-remover n • agente de cambio de domicilio

furrier n • pelliciero

furrier's, fur store n • pellicieria

furrow n • sulco

furrow, plow v • sulcar

furrow v • sulcar

furry adj • coperite de pilos molle

further adv • plus

further adv • ultra

further adv • plus ultra

further (of place) adj • ulterior

further (of place) adj • distante

further (supplementary) adj • additional

further v • promover

furthermore conj • etiam plus

furthermore, likewise, moreover adv • alsi (-ì)

furthermore, likewise, moreover adv • alsi

furthermost adj • in plus

furthermost (farthest) adj • plus distante

furthest adj • plus distante

furtive adj • furtive

furtive, stealthy adj • furtive

furuncle, boil [Pathol] n • furunculo

furunculosis [Pathol] n • furunculosis

furunculosis [Pathol] n • furunculosis (-òsis)

fury (fierce anger) n • furia

fury, furiousness n • furiositate

Fury [Mythol] n • furia

fury n • furia

fury, rage n • furor

fuse n • Mil]

fuse n • Elec]

fuse v • amalgamar (se)

fuse v • funder (se)

fuse v • funder

fuse v • amalgamar

fuselage [Aeronaut] n • fuselage F]

fuselage [Aeronaut] n • fuselage

fuselage n • fuselage

fusibility n • fusibilitate

fusible adj • fusibile

fusiform, spindle-shaped adj • fusiforme

fusilade n • fusilada

fusilier n • fusilero

fusion n • fusion

fuss n • commotion

fuss n • agitation

fuss v • preoccupar se de bagatellas

fussy adj • exigente

fussy adj • meticulose

futile adj • van

futile adj • inutile

futile (frivolous) adj • frivole

futile, frustraneous, vain adj • frustranee

futile (insignificant) adj • futile

futile (resistance is -) phr • le resistentia es inutile

future (1. time to come; 2. Gram]) n • futuro

future adj • futur

future n • futuro

futurism [Art] n • futurismo

futurist [Art] n • futurista

futurity (posterity) n • posteritate

fuzz n • lanugine

fuzzy (confused) adj • confuse

fuzzy (downy) adj • lanuginose

fuzzy (not clear) adj • indistincte